Chat With Aaron Conners on the UTM (July 2003) (Part 2)
July 14, 2003

<JLeMosy> Gary Sogar again:
<ChrisMarsland> Ryan: Do you plan on stalking CJ? jk :P
<JLeMosy> You mentioned on the bboard how may units you would need to sell. How many did UAKM,
Pandora, and Overseer sell?
<RyanPatton> lol
<RyanPatton> no
<AC> CHRIS SAYS: UKM did about 350,000 world-wide..
<AC> ...Pandora did about 120,000 world-wide...
<AC> ...TMO doesn't really count. For a full explanation, write to Intel and ask "What the
<ChrisMarsland> I would of thought Pandora would of sold more then that... Shame...
<GarySogar> Gad! I sound like an accountant!
<RyanPatton> lol
<JLeMosy> And they'll know exactly what we're talking about? :)
<Frank> hmmm, sounds like a plan
<FredBuer2> *Calls Intel longdistance*
<GarySogar> DVD problems?
<AC> UKM had the advantage of a delayed release and a lot of Hollywood-related publicity. Pandora
came out with very little fanfare. <eom>
<Bjyman> Yeah I liked Pandora a little more than UAKM
<JLeMosy> To Doug/Rook, From Ruben:
<PenguinsXe> it goes to show how vital advertising is to a game.
<Frank> if it's only a fanfare you need, that can be arranged.... ;)
<JLeMosy> Which character you´ve played you like most?
<JLeMosy> Is much of Rook on you? or maybe of Beeks?
<AC> DOUG: Hi Rube...
<Ruben> Hi!
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<AC> ...I had just finished playing Ebeneezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, so there's a lot of Scrooge
in Rook...
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<Frank> this explains that
<AC> ...My favorite character was Sal Bando, because I got to play Twister with a hardbody chick...
<RyanPatton> Rook doesn't like Christmas:( but at the end he will be forgive
<Sowden> LOL!
<Ruben> lol
<JLeMosy> Sal who-now?
<JLeMosy> :)
<Bjyman> Lucido
<AC> ...The character most like me is the original Larry Hammond in MM (with two heads). <eom>
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<PenguinsXe> I saw a Christmas Carol in Denver, CO in 1994.
<JLeMosy> From Ryan, to Rook:
<trago> aaron, chris, doug, thanks for your time and answers
<Crowley> Doug has something big and ugly growing from his shoulder?
<Bjyman> Yeah what happened to his other head in Overseer?
<trago> i've gotta run
<JLeMosy> Rook, what your biggest accomplish in life?
<AC> Oops, of course I meant Sal LUCIDO!
<TexMexSalsa> Rook's grumpiness is like Jello-- Always room for a little more.
<Crowley> James, sent you one more question.
<Frank> Freud would have loved that one....
<AC> DOUG SAYS: His greatest accomplishment was...
<Snapytom> the only charactor that I didn't really care for was Deloris Lightbody
<Sowden> Yeah James, I sent one too
<AC> ...when I beat Randall (Louie) in bowling. <eom>
<RyanPatton> LOL
<Sowden> LOL
<FredBuer2> LOL
<TexMexSalsa> which Delores? MS or TMO?
<RyanPatton> we should have that in TM game
<Frank> sounds like fun
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<RyanPatton> Rook versus Louie in Mutant Bowling Tourny
<Snapytom> in Overseer
<ChrisMarsland> Deloroes was in UAKM too remember..
<Bjyman> The Ten Pin Palace
<JLeMosy> Jason Henderson's inquiring mind wants to know:
<JLeMosy> Hey Chris, I'm an ameteur actor, if you need voices or live actors for the new tex project
I'll do it for free, could I please?
<JLeMosy> PS would you do an answering machine message for me? I'll pay $5.00 American Dollars. :)
<AC> How about this...
<Frank> answering machine message... that sounds fun
<GarySogar> Aside to Doug: I can really see Scrooge in Rook.
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<FredBuer2> This is Tex Murphy. If you just passed out from hearing my voice, press 1
<Sowden> LOL Fred
<grendeljenn> 1
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<ripleys1234> I'm it over??
<Frank> of course, Jen.... ;)
<Crowley> If Jason gets that he'd better not reveal his number around here...
