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Post subject: AC and his answers
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Well, the big chat is this Sat. and we thought you may want to peruse the questions and their answers before then. Also, for some who are not able to be part of the chat this will give them some time to make their individual comments before then. Also, (lots of alsos) Cub will post them at MSN so they can be an intergal part of our chat. Also, oh, forget it.

UTM Q&A (08/02/05)

Michel Pronk asks:
How do u keep motivated in writing a complete story? I myself tend to go of track at one point and the story itself seems to loze steem.I stay on-track by first creating a thorough outline for the story, so I know roughly what will happen in each chapter, how it will begin and end, etc. I’ve always thought of it as creating a coloring book of outlined drawings and then the writing part is like getting out my crayons. I would have a very difficult time trying to make up a story as I went along and would probably lose steam, too.

How did u ever think of the idees of the games itself?
Like pretty everyone who’s creative, I’m always thinking about cool ideas – in my case, story ideas. Back then, I wrote down lots of things all the time…bits of dialogue, character sketches, plot twists, etc.
As for the specific Tex games, the ideas behind Under a Killing Moon came partially from playing Martian Memorandum (which I wasn’t involved with, except playing the part of Jacques Sparrow) and a fascination with Nazi occult mysticism. The Pandora Directive probably stemmed from my interest in The X-Files and an obsession with the Mayan Codec. Overseer was, as most of you know, a contemporary rewrite of the first Tex Murphy game, Mean Streets, with a major overhaul done on the plot and the exploration of several pseudo-Shakespearean character studies.

Questions about the diference in writing the games and the books.

How did u ever came up with the idee to also write the novels to the games.At all began right before we released Under a Killing Moon, which was the first full-length story I’d ever written. I had no idea what I was doing at the time, and even though I felt pretty confident coming up with the story for the Pandora Directive, I wanted to have a document that told the complete story separate from the gameplay, so I started writing the story in chapters.
Around that time, Prima Publishing contacted me about writing a novelization of the UKM story. I told them that I was busy designing Pandora, but that I’d be interested in doing it later. I also mentioned that I’d written the first few chapters of the new game story and they asked if I’d send the chapters to them. Turns out, they loved the new story and offered me a contract to finish the Pandora Directive novel, which ended up being published BEFORE the game was released. Then, afterwards, Prima came back and said they still wanted me to write the UKM novelization…so I did.

Was it easy to write the game or did writing the noval the easy task.
It probably took about the same amount of time to write the game and the novel, but the novel-writing was done in a condensed (~2-month) period of time, whereas the game was an ongoing process over many months. Of the two, I would say the novel was a bit simpler, though not necessarily easier.

Did u write more storyies we might not know about yet.
I came up with several alternate storylines for Tex & co., some of which have been made public over the years. I think it’s probably somewhere on the unofficialtexmurphy site.

What gave u more funn making the game or the novel.
Making the game was much more enjoyable than writing the novel, though there was a greater sense of personal satisfaction having my own book published. Part of the fun of making the games was working with Chris Jones (especially) and others, as well as seeing the characters and locations come to life through the talent of our artists. Writing the book was a pretty lonely business, sitting at my computer in the evenings after work, drinking scotch and smoking cigarettes. (I know, it might sound romantic, but it’s not if no one else is around to see it.)

Would u consider writing more tex novels or any other ones for that matter.My dream is to move back to the East Coast (I’m from Maine originally), buy a home overlooking the ocean and write novels until I die. I wish I could afford to do that right now. I doubt I’ll ever write another Tex Murphy novel, but I fully intend to write a new series of novels someday and I’m fairly certain the hero will be not unlike our friend Tex.

It almost looks now that games have a sell by date of weeks seeing as how companies make updated versions of their own game year after year. Look at Need for speed, fifa football and alike. It almost looks like games are used like fast food. What do you think of that tendency that tends to be here now?Well, there’s a reason why fast food chains are so profitable. It’s the same reason why most people buy mass-produced furniture rather than handmade pieces: it’s more convenient and much cheaper. Bottom line is, if you don’t make enough money, you can’t stay in business.

