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Other Overseer FMV Sep 03, 2013
Malloy Tex
Tex finds Carl Linksy`s Warehouse
Other The Pandora Directive Aug 19, 2011
Video clip showing some behind the scenes of The Pandora Directive
Trailer Martian Memorandum Jun 04, 2010
This is the Martian Memorandum Teaser Trailer that played in Software Etc stores sometime in 1990-1991. Originally a self contained executable found on a floppy in my basement. Converted to WMV.
Trailer Dec 07, 2009
Malloy Tex
very funny rare video of Chris Jones as Tex Murphy I think enjoy
Other Under a Killing Moon Jun 17, 2009
Malloy Tex
Crustys found in toxic waste

"Tex Murphy" on YouTube

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