<AC> a fund raiser, everyone who would like a Tex Murphy answering machine message can pay James
$10.00 and submit a message of 30-40 words....
<TexMexSalsa> That would be awesome!
<ChrisMarsland> really? :)
<FredBuer2> Indeed
<Goddess_shybaby> hi all :)
<Sowden> Now that would be cool
<GarySogar> Sounds like a bake sale :)
<RyanPatton> sounds good
<AC> ...I'll get Chris to record each message, send it to James, who will then forward it back.. How's
<Frank> I'll go outside and spread the news lol
<Sowden> Can we make a request that Aaron or Chris can write the words?
<ripleys1234> Aaron.....where is Chelsea a mutant????? Will it ever be known?
<TexMexSalsa> Hey HE's mine first! I asked. . .
<GarySogar> ?Seriously, I'd buy it!
<RyanPatton> lol
<ChrisMarsland> Really? I'd pay for that!
<JLeMosy> What, really? :)
<Goddess_shybaby> 42 f tx
<Ruben> You are joking
<RyanPatton> how about fax machine
<Crowley> Actually that's not a bad idea.
<AC> You'd have to write your own message, and I think we'd need to restrict it to the first 20 or so
people to send in their donation. <eom>
<Frank> thanks for sharing that, shybabe!
<Crowley> Well, every little bit helps.
<GarySogar> Put Tex messages on MS phones to drum up support!
<ChrisMarsland> "Hi, you've reached Chris Marsland's answering service. Leave a message after the
beep!" :) That would be so cool
<Goddess_shybaby> hi frank :)
<Ruben> If it is serious, I would buy it
<JLeMosy> Hey, I'm all for it...
<ChrisMarsland> hmmm you could limit it to everyone in the chat here... theres about 20 here right now
<RyanPatton> 24 actually
<AC> Hey, Money Talks.
<JLeMosy> *rimshot!*
<ChrisMarsland> 23 minus AC
<Bjyman> Yeah that works for us
<GarySogar> Sounds like a new bb topic: Tex messages.
<FredBuer2> Hey Doug, any chance you'd do the same?
<AC> Gary, I say we call it Tex Messaging.
<TexMexSalsa> Here's the perfect message: Hi. This is tex Murphy you've reached the home of JAson
HEnderson, He's a man who loves a woman, any woman, any time.
<Frank> oh boy, Doug on my answering message.....
<Bjyman> Suzanne Barnes!
<ChrisMarsland> ill never forget the day I came home early and found him with Ruby :)
<ChrisMarsland> Rudy
<Sowden> "Well this is Tex Murphy. Sowden won't be able to come to the phone right now, but leave a
message, and he will call you right back."
<Goddess_shybaby> where is everyone from?
<JLeMosy> Ryan's got a question... and it is thus:
<ChrisMarsland> Victoria, Australia here
<Crowley> "Hi, this is Tex Murphy. You've reached the home of xxxx xxxx. I broke into his/her house
during my investigations, and this seemed like a good prank."
<Sowden> I think that each message sould have a touch of Tex in in, one of his famous one liners
<TexMexSalsa> good scotchgarding that's all I can say:)
<Bjyman> Kentucky
<GarySogar> Me too (KY)
<FredBuer2> Norway
<Ruben> Spain here
<GK> UK here
<AC> BTW, Chris and Doug says SO LONG!
<GarySogar> GK from UK? Cool.
<RyanPatton> Colorado, USA. I'm near AC/CJ/Rook next boarder. I may come down to SLC, UT AC, if you
like me to in near future?
<GK> yeah :)
<ripleys1234> ripley in NV
<Bjyman> Later guys
<Crowley> *sniff* Bye.
<TexMexSalsa> Oklahoma
<Jim> Ta Ta you two and thanks a million!!!
<AC> I'll be able to stick around till the top of the hour.
<grendeljenn> bye chris!
<FredBuer2> Tell them I said Happy Trails, eh? :)
<RyanPatton> later Chris/Doug
<Frank> awww, leaving already?
<ChrisMarsland> Bye Chris and Doug! Thanks for joining in guys!
