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LGR Finds mint Tex games at local Goodwill.

I still regret tossing my Tex boxes. Sigh.

Stay tuned in, and he finds UAKM as well.

April 14, 2015 • 4:41 pm by simonsez

Where to get Overseer CD version?

I had the CD version of Overseer working in Linux just fine, running under Wine. Actually I wrote a post here about how I got it working. I'd like to play Overseer again, but no longer have the installer files. So I went back to GOG to download them and got the DVD version. After messing with Wine a...
September 02, 2014 • 1:55 pm by simonsez

Re: Howto: Overseer under Linux w/ WINE

Sounds like your trying to get it to run in a virtual environment. It should be dead easy with the CD version. I even had the CD version working in WINE under Linux. However I am now trying to get the DVD version to work. The only thing not working in is the MPEGII decoder. I am trying to locate one...
June 08, 2014 • 11:14 pm by simonsez

Howto: Overseer under Linux w/ WINE

Tex Murphy Overseer can now be played under Linux using WINE! I have had it working for the last couple of days and it works great. I am going to put the basic installation instructions here in case it helps anyone else. You need a recent development version of Wine, mine is 1.3.36. I think 1.3.34 i...
January 07, 2012 • 1:10 pm by simonsez