Chat With Aaron Conners on the UTM (July 2003) (Part 1)
July 14, 2003

Session Start: Mon Jul 14 22:25:36 2003
Session Ident: #TexChat

* AC has joined #TexChat
<JLeMosy> Hello, Aaron! :)
<AC> Am I here?
<RyanPatton> Hi Aaron
<Kait> Hi Aaron
<JLeMosy> You are indeed.
<Crowley> All bow to the mighty Aaron!
<Sowden> Aaron is here, welcome Aaron!
<ChrisMarsland> Hello Aaron
<Mikey> so da chat's officially started now then?
<Jim> Hey guys & gals
<PenguinsXe> sweet. hehe, I almost forgot that in 94, a 500mb harddrive was enough
<AC> Hey, James, Ryan, Kait, etc.!
<Mikey> jim? is that the old guy?
* JLeMosy sets mode: +o AC
<GK> Hi AC!
<Jim> Oh yeah
<Sowden> yeah, where is Jim?
<RyanPatton> Hi Jim the old guy
<Jim> TOG is in thebuilding
<JLeMosy> Glad you could make it this time, JTOG.
<Jim> me too
<AC> Hello, JTOG!
<Jim> Hi AC, good to read ya
<Sowden> hey Jim
<Mikey> what was that u just did james?
<PenguinsXe> Hello Aaron. It's an honor to be here with you.
* Ruben has joined #TexChat
<Jim> Hi Ruben
<Mikey> ??
<RyanPatton> Hi Ruben
<Crowley> Added Aaron as an operator, I think...
<Ruben> Hi all
<Jim> Hi Ryan Patton
<AC> So, James. I hope you've got some good questions for US...
<trago> hey ac
<JLeMosy> Hi Ruben
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<GK> US?
<Mikey> is the chat in session now?
<JLeMosy> "Us" you say? :)
<Jim> I hope so too - we want some good answers
<GK> :)
<Crowley> "US"? Who's there with you, Aaron?
<RyanPatton> Chris Jones:) lol
<AC> Yes...US. I have a special guest with me...
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<Mikey> is this beig logged now?
<GK> who who who!
<RyanPatton> lol
<Jim> CJ?
<Crowley> *drum roll*
<Kait> ...heart's racing
<Ruben> ...
<Mikey> *being?
<RyanPatton> Bill Gates
<Sowden> do you now? Who do you have with you Aaron?
<GK> his doggy
<RyanPatton> lol
<trago> breath is baited
<Jim> LOL Ryan
<AC> ...You may know him from such games as Mean Streets and Martin Mendorian...
<GK> texs fedora
<Jim> Larry Hammond?
<Sowden> Yes, we very well might
<RyanPatton> CJ brother Kevin
<AC> ...also Under the Killing Moon...
<Mikey> ,7,7,7,7Is kevin jones there?
<AC> ...and the Pandora Detective...
<Mikey> Is kevin there
<Mikey> Kevin jones?
<RyanPatton> Louie
<Jim> Chelsee?
<AC> ...NO, it isn't Kevin!
<RyanPatton> Rook
<GK> hehe
<AC> ...It's the one, the only Tex Murphy -- Chris Jones!
<Mikey>'s Chris!!!!!!
<RyanPatton> I KNEW IT
<Jim> Rah rah rah
* Bjyman has joined #TexChat
<JLeMosy> Hooray! :)
<Sowden> Yahoo!
<RyanPatton> lol
<trago> chris!
<Ruben> Great!!!
<Crowley> EEEEEE! *faints*
<RyanPatton> Hi Chris
<Kait> I just fainted
<grendeljenn> 8)
<GK> :) :)
<JLeMosy> *and the crowd goes wild!*
<ChrisMarsland> Hi CJ!
<Crowley> Hello, Chris!
<GK> hi chris!
<Bjyman> Welcome back Aaron
<GarySogar> What a great surprise!
<PenguinsXe> Hello Chris
<Jim> Hi Gary
<Ruben> If it isn´ Tex Murphy!!
<Jim> Hi CJ, welcome to the mass confusion
<Sowden> Welcome Chris
<JLeMosy> Howdy, Chris! Thanks for joining us!
<AC> CJ: Howdy yourself!
<RyanPatton> Hi CJ, I am glade you made it, thanks for joining us, James I knew he would be surprise
before chat started:) lol
<Jim> This is soooo cool
<Kait> I'm glad I don't have too many other women to elbow outa the way
<Bjyman> Hey Chris
<AC> James, why don't we start with questions for CJ?
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<Jim> Hey Byman
<RyanPatton> lol
<RyanPatton> oops
<Bjyman> Hey Jim
<Mikey> even better....makes this whole thing more interesting.....;)
<Jim> alright!!!