<Sowden> If your for real, you should make a post on the message board about it, as for now, lets move
on the the next question
<GarySogar> Sorry to see you go.
<Frank> Bye bye then! :)
<JLeMosy> Good-bye Chris and Doug!
<GK> bye chris and doug!
<TexMexSalsa> thanks guys.
<Sowden> later Chris and Doug
<RyanPatton> thanks for stopping by
<Kait> Bye Chris and Doug, Thanks for joining us.
<GK> thanks!
<JLeMosy> Thanks for stopping by and hanging out!
<Ruben> Bye and thanks!
<GK> sing the golden gate song b4 you go chris!
<GK> u know....theres no body living inside
<GK> :)
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<RyanPatton> what was the question you were going to put by me James?
<AC> I'm so glad you guys are here to remind us of our old, forgotten jokes.
<GK> i loved that one
<RyanPatton> you're welcome
<GarySogar> Old jokes never die. . .they just get repeated.
<Sowden> They won't be forgotten, not as long as we're here
<JLeMosy> Is the sarcasm thick for that, too, Aaron? :)
<Sowden> lol
<RyanPatton> old jokes will last forever til we all die in peace
<AC> I haven't decided yet.
<Frank> lol
<GK> :)
<ChrisMarsland> I mean hey, look at Austin Powers... they use the same jokes every movie
<GarySogar> They use the same actor, too.
<JLeMosy> Anyway... Ryan asks:
<JLeMosy> How is the pre-game in production development shaping up at this point you and CJ with staff?
What are some of the things your working on now? Are you going to show us an artwork preview or
<GarySogar> good question
<AC> Right now, Chris and I are focused exclusively on the story...
<ChrisMarsland> Give us a one line dialogue preview ;)
<Sowden> I'll say, I would be most happy to see some new work
<ChrisMarsland> "The name's Tex Murphy"
<AC> usual, it's a sprawling epic, a rich tapestry of sex, food, and locked doors...
<TexMexSalsa> Sorry to interupt, Who's in charge of the Oracle project?
<FredBuer2> lol
* ChrisMarsland raises hand
<GK> using food during sex and forgetting to lock the door
<Ruben> nice
<AC> ...I'm writing a treatment of the story arc, from which Chris will begin to cull a list of
characters and locations...
<Frank> well, that sounds like all I need ;)
<Sowden> Intriguing
<GarySogar> ... a rich tapestry of bad guys, broads, and bourbon.
<AC> ...while I work on a plan to continue Radio Theater as a stopgap measure (purely a rumor at this
point ;-)...
<ChrisMarsland> I hope all the locations in Chandler Ave return... Including the sewers :) Theres
just something about those sewers....
<Sowden> I aggree with CHris
<PenguinsXe> It's called Lombard St. now, remember?
<GK> and the secret door at the back of the pizza place
<AC> ...I'll then start on writing interactive conversations, cut scenes, Tex VOs, etc. <eom>
<GarySogar> About those sewers. . .no telling what kind of s**t you'll find.
<ChrisMarsland> "I never noticed this door before"
<PenguinsXe> lol
<PenguinsXe> "that door is just painted on!"
<FredBuer2> Apropos the radio theater and your mention of wanting to return Mr. Norton to the series,
how about including him as the devil..?
<TexMexSalsa> Chelsea's Apt, we've seen it, let's explore it.
<AC> Well, not being a religious man myself...
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<Frank> an aussie Devil...hey, it's never been done before!
<ripleys1234> how about exploring where Chelsea is a mutant????
<Bjyman> Tex did explore in the Radio Episodes so it's seems probable in the Trilogy
<Frank> exploring Chelsea hey?
<AC> Maybe a Tasmanian Devil...
<Crowley> What did you think "down under" really means?
<FredBuer2> lol Crowley
<Sowden> lol
<AC> Aussie Mutant...
<TexMexSalsa> Big Jim Slade (is Jim Norton Right?) is in Jail, just break him out.
<Crowley> Richard Norton
<TexMexSalsa> sorry.
<ChrisMarsland> Maybe he has been released and Tex does not know!
<Crowley> No worries, mate!
<TexMexSalsa> Mental disease.
<JLeMosy> Crowley asks:
<JLeMosy> Does the chess setting in the end of Overseer come from some fabled
<JLeMosy> chess match?