Questions about Tex Murphy Legal rights (questions : 4)
Dr.Paul: Since you have the rights to Tex Murphy, then I presume that it is up to you to approve or deny permission to do fan-fiction or fan-game?
I don’t own the rights personally – they belong to Indie Built, Inc., the studio that I work for (which is much better than being owned by Microsoft). Decisions regarding fan fictions and fan games would have to be made by the studio management, not me.

Dr.Paul: In particular, we have recently considered writing a TM fan-fic story with the intention of developing it into an interactive fiction text adventure game. What are the odds that we would have permission to do this and how involved would you expect to be?To get permission, I would put together a design document that outlines what the game is, how it will work, who it will be accessible to, what the content will be, etc. The more concise – yet thorough – the document is, the better its chances of being read by the right people. And then they would have to give you written permission to go forward with the project.
My role in such a project would depend on the nature of it, what you think I could do to help, and whether or not I had the time to participate. As for Indie Built, I don’t think they would want or need to be directly involved.

Dr.Paul: By involved, I mean things like making sure we don't defame the series or create something so bad that it will be an embarrassment. Also making sure that it is consistent with official Tex history. Basically, are we likely to get sued?As I said, if you lay everything out clearly and Indie Built gives its permission, there shouldn’t be any possibility of you getting sued.

Questions about Chris Jones (questions : 3)
Crowley: Is Chris Jones employment- and contract-wise still with Microsoft, with you on your new endeavour or what?CJ has left Microsoft and is not with Indie Built, Inc. either. He is busy running another company which he started years ago with some of the folks from Access Software. They work on golf programming only – no adventure stuff.

McDonis: What is Chris Jones status?
Chris is married. (Just kidding. See above.)

Questions about the Pandora Directive (questions : 1)
Crowley: I've seen a picture from Pandora Directive which looks like it's from the alien autopsy tape, except that it is in color. Also the alien's groin area appears to be censored by pixelation. This picture can be seen at least on the back of the European Pandora Directive box. What is the story behind this picture?Have you not found the alien autopsy film in the game? Perhaps you should play again…

Questions about Under a killing Moon (questions : 2)
dkbtf: Under a killing moon is now considered as an abandonware by many people. What is thinking aaron of this?Regardless of people’s perceptions, UKM is NOT abandonware – it’s the intellectual property of Indie Built, Inc.

Ruben: What happened just after the end of UaKM? I mean after watching Overseer that scene could be HILARIOUS: Tex dancing with Delores Lightbody and suddenly Sylvia come in Tex’s office!! How did Delores react, why is Sylvia back, may Tex forgive her?That could be funny.

Questions about Game Development (questions : 4)
Caevyn: If developing a game with few resources i.e. time/money/people would you prefer to build upon existing technology - e.g. 3d graphics/physics engines - and save time or build everything from the ground up for complete control?Existing technology. Frankly, all I’m concerned with is having enough technology to convey a good story and some intelligent gameplay. I think the overemphasis on technology is one of the things that’s run the gaming industry into the ground.

Caevyn: Have you guys checked out any open source packages for rendering or sound etc and if so do you think any of them are good enough to produce a commercial quality gameI looked into Flash a few years ago and it was OK, but not enough for what we wanted to do. I haven’t checked out anything else. Remember, I’m just a little ol’ English Lit major with a passion for design; I don’t do the techie thing.

Questions about DIS (questions : 7)

Hammerhead: Was DIS larger than just the Colonel's personal office space?Honestly, the Colonel’s agency hasn’t been a focus for me, so I don’t have a lot of details for you. I believe it was one of, if not the most successful agencies in San Francisco, if not the country, so it was probably quite a large facility.