<JLeMosy> Okay, let me sort through the emails and find a good one.
<Jim> does anybodu know what's going on?
<Sowden> well damn, if I knew CJ was coming I would have asked questions for him
<ChrisMarsland> Too bad, irc does not support voice chat :)
<Sowden> or bake him a cake, one or the other
<GK> :)
<Crowley> *seconds Sowden*
<Jim> Can't you hear me yelling?
<Bjyman> Yeah I like hearing CJ's voice
<Jim> Shhesh!
<JLeMosy> Here's one from Bjyman:
<Mikey> so i got a question for aaron and that i've been thinking about 4 a really long
time now.....
<JLeMosy> Does his wife ever get jealous with the kissing scenes with Chelsee, Regan,
<JLeMosy> and Sylvia?
* RyanPatton has quit IRC (RyanPatton)
<Crowley> Heh.
<Sowden> lol
<Jim> Hi Crowley
<Sowden> LOL!
<trago> i get jealos of cj....
<AC> It has happened on occasion...
<Crowley> Hi Jim.
<AC> I tell that I don't enjoy it!
<GarySogar> TTo the point: what caused the sudden, positive change in Tex's fortunes?
<Crowley> How credible.
* RyanPatton has joined #TexChat
<Kait> uh huh
* Snapytom has joined #TexChat
<Jim> If you ever need a stand-in to kiss Chelsee, let me know
<RyanPatton> James, it seems am getting disconnect from server chat
<Bjyman> lol
<Jim> Hi snap-dragon
<RyanPatton> nvm
<Snapytom> heheheee......... Hi Jim
<RyanPatton> Ji Snapytom
<RyanPatton> Hi
<Jim> Hi Jen, how's things?
<Snapytom> Hi Ryan
<RyanPatton> Hi Jen
<Jim> Who is GK?
<JLeMosy> I think that's the only question specifically for CJ. :)
<Crowley> Gabriel Knight?
<JLeMosy> The rest are more general in nature.
<GK> yes
<GK> :)
<Jim> In this chat room?
<Sowden> Well, its nice hes here to get his input
<AC> OK. Chris will just help me answer the questions, then.
<RyanPatton> alright, AC, go far it
<RyanPatton> for
<JLeMosy> Unless I get some more in my inbox during the chat, that is. :)
<GK> im just a lurker on the board jim
<RyanPatton> o
<Crowley> Gabriel Knight is a Tex Murphy fan. Now this feels wierd.
<GK> yeah
<GK> i love it
<GK> :)
<Jim> we do too
<JLeMosy> Anyhoo... here's one from Sowden:
<RyanPatton> i'm sending in the questions James. I forgot about it. I just got home from work 20 minutes
<Sowden> hoooo, oh boy!
* ChrisMarsland just woke up
<AC> Is that true about GK? We're hoping to chat with Jane Jensen soon, so we'll pass it along.
<Jim> Work? What's that?
<Jim> Does she need to be kissed?
<JLeMosy> As we are coming along in the development of our online adventure witho our good friend Tex,
what more can you tell us about it since more has been developed since you could last tell us about it?
<Snapytom> is it too late to send questions?
* tim has joined #TexChat
<GK> i love tex and jane jensen
<JLeMosy> Snapytom - email questions to
<GarySogar> You sure have a way with words, Jim :)
<Snapytom> ok
<AC> OK, Chris and I will try to give some info...
<Jim> Hi Tim
<AC> ...first off, we're looking not only at online, but also the possibility of a stand-alone project...
<Crowley> Jim the Old Guy, our unofficial welcoming man!
<Jim> Yeah
<RyanPatton> Jim, i just got home a little while ago from work (government worky) anyway let focus on
Tex Murphy questioning:)
<AC> ...we're talking to a couple different sources about ways to get produced...
<GK> brb
<AC> ...and, most importantly, working on an incredible new story, which may very well outdo anything
we've ever done before! <eom>
<GK> wow!
<Sowden> great, thanks for answering Aaron
* GK has left #TexChat
<AC> C'mon! We're just gettin' warmed up here!
<Crowley> *sound of James browsing through the mails*
<JLeMosy> GK is next!:
<Jim> Is Chris Connors your daughter?
<JLeMosy> The first is theres a little in the ally
<JLeMosy> behind rooks pawn shop where something wierd is happening, something tex
<JLeMosy> doesnt even wanna know about, will we ever find out what it is?
<AC> Chris says that one was a personal favorite...
<Sowden> LOL! I love that window!
<Jim> And?
<AC> ...whatever it is, it's probably still going on. <eom>
* GK has joined #TexChat
<Sowden> LOL!
<RyanPatton> lol
<Bjyman> cryptic
<AC> BTW, Bjyman, happy Bastille Day!
