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Mean Streets Theme Music Guitar Tab / Chords?

So, I can play guitar from tablature (or convert musical notation to tab), but I'm not innately musical myself. Does anyone happen to know or could figure out the notes and chords to the Mean Streets theme song? Or maybe have a midi or something that software might be able to detect the notes for? T...
November 09, 2020 • 6:44 pm by RandomExile

Re: Tesla Effect Premiere

I had a wonderful time watching, chatting a bit with my fellow lurkers, and talking to those of you in attendance who stopped by our collective terminal. =)
May 05, 2014 • 11:26 pm by RandomExile

Re: Pandora -- View Video Files?

Well, if isn't yet known to be possible, then I won't feel too bad about not finding a solution. Dare I ask how you were able to reach your limited success with PD? Thanks for the reply, btw!
July 06, 2013 • 10:04 pm by RandomExile

Pandora -- View Video Files?

I'm really sorry if this has been asked before (couldn't find the answer in the forum), but is it possible to watch the PD videos from windows explorer the way it is with Overseer? I tried opening the files with VLC to no avail.

July 05, 2013 • 11:57 am by RandomExile

Re: The LOSERS Club contest.

[email protected]

...for the obscure UAKM reference . . . =P
June 28, 2012 • 6:33 pm by RandomExile

Re: How AMAZING is this???

We lost a 5K, but have already crept back 1K. Hopefully whoever it was will reconsider in the morning. Some things are more important than your mortgage! Erm, wait.
June 07, 2012 • 1:07 am by RandomExile

Re: Chat with Chris Jones, & Aaron Conners - Thursday 31st May

To help further clarify the "slick" question, I transcribed a brief clip from the new 1up podcast. 1UP: Have you been playing adventure games since Overseer, and will any of the changes in design influence how Project Fedora is made? Chris: I think to a certain extent that will affect it, but one th...
June 01, 2012 • 8:28 am by RandomExile

Re: Questions for the chat with Chris, Aaron and Adrian here

Would you guys be willing to add design documents into the reward tiers for each of the games, either whole design documents and/or puzzle dependencies and story pathing? Any chance of a comprehensive list of what tools you guys use to make these games (especially PF, but even back to Mean Streets)?...
May 31, 2012 • 10:48 am by RandomExile

Re: Chat with Chris Jones, & Aaron Conners - Thursday 31st May

Marso, if you're collecting questions, would you just like to keep editing them into one post, for sanity, and then you/he/we can just refer to that post for them?

[edit] ...and I see the thread. Excellent.
May 31, 2012 • 10:01 am by RandomExile

Re: Interwebs & Beyond: Advertising for Tex

Sai wrote:I'll email you the links Demonlawyer gave me which is basically every scene in Pandora Directive and Overseer.

Beautiful! Thanks, Sai!
May 31, 2012 • 9:50 am by RandomExile

Re: Interwebs & Beyond: Advertising for Tex

It's taking a while to skip through the games and get screen shots: does anyone have pictures of Tex clearly intoxicated, being unceremoniously abused/rejected by a lady (or a compromising image of Tex with someone less-than-a-catch --or too *much* of a catch =P ), and failing spectacularly at maint...
May 30, 2012 • 5:58 pm by RandomExile

Re: "Tex Murphy - Project Fedora" is now live on Kickstarter.

Joel wrote: But seriously, you know what would be awesome if we all lived locally? A Tex Murphy fun run.
Apparently Cathy/redcat72 and I live in the same city . . .
May 25, 2012 • 8:21 am by RandomExile

Re: IT'S HERE... the next big update!

Cubase, Rockefeller, fantastic work!. What software did you use in creating your newscast?
May 22, 2012 • 10:55 pm by RandomExile