Hammerhead: Were there any other employees at DIS aside from Tex & Xavier, & if so, could you describe them to us?There were likely quite a few employees, but none of them seem to have been relevant enough to be mentioned in the stories.

Hammerhead: Are there any cases for CAPRICORN or other government agency that Tex may have unknowingly worked on during his brief time at DIS, & if so, could you tell us about them?Hard to say at this point. I doubt that CAPRICORN would farm out much work to the private sector, especially not sensitive, high-security cases, but you never know.

Hammerhead: Where did Tex live while he was working for the Colonel at DIS?I think Tex might have stayed with Xavier for awhile before getting his own studio apartment.

Was there living space at DIS?
No, though I’m sure there were cots for the hard-working employees, just in case they worked all night.

Hammerhead: What can you tell us about Xavier Jones?Xavier Jones is an interesting character – Samuel L. Jackson would be my pick to play him in a movie, though Xavier would consider himself more in the vein of a young Billy Dee Williams. Xavier is a ladies’ man with a knack for charming information out of people rather than beating them up or using cheap tricks such as intuition or deduction.
If you can find a copy of the Pandora Directive movie script (it’s probably floating around the internet somewhere), you’ll get a good idea of Xavier’s personality.

Hammerhead: What's his background, aside from also having worked for the Colonel?Xavier has multiple versions of his past, depending on who he’s talking to and about what.

Hammerhead: Did he ever leave DIS for other things, & if so, what?I think Xavier stuck with DIS and took over for the Colonel when he retired.

Questions about speeders in the Tex Murphy Games (questions : 9)

Hammerhead: In UAKM & PD, Tex had an aerodynamic looking speeder, but in the past & present stories of Overseer, he (and Dalton I believe his name was) had a, shall we say, blocky looking speeder. In a world that tends to get sleeker & more aerodynamic, what is the story behind this change in the speeder's appearance?One word: Style. Have you seen any PT Cruisers or Prowlers lately?

Hammerhead: Is the blockier look an older car than Tex's grey speeder, or did speeder manufacturers go back to the "Flying VW Beetle" speeder look out of nostalgia?See above.

Hammerhead: Also, if Tex's grey speeder was a newer design than his "Flying Beetle", why did he trade for an older car?See above.

Hammerhead: And, is it possible that, since Dalton's car looks so much like Tex's, that Tex AND Chelsee both overlooked a simple possibility: that Dalton was offering Tex & Chelsee a lift in Tex's own stolen speeder?
It’s certainly possible. I don’t think Tex and Chelsee were thinking clearly at the time.

Hammerhead: When did the first speeder fly off the assembly line, and who built it (Lotus?)?The earliest speeders were created in 2010s, but were for government use only. The first publicly available speeders were in the late 2020s. And, yes, the first big manufacturer was Lotus.

Hammerhead: What are the physics behind the speeder?
You’d have to ask Lotus.

Hammerhead: What enables it to hover (I'm thinking anti-gravity plating, as Tex's speeder in UAKM & PD shows no means for jet exhaust, like a harrier would do)?Well, I do know that one of Tex’s cases mixes him up with some missing technology developed by Nikola Tesla, who pioneered the rotary engine, as well as radio control and electromagnetic power. So, the electromagnetic thing might be a distinct possibility.

Hammerhead: Also, what powers the speeder? (Hydrogen-cel, solar panels, water, fuel rods, battery-power, some other power source? )See above.

Hammerhead: Is it possible that speeder technology was derived from study of the Roswell debris, as a means of explaining its design and ability to fly, as well as its power source?It’s quite likely, seeing as how it was the government that developed the speeder and not the private sector.

Questions about the trilogy "Polarity, Chance and Trance" (questions :

dkbtf: Can aaron tell we more about the polarity, chance, trance trilogy?
I would need more specifics to answer your question. If you check the Ask Aaron section on the unofficialtexmurphy website, there’s a lot of information there.

dkbtf: What is the state of advancement of this trilogy?
The trilogy is exactly where it was six years ago…in a hermetically sealed chamber in a gold-lined cave at the bottom of the Aral Sea.