<Bjyman> Thanks LOL!
<Jim> nice, AC, Demonlawyer will be pleased
<JLeMosy> Here we go from Crowley:
<JLeMosy> Where does the chameleon's morphing ability originate from? A favorable
<JLeMosy> mutation? (considering the timeline and the Chameleon's appearance, it
<JLeMosy> seems that her mother might have actually been pregnant for him during
<JLeMosy> WWIII)
<Crowley> *feels warm and fuzzy*
<AC> AC & CJ LOL...
<Bjyman> Guess I was right all along
<GK> I knew that was him James
<GK> all those qs at the start
<Sowden> I had a feeling that Mike was hinding behind that name
<GK> i was trying to private chat you and tell you
<JLeMosy> I had a hunch, but I wasn't going to jump to conclusions.
<GK> yeah, i know MIKEy
<GK> hehe
<AC> Good riddance, we say! Anyway, back to the Chameleon question...
<AC> ...Chris says: "Ancient Chinese secret"!...
<Sowden> LOL!
<Jim> Who invited Chris?
<Jim> everything is a secret with him
<Crowley> Ancient Chinese secret in the hands of a native American?
<AC> ...I think the best way to answer the question would be to contact Russell Means directly. <eom>
<Crowley> *flabbergasted*
<Crowley> I hope my other questions make it too...
<GarySogar> the hands of a native american? Would that make him "Indian-a Jones?"
<Snapytom> is Chris here?
<Jim> Gary, we can't read your font - color choice
<JLeMosy> trago's got one:
<JLeMosy> is there a possibility of bringing back richie havens for the new game? i loved his work on
the last two.
<GarySogar> ok
<PenguinsXe> I can read it Gary
<Crowley> me too
<Jim> Yeah, but I'm old
<Bjyman> It's pink for me
<AC> We hadn't really thought about it...
<PenguinsXe> lol
<GK> bring him back!
<AC> ...but we'll see how it goes and get back to you. Unfortunately, right now we're looking at a C
Movie budget (though the script will be nothing but A+, baby!). <eom>
<GK> oh yeah!
<GK> as always A+
<Ruben> Sure
<trago> mmmm.... c movies....mmmm
<Sowden> thats what I'm talkin about
<GK> not R movies trago, c movies :)
<Crowley> What would an F budget be? A video camera and a couple of half-drunk buddies?
<trago> oh.... whoops
<GK> :)
<AC> F Budget: Whatever we can find in our couches.
<JLeMosy> grendeljen sez:
<JLeMosy> I read earlier that you both were making a personal
<JLeMosy> (which meant, your own cash) commitment to the
<JLeMosy> project. If it's not too presumptious, how much are
<JLeMosy> you backing yourself, and can we help?
<Sowden> lol
<Jim> good one, Jen
<trago> oo. good one
<AC> Jen: As always, your sentiments are appreciated...
<Sowden> yeah, I'll say
<grendeljenn> ;)
<GarySogar> Can I ask: what caused the "sudden" positive change in Tex's future?
<AC> guys can help by keeping the buzz going, and (of course) getting as many people as possible
to support the game when it comes out...
<Jim> done...what next?
<AC> to our personal investment, let's say it will be enough to get the ball rolling, but not
enough to get it all the way to the pins. <eom>
<GK> ask bill gates for his pocket change
<JLeMosy> Ruben's got one for Chris:
<GK> :)
<JLeMosy> With which register do you feel more confortable? Humorous, drama...
<Jim> cash?
<AC> CJ: To be honest, I like the combination of both...
<AC> ...pure slapstick wouldn't work, but humor and irony within a dramatic, quasi-realistic setting
creates maximum impact...
* Sowden has quit IRC (Sowden)
<Jim> TMO was great for that
* Sowden has joined #TexChat
<AC> also makes Tex a more dimensional character, instead of a cardboard cutout (hopefully). <eom>
<JLeMosy> Definitely. :)
<Sowden> lol, cardborad
<Ruben> Thanks for the answer!
<AC> Can I add something?
<Ruben> Pleae
<Jim> it's your chat
<Sowden> Sure
<JLeMosy> Absolutely.
<Ruben> Please
<Bjyman> Yes
<AC> I personally think scenes in TMO, such as the one with the Guard at L&O, were good examples of
funniness and tense drama. <eom>
<Crowley> Agreed
<Bjyman> Is that thing loaded?
<Jim> Yes!
<JLeMosy> Yeah, definitely!
<Snapytom> your games are the best ........ and Chris is so great in his performances.... just keep
that fun humor up
<Ruben> Absolutelyy
<AC> Now, Barney...
<ChrisMarsland> NOW calm down Barney...
<Crowley> Barney?
