Richard Norton (Big Jim Slade)
By Ryan Patton  –  July 25, 2006

July 25th, 2006


1. Thank you for taking your time on limit questions by couple of 'Tex Murphy' fans and myself with me via email, and on behalf of 'Tex Murphy' fans worldwide we appreciate your work in (1998) 'Tex Murphy' Overseer (VG), I know you have a very busy schedule so lets get started. One of the first things I wanted to ask you about is why don't you introduce yourself and provide us some background information in martial arts, movie, history, etc?

Richard Norton-

So, my name is Richard Norton and I am an actor/Martial artist. I was born in Melbourne, Australia and started living in the US in 1979 where I began my movie career. I started my martial arts training when I was just 12 years old and am still training hard in various arts and loving it. I have trained extensively in Karate, kick Boxing, Judo and Jiu Jitsu. I worked as a personal Body Guard for Rock and Roll bands during the 70’s and 80’s. Bands such as The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie and Abba to name a few. My friend Chuck Norris gave me my first start in movies when I was cast as the main baddie, ‘Kyo,’ in the movie, The Octagon. Since that start I have worked in over 60 films worldwide and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. My latest role is as a character named Victor Crost in the sequel to the Patrick Swayze movie, ‘Road House’. This one is called, Road House 2,’Last Call’. I have also just wrapped work on a movie called, ‘The Condemned’ where I worked as Fight Coordinator.

2. How did you get involve with 'Tex Murphy' Overseer (VG)? How did you meet director Adrian Carr?

Richard Norton-

I got involved with Tex Murphy through my friend and Director, Adrian Carr. Adrian and I have been friends for over 30 years now and I must say that it was an easy decision to get involved with Tex Murhy, simply because Adrian was the Director. This is because I already had such tremendous respect for Ade as a film maker and knew that if he was at the helm, then it would be a great project. Ade and I first met when he directed my first attempt at acting when a friend and myself wanted to make a promo for a series idea we had called ‘The Bodyguards’. The series was to utilize our martial arts skills and was very much like the series, ‘Starzky and Huch’ that followed much later. We later worked together in a movie I starred in called,’Sword of Bushido’. Adrian directed and it was a great experience for me. I ended being best man at Adrian's wedding and we have stayed best of friends to this day.

3. After gaining global notoriety due to your extensive film career, what was the main reason to star in a GAME, of all things? BTW, love your movies and loved the game.

-Richard Norton-

I guess I have already answered my main reason for doing Tex which was due to Ade’s involvement but it was also due to the chance to try something I had never done before. That is to do a game. How cool I thought to do something as radical as being a character in a game. It seemed like a great challenge.

4. Well we all know we love 'Tex' but what is your own preferences. A in movies B in books C in music

Richard Norton-

My preference in movies is actually some of the old classic dramas like ‘Twelve Angry Men’ and ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. Also one of my favourites is ‘Witness for the Prosecution’. One of my favourite actors is Paul Newman in ‘Hombre’. I am also such a fan of Spencer Tracy. What great actors. I guess people expect me to be a fan of mainly action films but I don’t watch that many as I find so many of those types of movies to be seriously lacking in good stories. As far as books I must admit I am not much of a reader of fiction. I prefer to read books containing real life knowledge on subjects I have a passion for. Topics like metaphysics, things of a spiritual nature and of course anything to do with Sports science and training. My favourite book pertaining to my martial arts training is ‘Zen and Japanese Culture’, by D T Suzuki. I just love the way Suzuki relates the connection of the mind and body when practicing the various martial arts disciplines. As far as music, I like a broad section of music. I am a U2 fan and also like artists like Robbie Williams and ‘The Stones’. Pink Floyd are also one of my favourite bands from the past. Yeah, I know, I’m sounding a bit old fashioned.

5. How long did it take for yourself and Chris Jones (Tex Murphy) to train together as his coordinator to get fight-scene right on stage for FMV and were there any bloopers you remember that made crew/cast laugh during scenes with you two on stage or off stage? How do you like working with Chris Jones and Aaron Conners? Would you like to work with him again in future of 'Tex Murphy' (VG) ?