Jen: What is the state of the "once and future trilogy" script?
There’s no actual script, just piles and piles of notes, outlines, puzzles, and bits of dialogue.

Jen: Has it been committed to paper?See above.

Jen: Novelization format or ideas written on cocktail napkins? Has it been fully fleshed out?I could probably write the novel version of Chance right now without a lot of prep work. There’s also a huge section of Trance that could be written. Polarity consists of several big chunks that would need to be blended seamlessly.

Jen: Is the story are complete?I know all the big, important stuff, but the devil’s in the details, as they say. Just knowing what happened isn’t always enough to write a story.

tathorp: Speaking of the trilogy, any plans to formally put out the Chance-Trance-Polarity storyline as a novel regardless if there is funding for a new game?Right now, I would say no. I have ideas for other (non-Tex) novels that would be much easier to get published. While I love the Tex books (and I know many of you do, too), it’s a bit of a niche market and harder to sell than contemporary crime thrillers.

tathorp: For that matter, is the trilogy still the ultimate plan of attack?
It’s tough to say. If Chris Jones and I felt that we had a legitimate opportunity to develop and release more than one more Tex Murphy game, then probably. If not, we’d likely go with a single, all-inclusive story.

Questions about another Tex Game (questions : 15)

Kivanc Avci: In your personal view at the moment and the possibilities and if there was financial support to make another TEX game, what would be implemented in the tex game like game-play, storyline etc, would it be like PD or Overseer?Pandora is still my favorite game ever. While there’s a lot I love in Overseer, I think Pandora was the right length and had the correct balance of story, gameplay, and interactivity/pathing.

Kivanc Avci: If the next Tex Murphy game would be done with rendered characters. How would he plan to make the game in such a manner that we would have the quality of the previous game with movie sequences?
In order to create a realistic, populated world, we would have to use rendered characters – NO ONE ever really used FMV in gameplay, only in cinematics. Yes, we could still do FMV, but we’d have to create rendered characters AS WELL, and nowadays, I think rendered characters just might work for us. Plus, as has been pointed out, CJ & co. aren’t getting any younger. As rendered characters, they would be essentially ageless, plus we make them do whatever we want!

Avci: What for thechnique would be used to add that extra realism to rendered characters?I think the key to good characters is more about good writing and good acting than physical appearance. Granted, FMV allows for more subtle facial expressions and body language, but I’ve also seen animation (some quite primitive) that created deep, interesting, emotionally impactful characters. Plus, as we saw frequently throughout the 1990s, FMV does not in and of itself create good onscreen characters.

Kivanc Avci: Does Aaron see the future of Tex on the console more brightly?Should Tex be resurrected, I think it would most likely be online, and possibly on console. I doubt seriously that there will ever be another Tex PC game.

Kivanc Avci: Would a new Tex Murphy game on a console bring a much more wide public?I think there’s a greater chance of success on a console than on the PC, but there are still many console titles that fail miserably.

Kivanc Avci: If Aaron had to chose for a console game or a pc game, which would he prefer and why?Either is fine with me, but I lean more now toward the console. It’s more standardized and easier to get exposure with.

Kivanc Avci: Which possibilities brings an online game apart of a packaged game?If you’re asking whether or not a new game would likely be an online title rather than a packaged game, I would say yes.

Kivanc Avci: Would the quality improve with an online game?From a graphical or programming standpoint, an online title would almost certainly be lower quality than a console or PC title. However, the advantages would include lower development cost, easier access, episodic presentation options, multiplayer possibilities, etc.

Kivanc Avci: Could it be experienced the same as a pc game?See above.

Kivanc Avci : If there are plans about a new Tex Murphy game, which characters wether the game is in FMV or CGI would appear in the new game?The trilogy brings back most of Tex’s old friends and Chandler Avenue neighbors, as well as people from his past, including Xavier Jones, Big Dick Castro, etc.