<JLeMosy> Next is Chris Bookless:
<JLeMosy> if you do an internet-based and a stand alone version, will they be the same game/story, or
will they be separate entities?
* RyanPatton has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<AC> We think they would be separate entities, though we'd prefer to simply do a single, deluxe (as
much as possible with a C Movie budget), stand-alone game...
* Matthew has joined #TexChat
<AC> online game is less intimate and should almost be designed as a group activity...
<AC> ...the stand-alone is the more traditional mode and the one that we're obviously most comfortable
<ChrisMarsland> Hey Matt
<Matthew> hello
<AC> ...I think we're looking at doing one or the other right now. <eom>
<Bjyman> Hey Matt
<GK> stand alone ;)
* Matthew is now known as Guest7682098
<Kait> stand alone
<Sowden> stand alone for me
<Jim> Hi 7682098
<Ruben> stand alone, if affordable
<JLeMosy> Mr. Bookless has a follow-up:
<Crowley> Unfortunately, you don't always get what you want.
<GarySogar> stand alone
<JLeMosy> how much has the story changed from what you were planning to do before ms bought out access?
<AC> That's a good question...
* Guest7682098 is now known as why
* why has quit IRC (why)
<Jim> How come why?
<AC> ...As I've said before, we've put a tremendous amount of work into "The Trilogy"...
* MatthewBuckstein has joined #TexChat
<AC> ...We have also done work on another story line...
<AC> ...which Chris and I are growing increasingly giddy about...
<Sowden> hehehe
<Kait> giddy's good
<AC> ...and we have recently decided to carry the story forward in a slightly different direction,
picking up from the current end of the Tex Murphy Radio Theater...
<Jim> that's cool
<Sowden> Yes!
<AC> ...None of the original story will change, but there will be new and exciting elements introduced...
<JLeMosy> Ah, cool :)
<Sowden> awsome
<Snapytom> great news
<trago> sounds exciting
<AC> ...We will let you know when the story is ready to resume -- and it will be sooner rather than
later. <eom>
<GK> great!
<Snapytom> yippee
<Ruben> Even more elements! Must be a really complicated plot
* Frank has joined #TexChat
<AC> Indeed.
<Jim> hi Frank
<Frank> Hello
<AC> BTW, ROOK GARNER just stopped by and says: "What the HELL is going on in here?"
<Bjyman> LOL!
<trago> hang on... gotta get something to wipe up the drool...
<Jim> Sounds like Rook
<GK> hey rook!
<Ruben> lol
<Frank> lol
<Sowden> LOL!
<PenguinsXe> I can imagine that as giddy as you are with all these new devlopments... you're also very
frustrated you don't have the funds to make it all happen like in the past.
<GK> could you three guys get a camera and take a picture of this moment for james to post! :)
<AC> Rook: "Hey...back at you, you f****ers"~
* RyanPatton has joined #TexChat
<GK> :)
<Sowden> LOL!
<Jim> Now, Rook...
<Bjyman> Rook needs to get laid
<Ruben> Hi Rook, it´ a pleasure
<GK> someone call Louie!
<GarySogar> I can see his mutton chops now . . .
<JLeMosy> Wow, Rook...
<AC> Any questions for Rook?
<RyanPatton> Sorry got disconntected, who have i miss?
<Jim> I love his articulation and speaking ability
<Crowley> and fried brains
<Jim> for real
<GarySogar> ... and visor . . .
<Ruben> Look like Rook dhasn´ change too much
<RyanPatton> AC you have my previous interview with Rook, you still have it
<Snapytom> so glad to meet all of you..........first time chat for me
<RyanPatton> Hi Rook, thanks for joining in
<ChrisMarsland> Hey Doug
<GK> Rook, are you like Rook (in the game) what parts do you use in the game that are really you?
<ChrisMarsland> or should I say, Hello Bosworth Clark?
<AC> Well, Doug has played a wide variety of characters...
<Bjyman> Hey Rook is your voice the same in real life as it is in the game?
<AC> ...including Beek, Bosworth Clark, Sal Bando...
<GK> I loved Beek!
<Frank> Beek!
<GK> you could so tell it was rook
<GK> :)
<RyanPatton> Bosworth Clark died:( from hand of Big Jim Slade
<AC> ...he's also a very talented artist! <eom>
<Jim> no, from his gun
<RyanPatton> i know
<JLeMosy> Let's all say "Beek" shall we? :)
<Jim> j/k
<Bjyman> Yeah Beek and Sal need to come back
<Sowden> Beek
<GarySogar> "Beek!"
<GK> Beek
<AC> Don't encourage him.
<Kait> AND Big Jim Slade
<ChrisMarsland> I loved that scene though... How you just see Slade looking up at the camera smiling
pulling the chair along
<Sowden> lol
<Jim> Great scene
<Jim> Hi Chris
<Frank> yup yup
<AC> OK. Next...?