<FredBuer2> Big Dick Norton... with horns on his forehead and a big mean trifork... yeees...
<ChrisMarsland> I reckon Tex should have an encounter with Slade's dad... Hey he is meant to have some
sort of trip to the past right.... why not catch up with Slade's father? ;)
<GarySogar> Big Dick meets Private Dick?
<AC> Actually, I spent a lot of time on that puzzle. It was the best way I could find to get checkmate
after being overwhelmingly outmatched and in danger being checkmated yourself with any single wrong
move. <eom>
<GarySogar> (sorry. . .can't leave a dead joke lie...)
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<TexMexSalsa> Celebrity Death Match Tex vs Miss Piggy? What's the consensus?
<Crowley> Great work on that!
<GK> that was a hard puzzle
<AC> Thanks!
<Crowley> Could've fooled me.
<GK> since i couldnt play chess at the time....
<GK> i learnt for that
<FredBuer2> Kudos
<TexMexSalsa> Hard puzzle - but fun.
<Ruben> I like chess, but that was hard
<AC> Hey, James! Aren't there any questions from the old-timers, like Matt or JTOG?
<ChrisMarsland> Great work on all the puzzles I must say... except i did find the inplant removal from
the brain abit tedious :)
<AC> Yah. CJ came up with that one.
<Bjyman> Yeah and that Game Players mode bug never did get fixed
<AC> Yah. That was CJ's fault too.
<ChrisMarsland> the 100 missing points
<Bjyman> yep
<AC> I'm glad he left.
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<JLeMosy> Not in the inbox, but if either of them have a question, I'll open up the floor and let them
fire away.
<Frank> blame it all on Chris, now that he left ;)
<ChrisMarsland> lol
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<Jim> Any new target date for a release?
<ChrisMarsland> Jim! :)
<Snapytom> What kind of music does Tex like?
<AC> Right now, we're aiming for a playable prototype, a complete script, and a full game design by
January 1. IF we get funding, we're confident we could have a release in time for Christmas shopping
next year. <eom>
<ChrisMarsland> Where exactly are you guys chatting from Aaron? Microsoft office, or your house?
<GK> need any beta testers :)
<Jim> Thanks, AC
<AC> I'm chatting from a luxurious escape pod, floating over the Great Salt Lake.
<Frank> Jim, I take this opportunity to say that I've recently finished chapt 5, and absolutely loved
it. I'll start on 6 as soon as I find a minute ;)
<Bjyman> Yeah I like beta testing
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<Crowley> Where have you escaped from?
<AC> Jim's quite a writer. I hope everyone here has read his fan fiction.
<Frank> reality...
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<Ruben> He really is
<Jim> Thanks, Frank. It is fulfilling and happifying to be a part of a new Tex story.
<Jim> I have
<AC> Watch those made-up words, Jim.
<Jim> Sorry, I'm a Howard Cosell fan
<Frank> made-up words are fun
<PenguinsXe> beta testing is cool, but it can sometimes be frustrating.
<AC> Those doohickeys can get awful clumbersome.
<ChrisMarsland> There's no fooling Aaron when it comes to words Jim!
<Jim> LOL
<FredBuer2> btw, Jim, has my envelope arrived yet?
<Jim> Not yet
<FredBuer2> darn... We'll give it another few days, then I'm just gonna have a friend utilize her
paypal for ya. I'll let ya know.
<AC> Hey, where Smokey?
<Snapytom> Where can we read your stuff Jim?
* ChrisMarsland pokes James.... You a live?
<Frank> Somke? haven't seen her around in a short while....
<JLeMosy> Here's one from Sowden:
<AC> I think I owe her a prize for best question from the last chat.
<AC> And one for Bjyman.
<Jim> UOTM in the archives. If you can't find them, send me an email and I will forward them to you.
<Bjyman> Sweet
<ChrisMarsland> Any prizes for this chat?
<Snapytom> thanks
<Frank> lol I vote for Jen and her brief question ;)
<Bjyman> What was Smokey's question?
<JLeMosy> Aaron - lemme' know who the winners are and I'll do up a post on the site.