Kivanc Avci : Would there be puzzles in a new game?

Kivanc Avci: And if so would it take bigger parts for the story like in PD, how does Aaron think about the puzzles in previous games?As I’ve said, I think Pandora had the perfect (for me) balance of story, gameplay (puzzles), and pathing. I would like to follow a similar template for future games, if at all possible.

Kivanc Avci : Would a new Tex Murphy game begin where it was left behind in Overseer ?Yes.

Ikon: Someone, let's say, won a lottery and came to you with $10M, could you make the kind of TM game you'd really like to?Absolutely.

Sowden: Back along time ago, I remember reading something you said somewhere that in the new trilogy that there would be s speeder car chase. I was wondering if that was still in the deck of cards. And (this may borderline a future Tex game boundry), but do you think that this kindof techology would still be avaliable to you guys and whoever your working with now?I can only speculate about the technology, but CJ and I have always dreamed about having the speeder play a bigger role in our games. A speeder chase would be fantastic and we have a dozen other ideas (underwater speeders?) that could be very very cool.

tathorp: Assuming the worst case financial scenario being that a Tex Series is not funded by Take2, what are your thoughts or are there any contigency plans to 'put Tex to bed' and finish the trilogy to make us shutup and give the character closure?If we can’t do a full game, the best option in my mind would be an interactive radio theater, which would offer little in the way of graphics, but would have a unique style of gameplay, a few puzzles, the original voices of the characters, and would give some closure to Tex’s world.

Questions about adventure genre (questions : 4)

Vracar: What do you think of the current status of true adventure games in the market?Honestly, I haven’t paid much attention. I know about Syberia and spent a few hours playing it. While there were things I liked about it, it didn’t hook me. In my opinion, there are very few true adventure games out there, even though adventure game fans seem so desperate that they’ll classify any game with a shadow of a story as an adventure game. I want to know why no one’s making detective games?! Is there a more perfect scenario for story and puzzle solving? And, no, Max Payne is not a detective game (even though I thought it was good and interesting, especially for a shooter).

Vracar: What can be done to increase the genre's hold on the market, and find more adventure games being made and finding their way into people's homes?Simple: Get more people to buy adventure games. For me, the death knell sounded when Grim Fandango tanked. An incredible game that didn’t sell for no apparent reason…extremely disappointing.
On the up side, things seem to go in cycles and I hear more of an outcry these days for games with stronger stories, better writing, and more compelling characters. What I think it will take is a ONE HUGELY SUCCESSFUL adventure-type game – probably on a console – and then everyone and their dog will be hopping back on the bandwagon.

Vracar: Also, what pitfalls do developers have to navigate if they want to create a true adventure game?Again, because adventure titles haven’t had huge sales numbers in years, it’s virtually impossible to get financing. And you can’t make a great game without money.
If a developer somehow had the money, the biggest pitfalls would be finding talented people to design the gameplay and write the story and dialogue for your game. The vast majority of computer game stories, characters, acting, etc. are complete $#it. Even our games were mostly B-movie level (and often C-level). Yet we were way ahead of most of our competitors. Really, it’s no wonder the buying public turned their backs on the genre.

Vracar: Is the genre fine as it is, or does it need to change?In my mind, the genre is practically dead and needs a savior, which will be a total fluke that cannot be planned or predicted. I don’t know how it will happen, but I sincerely hope it does.

Questions about Tex Murphy "himself" (questions : 3)

Ruben: What about Tex’s family?
Tex comes from a traditional family – his dad was a Security Guard and his mom was a Domestic Engineer. He has one sister and two brothers. One brother may be a twin, though Tex may also have a split personality.

Ruben: We know the last family reunion was 15 years ago. Is there any trouble between Tex and the rest of the family?Tex has always been a bit of a loner and something of a black sheep in the family. He stays in touch with various family members and there’s nothing unusually troublesome in his familial relationships.