<ChrisMarsland> lo Jim, how are ya?
<JLeMosy> Okay, Gary Sogar asks:
<Jim> Not bad, old buddy
<JLeMosy> (and this one sounds a little philosophical to me)
<JLeMosy> What has caused the sudden, positive change in Tex's future?
* ChrisMarsland trys to flag James down! (take alook at the PM james!)
<AC> CJ SAYS: Well, there are signs that the Adventure Genre was only mostly dead, not all the way
<AC> ...and there are now opportunities and avenues that were not open to us over the past few years...
<Crowley> Syberia and Post Mortem, anyone?
<trago> go through his pockets and look for loose change!
<Jim> I just started playing Syberia
<JLeMosy> Well, now that you have the opportunity, have fun storming the castle. :)
<PenguinsXe> Syberia was an excellent game, in my opinion.
<AC>, we've been working on s**t we couldn't care less about for so long, we'll do damn near
anything to go back to doing what we're good at and what we love! <eom>
<ChrisMarsland> Alot of new adventure games are coming! Broken Sword 3, Full Throttle 2, Sam and Max
2, Longest Journey 2. I'd say things are looking pretty good at the moment for the adventure genre!
<Jim> Good for you guys
<Crowley> And the up-and-coming Sam & Max: Freelance Police
<GarySogar> Thanks
<GK> Project Jane Jensen
<AC> You're welcome, Gary.
<GK> Oh yeah!
<JLeMosy> Chris Marsland wants to know:
<Crowley> I'm rather skeptical about Full Throttle 2... It's released also for consoled, and the
official web site says it's an action-adventure
<Crowley> consoles
<PenguinsXe> the original was somewhat an action adventure though too.
<ChrisMarsland> thats right PenguinsXe, AND was still a great game.
<Bjyman> I hope Ben's new voice sounds a lot like the original
<AC> Rook hated Full Throttle.
<ChrisMarsland> Bjyman: It is!
<PenguinsXe> lol
<ChrisMarsland> haven't u heard the trailer?
<Jim> Rook hates everything except $$
<PenguinsXe> Rook has flaws.
<Frank> lol is there anything he liked anyways?
<Bjyman> nope not yet
<PenguinsXe> the new Voice for Ben is pretty close.
<PenguinsXe> nothing I'll have a problem getting used to.
<ChrisMarsland> I'm hoping for a Monkey Island 5 myself
<grendeljenn> jen smacking idle chatterers.... dudes quiet down, I'm trying to here AC
<Crowley> Sam and Max sound like they have the old voices.
<AC> Is Chris's question long?
<PenguinsXe> hehe, Monkey Island is a great series.
<Bjyman> Hey Rook I just robbed your Pawn Shop!
<Jim> yes dear
<Sowden> Yeah, I'm waiting for his question too
<JLeMosy> Last time you spoke to us, you told us the brand of trench coat Chris wears in the games, and
said you would get back to us on the brand of fedora, so if one of you could remember I'd be happy. :)
<PenguinsXe> I'm pissed at Sierra for killing off Liesure Suit Larry series. Al Lowe is ready to make
a new one too.
<Bjyman> Yeah Larry rules!
<PenguinsXe> Leisure Suit Larry was going to go full 3d too
<PenguinsXe> in LSL8
<AC> Trench coat is London Fog. Sorry, we forgot to check the Fedora brand. I'll try to remember to
look under the brim when I get home tonight. <eom>
<Jim> Ha Ha
<PenguinsXe> I wish I had Tex's Fedora just sitting around in my house. lol
<GK> yeah
<Ruben> CJ could take it off and look it
<ChrisMarsland> who wouldn't heh
<JLeMosy> Another clothing-related question from grendeljen:
<Ruben> :)
<JLeMosy> "and please take this in the fun spirit in which it is
<JLeMosy> meant.....
<JLeMosy> Boxers or briefs? 8)
<ChrisMarsland> WHAT!? CJ isn't wearing it!!!! <shocked!>
<Sowden> LOL!
<GarySogar> My guess: boxers.
<Frank> lol Jen
<Jim> boxers
<AC> Let's just say...boxer-esque. <eom>
<Snapytom> hehehe...........what a question...... or none of the above
<Sowden> lol
<grendeljenn> jen turns red
<GarySogar> Nice "brief" answer
<trago> hehe
<ChrisMarsland> lol
<GK> hehe
<PenguinsXe> my boxers wear briefs
<Crowley> Heretics! Long johns is the true path!
<Bjyman> Too bad Tex wears briefs
<GarySogar> I briefly wore boxers
<Jim> Someone should box you guys ears
<AC> Chris changes underwear, depending on the role.
<Jim> Is he a switch hitter?