<Sowden> ohhh, another one from me
<AC> C'mon, Chris! Wasn't Doug, Chris and me prize enough?
<TexMexSalsa> Was for me.
<Jim> For sure, AC
<ChrisMarsland> Good point :) hehe
<AC> Fire away, James.
<Frank> touché
<JLeMosy> I would like to ask Aaron what his beef is with Intel.
<Ruben> of course
<AC> Long story. But...
<Frank> I think someone's been pressured... ;)
<JLeMosy> Frankly, I didn't know Intel made beef...
<AC> ...CJ and I were well into the design of "Trance" when Intel approached us about doing a small game
to bundle with their new computer...
<Sowden> lol
<AC> ...they promised to fund our new project, but it would have to done in 9 months (start to finish)...
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<Bjyman> I thought Chance and Polarity came before Trance.
<AC> most of you know, that's not nearly enough time to do a full game...
<ripleys1234> Intel asking something for nothing?
<AC> ...anyway, we took the bait and did Overseer -- Chris thought it would be easier to retell a story
than create one from scratch, though we pretty much rewrote the whole thing anyway...
<Frank> watch out for Dell then, they're the next big thing ;)
<FredBuer2> And did a sterling job might I add
<AC> we ended up doing this game to feature new DVD technology, but the technology didn't work
right, so we get lambasted...
<Jim> and Intel comes out the winner no matter what
<AC> ...and then Intel changed its marketing strategy and ended up not bundling Overseer with their
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<grendeljenn> ouch!
<Sowden> What?
<Frank> besterds!
<GarySogar> So, Intel shares some blame for Tex's "demise."
<Crowley> B*stards
<AC> ...we scrambled to make Overseer a decent game and released it, but it was an uphill battle from
Day 1...
<Jim> That's it!! I am angry!! I am removinf Intel from my....
<Bjyman> That must have sucked
<ripleys1234> They got something and gave nothing.
<ChrisMarsland> They did end up funding the game though didn't they?
<GK> its a great game whatever happened!
<FredBuer2> It's when you're in an uphill that things go up AC :)
<Bjyman> Yeah you need to bash on Intel in the next game
<AC> ...we didn't lose any money on the project, but our numbers looked terrible (especially for those
who compared TMO straight across with Pandora and UKM)...
<GarySogar> Call it "Sintel"
<Crowley> Jim, Jim! Unplug the computer first!
<FredBuer2> Or Unintel
<Jim> LOL you two
* ChrisMarsland rips the logo off the computer tower
* ChrisMarsland looks
<AC> ...and with the sales numbers looking like a spiral jetty into oblivion, it's been impossible to
get anyone to believe that a new Tex game would sell. There's the whole story in a nutshell. <eom>
<GarySogar> *Gary vows to swithc to Mac*I
* ChrisMarsland rips the Microsoft logo off the computer aswell!
* ChrisMarsland gets his Amiga 500 out
<GarySogar> Wow! What a revealation.
<Sowden> That explains your battle with Microsoft
<Sowden> and why they have lacked faith
<GarySogar> It must be inexpressibly frustrating and enraging, what heppend to you.
<AC> It's all about the numbers.
<ChrisMarsland> LEt's all mail bomb Intel with complaints! :) jk
<GK> oops....too late
<FredBuer2> I'm more in favor of carpet-bombing, but... still...
<GarySogar> "Intel inside . . . job"
<AC> Don't blame Intel. It certainly wasn't intentional on their part. It was just a bad situation
all the way around...
<TexMexSalsa> No then we'll look crazy (Crazier?)
<GK> were still gonna blame intel
<GK> :)
<AC> ...luckily, like disco, I think the Adventure genre has come full circle. And we're gonna boogie
on down!
<GK> :)
<Frank> whooot!
<Sowden> LOL!
<ChrisMarsland> Yeah its looking good!
<Frank> lol
<TexMexSalsa> James did you get my ? 4 AC
<JLeMosy> I like the nightlife... I like to boogie...
<JLeMosy> *ahem*
<GarySogar> Latin Hustle becomes Tex Hustle?. . .Sweet!
<ChrisMarsland> You seen the trailer for Sam and Max 2!!!! Amzing!!! and then take alook at the
graphics on Broken Sword 3!