Ruben: What happened between colonel Dobbs and Tex?
As mentioned in the previous games, the Colonel was a pragmatist who believed in doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Young Tex was an idealist who believed in following the letter of the law rather than the spirit, so he reported the Colonel’s slightly illegal activities to the authorities and got him suspended. The Colonel really never forgave Tex for it.

Questions about/for Aaron Conners (questions : 17)

Sowden: I have been doing a little research on Links, and I was wondering if the Links community is as big as we are?The Links community is actually a lot bigger than the Tex community (though you’re smarter, funnier, and better looking).

tathorp: We all know what AC likes the Spade, Marlowe, etc. old time novels. What more recent adventure/mystery/noir titles can he recommend?I love anything written by Lawrence Block. He has several series of novels, my favorite being the “Burglar” novels (each has the word Burglar) in its title. They’re not unlike the Tex novels, with lots of humor, likeable characters and clever, twisted plots.
Other contemporary authors I enjoy include Carl Haissen, Robert Crais, and John Sanford.

tathorp: I'm curious to AC's feedback on the following: Many recent articles have talked about the death of gaming since most new titles are rinse-and-repeat knock-offs. The renissance of gaming is set to return as people realize that story is what makes the gameI agree with that assessment. Games cost so much, the money people are afraid to invest in something that isn’t proven to be successful. I think the renaissance will have to take place online, where games have to more innovative and creative to attract attention and be successful.

tahorp: Could Aaron please elaborate on how a few days of shooting FMV is more expensive then generating, texturing, skinning, and animating rendered characters?As I mentioned, the FMV itself isn’t that expensive (though voice actors are much cheaper than live actors). The problem is, we can’t populate the world with FMV, so we’d have to build rendered characters anyway. And, in my opinion, the technology is getting good enough that we could use rendered characters for everything, and this would help to create a more seamless and dynamic world.

tathorp: After almost a decade, are CJ, DVJ, etc. still interested in reprising their roles?Yes. Everyone involved still has very fond memories of the experience and would love to reprise their roles, both in front of and behind the camera.

tathorp: Any chance of resurrecting TMRT?Only as a last ditch effort and probably done in a more interactive manner.

Ruben: Could you do some sort of OFFICIAL TEX TIMELINE for us to discuss?I think there are Tex-philes out there who know the timeline much better than I do. It would take me quite awhile to put that together. I seem to remember James (LeMosy) having a timeline on his old website at one time…

Greenender: What is your favourite Tex game and why ?The Pandora Directive, hands down. Not only did it have the best story and balance of gameplay and story, I also loved the pathing – how different each path felt, and yet how much integrity the story maintained despite the differences. I also enjoyed how well the classic love triangle played out between Tex, Chelsee and Regan. I remember being worried that Regan would be just too sexy and have the clear edge over Chelsee, and I was elated when the general consensus was that Chelsee was just as desirable (though in a less short-term sense). Gordon Fitzpatrick is still one of my favorite characters played by my favorite actor in the games, Kevin McCarthy. And I adored the entire cast of characters: Archie, Jackson, Malloy, Gus (my little brother), as well as Louie, Rook, Clint and the rest of the regulars.

Greenender: Why Overseer ended in such a strange way ? Was it so because you wanted to raise somehow the chances for a new Tex game ?"The end of Overseer was supposed to be the intro to Chance (which I’d already written before we released Overseer). When I showed the script to CJ, he said it was too good to wait for and that we should add it as a teaser. Great idea, eh?

Greenender: How was it possible for Tex in UAKM to fly (and maintain) a speeder, when he was so broke ?Tex is a “cash-and-carry” guy. He bought the speeder when he had money and paid cash for it. Luckily, he bought a good speeder that didn’t require much maintenance.