<GarySogar> I change underwear, depending on the day.
<Sowden> Well, lets not get this personal here
<trago> ah. method actor, huh, cj?
<AC> And Tex doesn't wear UNDERWEAR, he wears UNDERPANTS!
<Sowden> LOL!
<Jim> Oh, cuse us
<GK> tight briefs if its a fight scene to show of his manly body
<RyanPatton> lol let put it on auction at EBAY lol
<Jim> LOL Ryan
<Crowley> Now this just crossed the line to disturbing.
<GK> hehe
<GarySogar> with or without treadmarks?
<GK> :O
<AC> Moving on...
<trago> o_O
<grendeljenn> HA, I'm dying here
<Snapytom> me too
<Jim> you started it
<JLeMosy> Ruben's got another one:
<JLeMosy> Is the new story going to have any guest star?
<Frank> yup shame on ye Jen ;)
<grendeljenn> i know, im' sorry....
<grendeljenn> ;)
<Sowden> oh, good question
<AC> First off, I love Reubens...especially if the corned beef is nice and rare...
<RyanPatton> lol
<Jim> I;m available
<Ruben> lol
<AC> for potential guest stars, it's a little early...
<AC> ...however, we're talking to Sandra Bullock and Freddie Prinze, Jr...
<Bjyman> Richard Norton!
<Jim> SB is HOT!!!
<GK> not to bad :)
<Sowden> No way!
<AC> ...but are still waiting for confirmation...
<Crowley> Ed Norton!
<AC> ...Right! I forgot Ed Norton!...
<AC> ...(from the Honeymooners)...
<Sowden> oh, Ed Norton
<Jim> LOL
<Frank> lol Norton is probably busy shooting 15 movies at once
<Crowley> I happened to read that Richard Norton is a close friend of Adrian Carr. 'that true?
<AC> ...actually, Richard Norton is a possibility...
<RyanPatton> AC, how about Jackie Chan
<ChrisMarsland> I've got a few guests I;d like to see in a Tex game, but with the C-budjet you guys will
have, none are probably accessible at the moment: Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer, 24), Dennis
Haysbert(President David Palmer, 24) and Eric Close (Now and Again, Without a Trace), :)
<PenguinsXe> the sarcasm is starting to make it hard to breathe in here.
<AC> ...please note that the sarcasm is indeed thick...
<Crowley> Go take a breather in the real world.
* TexMexSalsa has joined #TexChat
<AC> ...except for the part about Richard Norton...
<PenguinsXe> yeah, like I said...hard to breathe lol
<Jim> Welcome, Salsa
<PenguinsXe> Richard Norton is a great talent.
<AC> ...I can say that we'll definitely have some cameos from a few characters from the past games.
<Sowden> awsome
<GarySogar> can't wait
<JLeMosy> Susan Harris asks:
<GK> the guy who ran the golden gate and inspecter burns!
<RyanPatton> Richard Norton is great actor.
<JLeMosy> Is it possible to have my Tex Murphy books
<JLeMosy> autographed by Aaron Conners and Chris Jones?
<Ruben> Well that´ be more than enough
<TexMexSalsa> hey guys
<Sowden> Hey TexMex
<AC> It's possible. <eom>
<PenguinsXe> I'm curious if the new game is going to take place around Lombard St. still? I'm pretty
sure you guys said it was, but I want confirmation! :)
<Crowley> I think getting those autographs would probably require a trip to Salt Lake City...
<AC> Lombard St.?!
<ChrisMarsland> Lombard Street is fanmade
<ChrisMarsland> by me and Cubase
<PenguinsXe> errrr.
<PenguinsXe> jesus christ.
<Frank> lol
<PenguinsXe> I need a slappin'
<GK> chandler ave
<AC> Actually, I'm sure we could set up something with Mssr. LeMosy. <eom>
<Snapytom> that was my question
<PenguinsXe> yes, Chandler Ave.
<PenguinsXe> Lemme try this again
<TexMexSalsa> Can I ask questions or do I need to email 2 James?
<JLeMosy> Yes... it could be... arranged. (trying to sound intriguing and shifty)
<JLeMosy> Email 'em to me, Salsa :)
<AC> Yes. The story has some interaction in the local locale. <eom>
<GK> good
<Bjyman> Yeah send in your briefs to get them autographed
<PenguinsXe> I finally have AC talking to me directly, games I've been playing for 10 years, and I make
a boob of myself. haha
<GarySogar> Should we box the briefs?
<JLeMosy> Ryan Patton, comin' at ya':
<TexMexSalsa> Hi AC.
<JLeMosy> CJ/AC how did you guys get the surprising annoucement to us all that TM may come back to our
PC screen? Did someone higher up tell you about it or what?
<AC> Chris will only sign briefs with his "special symbol".
