Chat With Aaron Conners (UTM) (April 2003) (part 2)
April 19, 2003

<ChrisMarsland> hey Aaron, sorry I could not get here sooner
<AC> Hello, Chris!
<RyanPatton> Hi Chris
<RyanPatton> never thought you make it
<AC> Chris: Here's a quick summary of the chat:
<MiF> I think that the "best" way to keep Tex "alive" is that you AC and CJ talk to us more on the fan sites...
<ChrisMarsland> Didn't think I wuold... just finished my shift at worked and raced over here
<JLeMosy> Glad you could make it, Chris.
<AC> We discussed the new game, there was a strange (and thankfully brief) cameo, the Swedes got drunk, we all talked about time zones, and then you got here.
<ChrisMarsland> We should hold a chat session like this often... Seems very cosy in here
<RyanPatton> Glad to see you here, Chris. lol AC:)
<Frank> That sums about it lol
<MiF> ...with "talk" i dont mean chat..., just show yourself more on the discussionborards.....???
<ChrisMarsland> Aaron: Thanks for filling me in. I had sent in some questions, but it seems that they did not get through to James like I hoped.
<AC> FYI, I make a point of checking the UTM board regularly. I wish I had more control over Tex's destiny, but you should all rest assured that it is as important to me and Chris as it is to any of you...
<JLeMosy> Sorry about that, Chris... Not sure what the deal is there.
<AC> ...Chris and I were chatting just the other day about how many great stories we're dying to tell, if only we had the forum to do so. <eom>
<Radagast> Since I asked the time earlier, I'm in for a more difficult question this time. How old are You all?
<Bjyman> 20
<ChrisMarsland> Im 18
<Daltone_uk> 16
<AC> I'm the age Tex was when this all started.
<TAthorp> 30
<Ruben> 21
<Frank> 20
<MiF> 37
<Gittis_Poland> 17
<ProfPlum> 21
<Shayreen> 30
<Radagast> And I'm 35
<JLeMosy> 22
<Nikolai> 37
<RyanPatton> 21
<ChrisMarsland> Can I ask one of my questions in here now, if there is still time?
<Mellofone> 27
<Radagast> Good range
<grendeljen> 32
<daveman> 43
<Cristobal> 27
<JLeMosy> Go for it Chris!
<Nikolai> plus 5
<Gittis_Poland> lol
<AC> Wait, Chris! How tall is everyone?!
<MiF> Where is Jim the old guy??
<Frank> lol
<Gittis_Poland> hehehehe
<SamSpade> i'm 23
<Bjyman> 5'10"
<Radagast> In swedish?
<ProfPlum> 6'4
<Nikolai> I don't know I haven't gotten out of bed for years
<Daltone_uk> lol "Do not adjust your television set..."
<AC> Sam, you're just a little guy.
<Daltone_uk> 5'5
<daveman> 6'1"
<Radagast> 1,87
<JLeMosy> 6 ft.
<Cristobal> 6'10"
<Gittis_Poland> 1,89
<Ruben> 182 cm :)
<Frank> 5'11
<ChrisMarsland> I was just wondering what were the actural brands of the trenchcoat and other clothes Chris Jones wears as Tex. Strange question but we need to know so we can have our daily Tex dreessups! lol (Strange question I know)
<Mellofone> 6'4"
<SamSpade> 180 cm
<grendeljen> 5'4
<Shayreen> 1,82m should be 6 feet i think
<Frank> oh the hat I've been dying to know...
<RyanPatton> I'm 7'5 "
<ChrisMarsland> same
<grendeljen> holy moly that tall
<ChrisMarsland> :)
<Shayreen> lol
<Gittis_Poland> Hey doeas anyone see my messages ( cause internet works really bad in Poland :P )
<Gittis_Poland> ?
<AC> Chris: I believe Chris wears London Fog. I'll have to check the hat (I've got it at home), but I can tell you it came from Angler's Inn (a fishing supply store in SLC). <eom>
<RyanPatton> lol am about 5'11"
<Daltone_uk> 7 foor 5?! Dont you get altitude sickness?
<JLeMosy> Well, I've got the coat right at least. :)
<RyanPatton> are you wearing coat?
<Frank> London Fog's a good choice for the coat...
<AC> Gittis -- or should I call you JAKE -- your messages seem to be coming through loud and clear.
<JLeMosy> Not right now, but It's hanging up in my room. :)
<Radagast> Why are'nt there anyone from Poland nowadays?
<grendeljen> Got my Tex shirt on in celebration
<RyanPatton> JIM123? Are you JTOG?
<jim123> no
<MiF> Anyone knows were Jim the old guy is.....