Greenender: What happened to Ardo after the closing of the Golden Gate hotel (in PD)?Who knows? Probably found another desk job somewhere else in the city.

AMac: Do you play any video games?
I check out games occasionally, though I prefer to watch better gamers play through just so I can check out the design and/or story. Personally, I stick to time-killers (Hearts, Backgammon).

AMac: What kind of games do you like?
See above.

AMac: Concerning GTA's Hot Coffee mod, as a developer, what are your feelings on the current backlash against videogames and their content(sex, violence)?I love GTA – I think it’s a GREAT design, well-executed. And it seems so ridiculous to me that people would get so outraged over a pixelly sexy scene between rendered characters in a game where you can kill cops, jack cars, and do drive-bys on innocent bystanders. It’s incredible to me that sex is worse than violence in our society – we’re a bunch of f***ing Puritans! I don’t condone the content in GTA, but it’s a Mature title! What do you think’s going to be in it?! And, as with all types of entertainment, I think artists should be allowed to create whatever they want to without undue censorship. Bottom line is, if you don’t like it, DON’T BUY IT!
And, Hillary, stay the f**k out of the computer game monitoring business. PLEASE!

AMac: Do you think it's fair to impede on developers freedoms and creativty, and do you think the line should be drawn somewhere, such as violent rapes, or killing cops, etc..?As I said above, I think some of the content is reprehensible, but so is censorship. If there’s ever any question, I would err on the side of freedom of expression.

demonlawyer: A while ago someone on this site found a movie made by Adrian Carr and had Chris Jones as executive producer and I think someone else was involved. Aaron wasn't involved and I wondered whether this was because Aaron was working on his own projects, wasn't interested in the movie side of things or whether this signalled a breaking of the fellowship?Chris was an executive producer because he had money to contribute to the filming budget (I didn’t). No worries regarding our relationship with Adrian. In fact, I was in L.A. a couple months ago, where I had lunch with Adrian and his wife after getting a private screening of the short film (which was very good, incidentally).

Reuben asks:
Q: Could you do some sort of OFFICIAL TEX TIMELINE for us to discuss?
If no one else has one, I could try to put one together. Unfortunately, I’m pretty swamped right now, so it would have be toward the end of the year.

Dear Mr. Conners!
Let me introduce myself. My name is Alexander A. Barkov. Nickname: Alex Bark. I am the greatest fan of your games. I have played them all. From “Mean Streets” to “Overseer”. OUTSTANDING games!
So, I have questions to you. Here they are.
1) (MAIN) Are you going to make the next Tex game in FMV-format? UAKM/PD/Overseer style (better in Overseer style)? The same graphics, the same sound, the same interface?As I’ve said in previous answers, I doubt that we will return to FMV for many reasons, but anything is possible. As for the rest, the environments would probably look at least as good, if not better, same for the sound, and we would likely try to simplify the interface as much as possible.

2) (Important) Will two main actors be present in the new Tex game? I mean Chris Jones (Tex Murphy) and Suzanne Barnes (Chelsee Bando).
Any Tex project we do will always have Chris and Suzanne involved.

3) (Important) From what moment are you going to start the new Tex game? I think the new Tex game should start from the ending of “Overseer” (scene in the speeder). I have thought out a “continue” of this scene. I don’t pay attention to these “radio-theatres” and “web-episodes”. They are not the REAL games. Just add-ones.You’re absolutely right, and that’s we’ll do.

4) Do you have new scenario for the next Tex game? I work on new scenario for the new Tex game right now. I have thought out a main plot. But I have to think over about puzzles, dialogue paths, inventory list, ets.
Yes, I’ve done a lot of work on the new scenario for the next Tex game. Please refer to the comments regarding “The Trilogy” (Chance, Polarity, and Trance).

5) Will the new Tex game “on-line”? To my opinion the new Tex game should be “single player” and “on-line”. Each player will choose.As I’ve answered previously, I believe that Tex would reappear in online form. I would to have both single player and multiplayer gameplay modes.