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<Crowley> James, hurry with the questions!
<Frank> lol, no pushing James!
<JLeMosy> From Jason Henderson:
<JLeMosy> Since the Tex Novels are hard to find (I have The Pandora Directive - awesome - simply
awesome work.)
<JLeMosy> If we held a Tex convention (Theoretically) could you sit down and read them to us like
children at story time, or better yet get the gang and read them together?
<ChrisMarsland> Even the new Tomb Raider game on PS2 and PC is moving alittle more adventure aspects
into the game.. Lara can now interact with characters and talk to themm, choosing the choice out of 3
and depending on the choice, we get a different reaction from her... Does that sound familiar?
<AC> That would be really fun, Jason...
<AC> ...then we could all have snacks and take a nap...
<Sowden> LOL! I would be there
<GarySogar> Could we bring our teddies and blankies?
<AC> ...seriously though, it's great to hear that you liked the novel...
<Crowley> Milk and cookies!
<JLeMosy> Mmm... apple juice and grahm crackers...
<TexMexSalsa> cookies and bourbon.
<ripleys1234> chocolate milk and rum
<AC> ...I really hope I can write some more one of these days. <eom>
<Sowden> forget Mysterium
<GarySogar> Cigarettes and chocolate milk.
<Sowden> right James?
<JLeMosy> No kidding :)
<FredBuer2> I didn't get a chance to mail James with a Q, so I'll just ask while I have the chance: As
things stand, would it be impossible to do any future Tex games in FMV?
<Jim> We hope so, too
<FredBuer2> Meaning, is FMV totally out of the question?
<AC> FMV is not impossible, but it is expensive...
<TexMexSalsa> I had fun guys thanks so much! Tell Chris and Doug hanks for me Aaron, Bye Everyone.
<GK> bye salsa!
<AC>'s also time-intensive...
<Jim> Adios amigo!
<FredBuer2> bye TMS
<Frank> bye bye
<AC> See ya, TexMexSalsa.
<PenguinsXe> bye TexMex!
<Crowley> Bye
<TexMexSalsa> And I'm gone.
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<AC> Back to the FMV ?...
<Sowden> so long TexMex
<Bjyman> I'm all for FMV
<Sowden> I am too
<ChrisMarsland> Is Adiran Carr and Matt Heider going to be involved with the new project?
<ChrisMarsland> FMV all the way!
<ChrisMarsland> but I'd settle for whatever happens
<Frank> *starts to write banner*
<Sowden> lol GK
<GK> :)
<AC> CJ and I have done a bunch of research, and we're convinced that rendered characters can look good
enough, and that as long as we have the original voices (and dialogue, story, etc.), we'll be able to
pull it off. And let's be honest, Tex & friends aren't getting any younger! <eom>
<Bjyman> I think that should be 3D GK
<AC> James, I can take 3 more questions.
<Sowden> LOL
<GK> :)
<ChrisMarsland> Take alook at our Oracle Tex... It can be done :) Even by amateurs like myself.
<Jim> The waitress at the Golden Pagoda - was that your daughter?
<GK> chris. do u have a site for oracle?
<JLeMosy> You got it.
<JLeMosy> Jen's got one:
<JLeMosy> a bit of a wierd question, but was crazy Gary
<JLeMosy> modeled after someone local in SL Utah?
<AC>, that's no daughter...that's my wife. How old do youthink I am, anyway?!
<Frank> lol
<Jim> That was a different Jim, not me
<Sowden> LOL AC
<AC> Sorry JTOG.
<grendeljenn> married AC?
<FredBuer2> How about a fund-raising where the prize is a guest-appearance in the new installment?
Voice-casting for instance. Starting bid at $100 :)
<Snapytom> Will they have the same great expressions as the actors have had?
<ChrisMarsland> GK: Not at this moment... Soon... With a few surprises install.... keep an eye on the future home of Oracle...
<GK> will do, its looking great!
<AC> Crazy Gary is my personal personification of religious zeal...
<AC> ...and we've got plenty of that around these parts. <eom>
<Frank> lol
<ChrisMarsland> There's a crazy gary in every alley in Salt Lake ;)
<GarySogar> There's a crazy Gary in Kentucky!