<RyanPatton> Oh, O.K.
<Nikolai> I'm Polish
<TAthorp> I'm still wondering if we'll ever see tex on the big screen?
<jim123> i'm english
<ChrisMarsland> Aaron: You should try and get Tex added to Amped 2 as an unlockable secret character! Just came to me!
<Daltone_uk> lol I still think JTOG is AC in disguise.....
<AC> Jim 123, good to have you here.
<JLeMosy> Alright, another question from Jack Apfelgebaeck:
<Nikolai> Not really, but I'm polishing my shoes
<JLeMosy> I know that the most adventures still have to take place (chronologically)
<JLeMosy> but does Tex already have some plans for his retirement?
<AC> Well, as we all know, Tex is real lone wolf...a wandering shadow always living on the edge...
<Radagast> lol
<AC>'s hard to think about retirement when the word comes with a bullet to the temple in his line of work...
<Radagast> Poe?
<AC> ...401k is better used for 100 proof...
<RyanPatton> AC is Mike Hammer is like Tex Murphy when you compare them together?
<AC> ...In short, no, I don't think Tex has done a lot of retirement planning (unlike the Colonel). <eom>
<Radagast> Japp?
<AC> Mike Hammer?...
<JLeMosy> As a follow-up, here's a question from Ruben:
<jim123> AC - if you do get to make the next 3 games, would you continue after that, or leave it at that for the series?
<JLeMosy> How would a serious relation with Chelsee affect our solitarie PI?
<AC> ...I don't think Tex is like any other PI, but he'd like to think he is. <eom>
<RyanPatton> I think Mike Hammer is written by Spade
<AC> Ruben first:
<RyanPatton> the 80s mystery novels
<AC> I think it would fun to explore a relationship with Chelsee, but I don't think marriage is in the cards...
<Kait> whew
<AC> ...Tex is the kind of guy who actually enjoys carrying a flame until it singes his knuckle hair...
<AC> ...As long as Tex is in action, I think Chelsee will always be around, sometimes heavily involved, other times only on the fringes. <eom>
<JLeMosy> From ProfPlum:
<JLeMosy> In regard of writing for a branching path story architecture, what are some of the continuity difficulties, if any, that you encountered
<JLeMosy> when developing Pandora? Are there any major changes to how the branching would be handled if the full game trilogy were
<JLeMosy> completed?
<AC> Jim 123: I would love to keep doing Tex until he's ready to retire. At the very least, I think the Trilogy would be a great way to send him off to some tropical island. <eom>
<AC> Here's the difference between Pandora story branches and the Trilogy branches:...
<AC> Pandora was based on the molding the moral character of the player/Tex...
<AC> ...we wanted to offer the true hard-boiled, film noir experience without having to fundamentally change Tex...
<AC> branching, we not only extended gameplay and gave a new perspective to "interactive"...
<AC> ...we also entertained ourselves by showing Tex as a softie and a bastard (as well as the guy we know and love)...
<SamSpade> Olivie Stone's "JFK" is there anyone who like thet movie or book?
<AC> ...For the Trilogy, I've created a design that is more physically-oriented -- in other words, the player must decide which actions to take, where to go, who to see, etc....
<SamSpade> book by Jim Garrison
<SamSpade> focourse
<AC> ...there was also be an element of teamwork -- who do you choose to align with and how long will you stick with them...
<AC> ...there will still be moral choices, but that won't be the primary focus....
<Frank> sort of like the RPG choices?
<anthony> hay, does anyone else have Mike on their MSN's? looks like he didn't like to be kicked....
<AC> ...and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, the Trilogy will HAVE TO BE replayed -- at least in part -- in order to put the pieces together and completely solve the multi-layered mysteries. <eom>
<Bjyman> Yeah I have him on
<anthony> since he is writing the most foul things to me as we speak...
<ProfPlum> Cool idea. Thanks, Aaron.
<Ruben> Interesting...
<Daltone_uk> What user interface would the new trilogy use?
<JLeMosy> Here's Sowden:
<JLeMosy> I would like to know your view on the Tex community as it is now. Is it as good as its ever been? Has it lost some enthusiasm? Or lost some people? I would like to know what you think of us, since we spend all our time talking about you. I would also like to ask for a unofficial statement of how Microsoft is treating you there under their wing.
<RyanPatton> nice idea Aaron
<ChrisMarsland> Sounds very cool Aaron.... You've just added even more reasons for me to want the trilogy even more...
<AC> I'll get back to Daltone after this...
<AC> Sowden: I really appreciate the Tex community...
<AC> ...without it, we wouldn't even be considering bringing Tex back...
<AC> ...frankly, we'd just come up with new characters, settings, etc. and start over -- believe me, it would be much simpler...