6) Question about game platform. Will the new Tex game be for PC or X-Box?Probably neither.

7) Will the new Tex game be the last one or are you going to continue Tex’ saga?If Chris Jones and I could do one more full-blown Tex game, it would probably be the BIG FINISH.

From Ryan Patton:
AC-Hi it's been a while since our last conversation via email so here is my questions for you.

1) TM: UKM-Who is the blonde gentlemen in a suit who walks off after Chameleon change into near Rez Hotel after knocking out Tex Murphy’s (Chris Jones) in the head and took off with the statue?If you’re asking for the Chameleon’s alias, I don’t know. The actor was Brandon Wright.

2) AC is all your previous former Access Software still with you and will they be brought back for "if" the next installment arrive?I still work with Doug Vandegrift, Brian Johnson, Brandon Wright, and Nate Larsen, all of whom were artists on various Tex games. All of the programmers are gone. Jon Clark (sound guru) is still here. Of those who played characters in the games, Doug is the only one I still work with directly.

3) You still keep in touch with Adrian director of PD/Overseer? How is he doing lately and will you bring him back?Yes, Adrian and I have stayed in touch and see each other at least once a year. He is doing very well, having just finished filming a short which is entered in several prestigious film festivals. I would certainly want Adrian involved in any new Tex game.

4) How do you like 21st century technology for modern games we are seeing now then 90s technology you use for TM series?If I think about it too much, I start drooling. CJ and I wanted to do so much more than the current technology would allow us back then. Today, we could make the same games (good stories, characters, puzzles, etc.), but make their worlds incredible deep and dynamic, as well as offer different gameplay and puzzle elements.

5) CJ doing anything good since Overseer?CJ is in the golf simulator business right now (and doing a bang-up job, of course). I know he’d like to bring Tex back – we’re continuing to explore the possibilities.

6) You still keep in touch with all original casts of TM series? How are they doing lately?I keep in touch with (by characters) Tex, Rook, and Clint. I haven’t talked to Chelsee or Louie in awhile, but we touch base occasionally.

7) TM: PD-in the horse cut scene with bro and sis scaring at Texas (state) shape of Tex Murphy stuck in it after lighting strike. What are bro and sis names the one looking at young Tex Murphy and where are they at in 2043 since Tex is P.I. at the time? I’ll have to check and get back to you on that one.


"If you look to me for illumination, you better have a flashlight!"

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Post subject: re: AC and his answers
Post Posted: Aug 04, 2005 5:31 pm
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woohoo! thanks Aaron! And Jim too...

Post subject: re: AC and his answers
Post Posted: Aug 04, 2005 11:44 pm
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That's amazing!
Thank you so much for taking the time (and I'm sure it was considerable) to answer all those questions.
And thanks Jim and Kivanc.

Post subject: re: AC and his answers
Post Posted: Aug 05, 2005 12:02 am
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Great to hear this stuff!

Post subject: re: AC and his answers
Post Posted: Aug 05, 2005 1:41 am
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hear hear!

Thanks for giving up the time to answer those questions - I can imagine it would have taken hours.


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It might be a little work, but could somebody "Bold" the questions ? Or do it like Kivanc Avci here:

It would be much nicer to read then ... ;)

Kivanc Avci
Post subject: re: AC and his answers
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i will get on it :)

but i would have to start a new topic as i cannot edit jim's post



Post subject: re: AC and his answers
Post Posted: Aug 05, 2005 7:17 am
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Thanks a bunch Jim for organizing this and thanks to Aaron for taking time to answer all our questions.

Post subject: re: AC and his answers
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I have added a page at the MSN Tex Murphy community with the answers as discussed Jim, and formatted them... now so they can be easily read accessed during the Tex Murphy chat this Saturday.

You can find the page on the left had menu at the MSN site:

Look forward to the discussions on Sat!

-Cub. =o)

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