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well, as i can recall, i installed DVD express player. Plus, i disabled support for MIDI in my settings and everything worked fine! Send me an e-mail to [email protected] and i ll send you DVD express playa :P
October 13, 2006 • 10:58 am by Fandorin

:o , ok, fixed the problem:) now i have another problem, in gideon's gallery...but i ve seen someone else here had da same problem, so what do i do? Every time i try to click on da lamp with the long pole, game kickes me out...
September 16, 2006 • 2:07 am by Fandorin

September 14, 2006 • 9:07 pm by Fandorin

Elecard Decoder doesnt show up in configuration panel !!!

Another thing - i installed that Elecard DVD Decoder, which somone here suggested, but when i go to the game configuration panel, this decoder dont show in there !! All i have is my mediamatics dvdexpress and bunch of other players / decoders. Howcome THAT one doesnt show up??? Maybe thats the probl...
September 14, 2006 • 7:13 pm by Fandorin

:( no, now its locks up even during regular video, not even during the conversations, like before... i cannt believe this :twisted: and by da way, if i download one dvd decoder, can i keep other dvd decoders in my pc or i have to uninstall others? Also - is dvd decoder the same thing as mp...
September 14, 2006 • 2:45 pm by Fandorin

:D Thx, no, i was using DVD express and some other mpeg2 decoder, but i ll try that one now, thans again :D
September 14, 2006 • 2:00 pm by Fandorin

different problem now

Sorry, ok, windows xp, sp2, 512 ddr ram, XGI Volari Graphics card, C-Media AC97 Sound Now the problem with sound is gone, but i have another huge problem - every single time i am having a conversation with any of the characters, what happends is this - when i ask something, on which they can supply ...
September 13, 2006 • 8:34 pm by Fandorin

Overseer - WIN XP, Machine locks up during video !!!

I am using Overseer DVD, over Win XP. Also installed latest patch and update. Video is awesome! But now i m having trouble with sound (in fact, somethig also happend to my windows media player - no sound, i dont know why....) Ok, i just tryed again, and sound is ok, except that while there is any vi...
September 12, 2006 • 8:35 pm by Fandorin ... eType=Help

Try to look for Overseer game, i wasnt able to get a direct link to the article, sorry :( Its on da same page, which opens up, but scroll down a bit :D
September 05, 2006 • 9:59 am by Fandorin

:D :D :D

Thx:) I didnt know that
September 05, 2006 • 9:53 am by Fandorin


well, i guess u all got da picture :D
September 04, 2006 • 11:36 pm by Fandorin

September 04, 2006 • 11:35 pm by Fandorin

No - St-Petersburg is MUCH better, hehe :wink:

Image ImageImage
September 04, 2006 • 11:31 pm by Fandorin

:) Oh - not to worry, i found a way to get a real DVD version of da game :lol: Thx so much :wink: Now i only have a question about movements - is there any way to assign movements (right and left) with da mouse? Or i only can move usuing keyboard? Its sooooooo difficult, leme tell ya - last time i p...
September 04, 2006 • 11:17 pm by Fandorin

well, i couldnt find a single Tex game, which would be available on Kazaa or any of the Torrents for free. Belive me - i am a HUGE torrent fan and download everything - movies, music, software... But Tex games - noup :lol:
September 04, 2006 • 10:13 am by Fandorin