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Tex on HBO?

Anybody else do a double-take when they saw the promo for the new Perry Mason show on HBO starting tonight? I mean it looks just LIKE Tex Murphy was ripped from the games! Tried to post the pic but don't have the I Technical saavy. Maybe someone else can.
June 22, 2020 • 9:00 am by HANK

Re: "Making of Tex Murphy" Documentary Party and Special Eve

"After the stream is over, we will announce where you can find the video online, and the download link for the high resolution version will be activated for all eligible backers." Where can the video be found on-line? Backed Tesla but don't know if there was some special level to be eligible for thi...
May 18, 2018 • 8:21 am by HANK

Re: Rank 'em!

Like others, it's been a long while since I've posted here but finally remembered to check in when I had some time. The list is ranked by personal subjectivity: 1) Under a Killing Moon - First Tex game played, so probably the most impactful. 2) Pandora Directive - seemed like the "fullest", most com...
May 16, 2018 • 12:29 pm by HANK

Farewell Margot

Saw in the news today that Margot Kidder passed away. Will always remember her from playing "Under a Killing Moon" like, goodness, about twenty years ago. Classy lady and a classic member of the Tex Murphy universe. R.I.P.
May 16, 2018 • 11:57 am by HANK

Re: Longtime UTM'ers, here's to us

Thanks, unofficial Tex Murphy crew, for the perseverance for keeping interest alive here through the long drought of the 16 year cliffhanger. May 7th, A happy day to be celebrated! May it sell many, many copies so that there can be another one someday.
May 17, 2014 • 1:45 pm by HANK

Re: What about the resolution?

Same here, see this as an opportunity to upgrade the PC system to play Tex at the "cutting edge" like in the old days. My problem is, I can't seem to find one of these "2k" monitors anywhere. Maybe because I'm not a techie, but I've checked all the usual websites, Best Buy, Amazon, etc. Saw someone ...
March 07, 2014 • 8:16 am by HANK

Re: A year ago today!

Well, who says there can't be multiple parties on the different continents? Tex has a big enough fan base. I'd like to be at ground-zero, SLC, and party like its 2043! Hopefully for that location there will something organized. :~)
May 19, 2013 • 10:00 am by HANK

Re: A year ago today!

After seeing the latest video update, am even more stoked to play this game, not too much longer of a wait. And a release party sounds like a memorable time, count me in! A year time flies
May 17, 2013 • 2:16 pm by HANK

Re: Back from BFG

Worried? Who could possibly be worried? This is going to be great!

Thanks for the (non-spoiler) update :^)
May 04, 2013 • 7:53 am by HANK

Re: Michael York battling a rare blood disease

Yes, all the best wishes for a speedy and full recovery!
May 02, 2013 • 6:50 pm by HANK

Re: Video Interview with Chris Jones

Excellent! Thanks for posting! Can hardly wait for fall...
April 26, 2013 • 12:17 pm by HANK

Re: Richie Havens Dies at 72

He will live on through his great music...
April 23, 2013 • 2:32 pm by HANK

Re: Happy Birthday Azalea k and PI Erlend

Happy Birthday to the both of you! Many more!
April 18, 2013 • 9:37 am by HANK

Re: Happy Birthday Freepizza and Sam Spade

Hope you both have a wonderful Birthday, many happy returns!
April 16, 2013 • 2:59 pm by HANK

Re: Release Party in SLC? (Was "We got funded" party)

Maybe the best way to go for this party would be to wait until the release date is announced, then make arrangments for travel to SLC for like, 3, 5, 7, days before that date to initate activities (scavenger hunt, etc.) with a big party on the actual release date. Then go home the next day to play t...
April 09, 2013 • 3:22 pm by HANK