Richard Norton-

Chris and Aaron were great to work with. I enjoyed the working relationship a lot. As far as rehearsals for the action, it didn’t really take all that long. Chris was very eager to be open to whatever ideas I had action wise and I am also always careful to choreograph action that I know will suit the abilities of the actor doing it. In other words, it is no good me choreographing a fight scene that only I can do. If the other actor is not comfortable with whatever you want them to do, it will end up looking stiff and unbelievable. I can’t really remember any particular bloopers but I’m sure there were some. As far as working with Chris and Aaron again sometime in the future, yes, I would very much like that if the occasion were to arise. Especially on another Tex Murphy project.

6. Would you be interested in reprising your role as Big Jim Slade in a future 'Tex Murphy' (VG)?

Richard Norton-

Again, I would be thrilled to reprise the role of ‘Big Jim Slade’ in the future. It would be good to have a rematch with Chris. This time I could really kick the crap out of him. Hah! Just kidding.

7. You play video games and what kind on your spare time? You ever played 'Tex Murphy' Overseer (VG)? If not, would you like to on your spare time if maybe Adrian Carr gives you a copy of 'Tex Murphy' Overseer (VG) for you to play on your computer?

Richard Norton-

I haven’t really gotten into video games. I think I’m worried I would get hooked on them and there would go all my spare time. When I see my nephew’s playing some of the more advanced games I can’t help feeling like a bit of a dinosaur as it all seems so complicated. The technology just amazes me. I did attempt to play Tex Murphy but again, I wasn’t very good at it due to my lack of ‘game’ experience. I must give it another go though as it would be fun to try to muddle my way through it again. Maybe I’m smarter now and a bit more up to date with the use of a computer. Hey, maybe Ade could help me, though I’m not sure he would be any better at it.

8. With over twenty-years of working in the movie industry and as world-class martial arts what attracted you to martial arts in the beginning and what are some of your aspects to competitive success with having the various martial arts concepts you have learned over the years from past and present?

Richard Norton-

I was attracted to the martial arts at a very early age. It wasn’t so much for reasons of self defense as much as I honestly believe that martial arts was what I was meant to do with my life. Everything exciting and good that has happened in my life has come as a result of just wanting to be the best martial artist I could be. Through it I have travelled the world as a personal bodyguard to some of the worlds biggest Rock bands. Bands like the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt. I have of course also worked in so many countries on different movie projects and had the pleasure of working alongside such martial arts great as Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan and Cynthia Rothrock. I mean it doesn’t get any better than that. I still train hard every day and try to find new things to learn and teach. I realised a long time ago that it is not in the finding, but the journey. To stay invigorated and alive you must have something in your life that you are passionate about and keep setting new goals of learning when it comes to that passion. This passion for me is my martial arts training.

9. What are some of the more memorable experience you had as an actor during 'Tex Murphy' Overseer (VG)? Did you meet and hang out with other the cast like Michael York, Henry Darrow, Clint Howard, Joe Estevez, and many others on 'Tex Murphy' Overseer (VG)? How was it?

Richard Norton-

I didn’t get to hang out with a lot of the other actors as we shot at different times. Of course I spent time with Chris which was great. The other actor I did get to meet and spend time with for the first time was Joe Estervez. I just love Joe and he and I have kept a great friendship to this day. Meeting new and wonderful people like Joe and Chris are what make this job so great. They are so professional but at the same time so much fun to work with. This of course is so important as it can be a lot of work doing a shoot like this and having fellow actors who know how to relax and have a good laugh is what makes it all do-able and all worthwhile.

10. Thank you very much for your time. Is there anything you would like to say in our final closing to 'Tex Murphy' fans, Richard?

Richard Norton-

In closing I would like to thank all the fans of Tex Murphy for their interest and loyalty to the game. Without you guys there would be no games and projects like Tex and therefore no work for actors like myself and Chris. I hope you enjoy the brief interview and it has been a pleasure sharing my thoughts with you all. Thanks to you too Ryan for giving me the opportunity to conduct this interview.
Warmest wishes,
Richard,’Big Jim Slade’ Norton.

I hope you all Tex fans enjoy it.:D
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Ryan Patton

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