<AC> Don't get me wrong, There's nothing wrong with religion per se. I'm just uncomortable with
zealots (of every kind).
<FredBuer2> I hear that AC
<Jim> There's a whole bunch in Detroit
<grendeljenn> thanks!
<JLeMosy> "basti" asks:
<JLeMosy> Who makes the music for the new Tex episodes on the web? Will it be
<JLeMosy> the same midi music we know from UAKM and Pandora?
<AC> Jon Clark is our sound wizard, and he pieced together the soundtrack from Matt Heider's excellent
score. With any luck, we'll have Matt join us for our future endeavors. <eom>
<Jim> Your wife? Are you sure? Sheesh! I AM getting old!!
<ChrisMarsland> By the way, I've got a new email address to be contacted by!
<FredBuer2> Keep'em in line Jim, or you'll soon be known as Jim the Ancient Guy :-)
<Jim> LOL
<Snapytom> heheheee
<AC> James, do YOU want to ask the honorary FINAL QUESTION OF THE CHAT?
<GK> ask mine :)
<FredBuer2> Jim van Winkle
<ChrisMarsland> just thought i'd let you know.
<Frank> wait, we need some sort of music for that one!
<JLeMosy> Ooh...
<Sowden> all eyes are on James
<JLeMosy> Wow... *sweats*... no pressure...
<Crowley> *drum roll*
<PenguinsXe> actually, my eyes are on his typing
<Jim> all fingers are ready to type one last sarcastic remark
<Crowley> *crowd chanting*
<Frank> lol Jim
<Sowden> lol Penguin
<PenguinsXe> James! James! James!
<FredBuer2> *crowd has zippos waving in the air*
<Jim> We're doing the wave
<GK> This aint no Bon Jovi show :)
<AC> My Featured Screenshot is of Wanda Peck. What a hottie!
<ChrisMarsland> lol
<Frank> wave? with zippos?
<Jim> Man, you said it!
<AC> Too bad our explicit love scenes ended up on the cutting room floor.
<Jim> I asked her to marry me last year
<GK> lol
<PenguinsXe> Is the girl who plays Wanda Peck in Under a Killing Moon too as the countess, rich chick?
<Jim> yes
<Frank> explicit love scene hey? ;)
<ChrisMarsland> You talked to her Jim? :)
<FredBuer2> Is that what you call your private collection AC? The 'Cutting Room Floor? =-)
<Crowley> I think James passed out from the pressure...
<Bjyman> I heard there were some with Robert Knott
<PenguinsXe> I thought so
<Sowden> oh, if you still have thelove scenes, give them to James and put them up
<Sowden> Tex Murphy Un-Cut
<JLeMosy> When all is said and done, how do you want the whole Tex saga to be remembered?
<PenguinsXe> Tex Murphy gone Wild.
<Jim> the director's cut
<Crowley> A worthy final question!
<Sowden> good question James
<FredBuer2> Indeed
<AC> An excellent question, James. Well worth the wait!
<JLeMosy> *phew!*
<AC> [AC clears throat solemnly...]
<Jim> how about - when's the next chat?
<ChrisMarsland> No! there cant be an end... will it ever end :)
<FredBuer2> *pats James on the back*
<AC> Let's consider three possible scenarios...
<Jim> drum roll for AC
<AC> ...#1: Tex has gone to the Big P.I. in the Sky...
<Crowley> All things (especially good ones) come to an end eventually.
<GarySogar> OUCH
<Snapytom> I don't want it to ever end
<AC> ...if so, we had a great time, we did the best we could, and we're glad we could entertain a bunch
of folks...
<Jim> we're glad too
<Frank> a bunch of crazy folks, shall I add ;)
<AC> ...we also met some loyal supporters and it's meant a lot to us that you'd still keep the home
fires burning even after all these years...
<Jim> including yourself, Frank
<ChrisMarsland> watch out who your calling crazy :)
<Frank> of course
<GarySogar> I'm starting to get misty eyed. . .
* ChrisMarsland gets the hack saw out
<AC> ...In the scenario, we would at least give everyone a final series of Radio Theater to wrap things
<AC> ...#2: Tex gets one last hurrah...
<Jim> an appropriate ending
<AC> ...we'll give you all one hell of a story...