<Crowley> Skid marks?
<GarySogar> Because he's a private dick?
<Frank> I'd rather not know what that is....
<AC> Touche, Gary!
<JLeMosy> Wow, we're bringing out the blue material here tonight. :)
<Snapytom> if I can get the books autographed........ then I could put them up for auction and donate
the proceeds to help make the game
<AC> OK! Back to business!...
<ChrisMarsland> Yous have to add a joke about briefs for us, somewhere in the new project! :)
<Bjyman> LOL!
<JLeMosy> AC & CJ - You catch Ryan's question?
<AC> Well, of course we will, Chris... But seriously, back to the topic...
<ChrisMarsland> yup
<AC> ...the new Tex project has not been christened by "higher-ups"...
<AC> ...this is purely a labor of love by Chris, me, Doug, and hopefully a few others to get back to
what we really want to do...
<AC> ...we will need financial assistance from another source in order to fulfill our vision, but we
feel the opportunity is there. <eom>
<GarySogar> Better to ask forgiveness rather than permission?
<AC> That's one way to look at it.
<Crowley> Arrogantly bypassing James: who are your and Chris' favourite comedians? (I'm guessing Peter
Sellers is one)
<PenguinsXe> if only a millionaire was a Tex Murphy fan. You'd have that money Aaron.
<PenguinsXe> or perhaps Billionaire.
<JLeMosy> Todd Athorp asks:
<Frank> start drinking pepsi then
<JLeMosy> A message board post mentioned the possibility of a 'prequel' novel. Without giving too much
away, could you please elaborate? Is this for setting up the new game, pre-TPD, pre-UAKM?
<PenguinsXe> or perhaps, Bill Gates :)
<TexMexSalsa> Neat.
<AC> CJ and I talking about story development, not just for the current story but for past and present
issues. As soon as we make a firm decision, I will post a message, I promise. <eom>
<AC> Sorry about the occasional skipped word. Can't talk. Typing.
* Cinder has joined #TexChat
<RyanPatton> james i gave you more questions but i dunno if it send alright?
<JLeMosy> Crowley's got another one:
<AC> James: Chris wants to answer the comedians question...
<JLeMosy> Go for it!
<AC> ...Chris really likes Owen Wilson, Bill Murray, MST guys, and William Powell...
<Frank> whooo Bill Murray!
<RyanPatton> i'm fan of them as well. They are funny.
<JLeMosy> Chris likes MST!!
<Crowley> MST?
<PenguinsXe> Bill Murray is one my favs too
<AC> ...Doug likes Chaplin (Charlie, not Oona), Shemp Howard...
<JLeMosy> Well, *my* life's now complete... :)
<Crowley> No Monty Python or Marx brothers?
<RyanPatton> how about Chris Rock, and all the cast on Saturday Night Live?
* FredBuer has joined #TexChat
<AC> ...Aaron likes Larry Miller, Dennis Miller, Ann Miller, and Miller Genuine Draft. <eom>
<Sowden> Lewis Black
<PenguinsXe> Chris and I both like the same comedians, and our birthdays are 1 day apart. I rule.
* Cinder has left #TexChat
<FredBuer> Hi everybody. Did I miss much?
<PenguinsXe> Lewis Black is hillarious.
<Crowley> *grumble* still no Monty Python or Marx brothers *grumble*
<GarySogar> I'm old. I remember when the Bengals were good and Saturday Night Live was funny.
<Sowden> I know, Lewis Black rules
<JLeMosy> Miller Genuine Draft is hilarious as well.
<AC> Well, of course, we love Monty Python and the Marx Brothers...we just that would go without
saying, which is why we didn't... <eom>
<JLeMosy> Or.. at least... things *seem* hilarious after having a few...
<RyanPatton> lol
<AC> Doug wants to know if anyone out there has big t*ts.
<grendeljenn> 36 c out here
<PenguinsXe> I don't drink. Beer is icky
<JLeMosy> Big tots?
<Sowden> LOL Doug!
<GarySogar> Big tights?
<Crowley> Big tats. Short for tattoos.
<JLeMosy> Not today, but I usually get the big tots when I go to Sonic.
<trago> tell doug i have small hairy t*ts
<AC> Mmmmm...tater tots...
<Snapytom> I do
<PenguinsXe> I'm going to have the Tex holding a gun picture tattooed on me. Does that count?
<GarySogar> Only if it's on your t*t.
<AC> Trago, Doug wants your email address...
<ChrisMarsland> lol
<FredBuer> hahaha
<Frank> lol
<Sowden> LMAO!
<PenguinsXe> haha... no no. It's going to be on my right forearm actually.
<RyanPatton> lol
<Crowley> What does MST stand for?
<trago> hmmm.... i'll contact him through james ;)
<Sowden> LOL!
