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Re: Poisoned Pawn?

Not a peep since June of last year. I know they plan on trying to sell this product and make some money for a future possible game, but if you don't at least update your core support of fans at least every once in a while (even with just a sentence or two on your twitter feed) the core fans end up l...
March 06, 2020 • 4:36 pm by gmanri82

Any word on game sales??

I was just curious to see how Tesla has been selling for the past couple months now?? I know the next game depends on sales since they've said they're not going to do another kickstarter. Also, any word on when all the stuff from the kickstarter is going to be shipped?? I can't wait for my Fedora!!
July 12, 2014 • 5:51 am by gmanri82

Re: Cross promotion.

I've got a question or more of a complaint... In the video sessions at the end of the kickstarter, AC said we would know the name they are going to go with for the game around July or so, I thought the puzzle on BFG was gonna be the lead into the name but nothing ever happened. Project Fedora should...
November 29, 2012 • 4:48 pm by gmanri82

Re: Attention! Attention!

Hello everyone, My name is Gary and I have been stalking this message board and this website since the 6 webisodes came out back in the day. I'm not sure how many years that has been but a while, If this announcement is what I've been waiting 14 plus years to hear, I want to Thank first Chis and Aar...
March 19, 2012 • 5:15 pm by gmanri82