* MatthewBuckstein has quit IRC (MatthewBuckstein)
<Jim> Not now, Matt
<AC> ...even though it might not cover all of Tex's fabulous adventures (and there are many still
<AC> would be a great way to ride off into the sunset...
<Jim> are you okay, AC?
<ChrisMarsland> Like the time Tex came to Australia... That would be a story ;p
<AC> ...#3: The new game is a big success and the Tex franchise rises from the ashes...
<Jim> Yes!!!
<GarySogar> ...would you move to Phoenix?
<GK> we'll make it a success by buying 10 copies each!
<Snapytom> I'm for that
<ChrisMarsland> ill be buying atleast 5-10 copies of the game... :)
<Jim> What's wrong with Detroit? Never mind
<FredBuer2> Which is the day this entire community gang up outside MicroSoft to moon their corporate HQ
<PenguinsXe> lol, just sell the game to all of us for 5,000 bucks a pop, you'll succeed lol
<Kait> Tex boutiques would rise with games in the window fronts
<AC> ...then it's off to the Trilogy and the adventure we've waited 6 years to tell!...
<Jim> Good one, Kait
<Snapytom> yippee
<GarySogar> ...Microsoft bought by Netscape?
<ChrisMarsland> I myself like scenario #3 the most
<ChrisMarsland> :)
<GK> me too
<JLeMosy> Me too
<Jim> Ted Turner buys MS and plays Tex as an old PI
<Snapytom> dito
<Crowley> I guess everyone here does.
<GarySogar> 2 could make 3 possible
<JLeMosy> "Beek!"
<GK> we want him back
<AC> ...As for the legacy of Tex, regardless of how it plays out, I hope people will think of us the way
I think of the LOTR books, Casablanca, and the Beatles' Revolver album -- great pieces of
entertainment that I can always go back to and find a warm fuzzy....
<ChrisMarsland> Beek!
<GK> claps
<FredBuer2> *Applauds*
<GarySogar> cheers
<Kait> Amen
<Jim> Thanks, AC!!!
<JLeMosy> Well, that, in any respect, is already a reality. :)
* ChrisMarsland wipes the tear from his left eye
<grendeljenn> thank you again aaron, for all this....
<Sowden> *Sowden rises from his seat*
<Bjyman> Thanks Aaron
<Crowley> Thank you, Aaron
<PenguinsXe> hurrah!
<JLeMosy> Thank you Aaron!
<ChrisMarsland> Yeah I'd also like to say thank you
<Jim> I'm blowing my nose and that ain't easy
<GarySogar> Seriously, thanks to you AC and Chris for wonderful entertainment.
<GK> yeah thank you for the great stories and games
<FredBuer2> Mr. Conners, you keep on working hard, we'll keep on waiting hard.
<Bjyman> And Rook!
<Sowden> And thank you Aaron for doing this chat session
<AC> Thank YOU guys!
<JLeMosy> And to Chris, and Doug, and Randall and Suzanne... and... everyone else.
<ChrisMarsland> Just remember to put in a joke somewhere in the new project, just for us! :) hehe
<Snapytom> Thank you Aaron....... it was so nice to be here to chat with you
<ripleys1234> thanks aaron
<ChrisMarsland> Once again thank Chris and Doug for joining in
<PenguinsXe> thanks Aaron.
<Jim> Bless you boys!
<GK> come back soon aaron, i want you to answe my questions next time, have fun with the game and good
luck with it all!
<GarySogar> Tex Murphy games are like Jello.. . .you know the rest.
<Sowden> Talking to you and Chirs and Doug is the next best thing from shaking your hand
<AC> Au revoir, folks. Our time together was all too brief!
<Kait> Thank you for your talent and generosity
<Crowley> Fare thee well, traveller
<FredBuer2> May it be a shorter wait for the next chat.
<Jim> A-river-dirty to you too
<JLeMosy> Thanks again, Aaron! Talk to you soon! :)
* GarySogar has quit IRC (GarySogar)
<ChrisMarsland> Is there going to be another chit chat another time maybe?
<GK> Keep us updated!
<AC> Thanks, James! Happy Trails!
* AC has quit IRC (AC)

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