<GarySogar> Must Save Tex
<JLeMosy> Mystery Science Theater 3000
<RyanPatton> good movie
<AC> OK, James. Let's have another LEGITIMATE question.
<GarySogar> Better tv show
<RyanPatton> How about Twilight Zone
<PenguinsXe> I get tattoos of things that impact me in a positive way. Therefore I decided early this
year that I'm going to have a Tex related Tattoo on my right forearm.
<JLeMosy> Yes! Back to Crowley:
<JLeMosy> A message board post mentioned the possibility of a 'prequel' novel. Without giving too much
away, could you please elaborate? Is this for setting up the new game, pre-TPD, pre-UAKM?
<GarySogar> deja vu
<Frank> you should check the net for then...
<Sowden> yes, the question
<JLeMosy> whoops.... wrong one....
<Crowley> Hey, you already asked that!
<ChrisMarsland> o_0
<ChrisMarsland> I'm having some sort of deja-vu
<JLeMosy> Sorry! *runs to the corner*
<ChrisMarsland> or something...
<FredBuer> What was that you were saying about having a few James? :)
<Sowden> glitch in the Matrix
<JLeMosy> Here we go:
<JLeMosy> In the last three Tex Murphy games the death scenes have been rather
<JLeMosy> non-explicit, downright boring, unlike for example Amazon and Martian
<JLeMosy> Memorandum. What is the reason for not showing or describing the dozens of
<JLeMosy> ways for Tex to die?
<GarySogar> Morbid!
<ChrisMarsland> I like the death scenes
<Frank> someone likes gore.....or miss the 80s
<GarySogar> they're to die for
<ChrisMarsland> Tex on the grave is the best in Pandora!
<AC> CHRIS SAYS: You're dealing with ESRB ratings - push it too hard and you'll get a Mature rating,
and we didn't think it was enough of a justification...
<Kait> agree
<TexMexSalsa> The Big PI in the sky doesn't think its appropriate.
<Sowden> I loved the way The Cornal was implyed in the book
<GarySogar> Good point, AC
<Ruben> Big Pi in the Sky!!!
<AC> ...don't get us wrong, though, we love the gross death scenes. <eom>
<Bjyman> I liked the PI in the Sky scenes
<Crowley> My favourite is the guy in MM you have to follow. "...decides to beat you within an inch of
your life. Unfortunately, he misjudges the distance."
<ChrisMarsland> lol
<Bjyman> But graphic scenes are good too
<RyanPatton> AC, is The Big PI in the Sky return with the same voice from UKM?
<RyanPatton> lol
<ChrisMarsland> James Earl Jones
<TexMexSalsa> James Earl Jones = $$$
<trago> james earl jones on a c budget?
<ChrisMarsland> he is returning for Darth Vader! or so I hear!
<AC> Yes, TexMex Salsa knows math.
<Crowley> AC laughed for my message! Oh happy days and jubilation!
<trago> maybe he could do it for nostalgia's sake?
<GarySogar> James Earl Jones on a budget = Chris ROck
<JLeMosy> This one falls under the "E True Hollywood Story" category - from Ruben:
<Bjyman> Someone needs to talk to his son again
<Frank> yes, but then again he's doing some collect call publicity, so perhaps he needs money!
<JLeMosy> Did you two ever argue about the story, gameplay or anything?
<TexMexSalsa> AC talked to me! Swoon...
<AC> Constantly...
* FredBuer has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* FredBuer2 has joined #TexChat
<FredBuer2> Dang modem...
<GarySogar> Who usually wins the arguements?
* ChrisMarsland pats his ADSL modem
<JLeMosy> Are you arguing about it *right now*? :)
<Crowley> Only one of my questions has been left unanswered...
<Sowden> *Sowden relaxes with his DLS Router*
<AC> ...actually, we find that an open exchange of whoopin' and a-hollerin' creates a vibrant, creative
<ChrisMarsland> arguing about who answers it
<AC> ...I would say that we each concede about the same amount and are usually able to find a workable
<AC>'s a great working relationship. <eom>
<GarySogar> How about an example?
<RyanPatton> CJ, why are you listed on Yahoo phone-book? We got your number and address:) unceartain
<AC> Nice comment, James...
<AC> ...I was too busy typing to notice, but we just saw it and LOAO!
<JLeMosy> heh heh :)
<RyanPatton> :)
<AC> I can't believe a name as unusual as Chris Jones would found in any public source...
<Frank> lol
<FredBuer2> lol
<RyanPatton> lol
<AC> James, next up? Got something for Rook? He's starting to nod off...
<Crowley> Seems like a rather ordinary name... wait, that was sarcasm, right?
<Frank> whoo, Moonraker's showing
<Sowden> lol

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