<Radagast> Yes
<AC> ...As for the folks in the community, some have come and gone, but most of the core people have been here from the beginning. James, especially, has been a huge, reliable, and high-quality supporter. I don't want to dismiss others' contributions, though. Matt (bored?!), Chris, Ryan, JTOG, Mark, etc. have all been great.
<AC> ...and it's always nice when people show up or post for the first time. I really enjoy the sense of camraderie.
<RyanPatton> thanks AC. You made me cya)
<anthony> just one qiestionthough...why doesn't Chris jones ever do Q&A sessions? would be fun
<RyanPatton> It feels "touched" to hear your words AC
<ChrisMarsland> Matt was only doing a late April Fool's Joke about being bored... not sure if u saw that later reply.
<Frank> Mark has been missing for a while, unfortunately
<Bjyman> On I completly missed that
<AC> Chris Jones actually stopped by last Saturday (because I'd mentioned doing the chat), but he wasn't able to make it today. He's not much of a self-promoter...
<ChrisMarsland> Tell him we'd love to hear from him one day!
<TAthorp> even just for a few ?s
<Nikolai> Anyone ever stop him on the street and say, Hey you're Tex Murphy?
<Frank> isn't he just a slow typer? ;)
<Radagast> How tall is he?????
<JLeMosy> Yeah, I neglected to mention the fact that Chris was around last week... lest the throngs storm my house with torches and frankenstein rakes for not having the chat ready. :)
<AC> Let me add a comment about MICROSOFT --
<Radagast> lol
<anthony> hw the plans going for making a Tex feature film? have they all been shelved for good?
<Kait> My daughter couldn't believe he hadn't had years of acting lessons.
<AC> Whoa, let's slow down until I get caught up!
<MiF> How many beers AC??
<AC> First of all, I really like working for MS -- it's a good company full of sharp people. Their Games Division has some problems which will eventually sort themselves out...
<AC> the meantime, we're doing what we can to help make good games.
<Bjyman> Well guys it's been lots of fun but I'm gonna go. Later
<RyanPatton> James, I send you few questions.
<Daltone_uk> TTFN bjyman
<AC> Now, as for Chris, I promise we'll have another chat in the next month or so and Chris will sit in. Yes, he is a slow (and terrible) typist, but that's one reason he likes working with me (I type fast)....
<Frank> c ya Blair
<RyanPatton> later blair
<Ruben> Great news!!!
<RyanPatton> sounds good
<ChrisMarsland> nice
<Daltone_uk> yepyep
<MiF> Yo!!!
<AC> Chris has been recognized quite often (and probably more often than he'll ever admit -- hell, he's 6'7" -- he already stands out!).
<Daltone_uk> lol
<Frank> heh
<Radagast> he he
<MiF> :-)
<RyanPatton> hehe lol
<anthony> So AC, what about the film plans?
<Cristobal> That's short
<JLeMosy> Question from Ryan:
<AC> The Tex movie is still in limbo. I've had a number of producers say they love the script, but no offers yet.
<JLeMosy> Aaron, I notices in Pandora there was a boy and girl scaring at Tex as it shape of Texas after lighting strike. I think Tex brother/sister will be involved or not in story?
<AC> Ryan: One of our story ideas (currently on the shelf) is for Tex to return home for a family reunion, and then some sort of compelling mystery ensues...
<Radagast> Whatabout Kevin McCarthy. Is he alive?
<anthony> so is John Cusack still your favourite canditate as Tex? do you think he'd do it?
<Nikolai> Like The Thin Man Goes Home movie
<AC> ...when we first came up with the idea, we'd gotten verbal agreements from the two actors we wanted to play Tex's parents: June Lockhart (from Lassie) and Leslie Nielsen!
<TAthorp> noooooooo!
<Daltone_uk> !!!!!
<ChrisMarsland> I reckon you shuold get Keither Sutherland to play Tex in a movie.... --- he is great in 24... what do u think?
<Kait> Oh cool
<Frank> Leslie would be awesome as his father....
<Kait> Only chris could play Tex
<AC> Kevin McCarthy is still alive and well, though slowing down. He's in to his 90s now.
<MiF> No he's a "softie"
<MiF> Keither that is
<AC> I've always loved John Cusack, but there are a lot of people who'd do a great job as Tex.
<JLeMosy> I've always thought that Noah Wylie, from "ER" would be good as Tex.
<Daltone_uk> Craig Bierko (13th floor) should be tex if CJ can't....
<Radagast> Good to here...
<Kait> The games would sell better if Chris played Tex in the movie
<anthony> Really? so do you have any other good canditates for the job?
<AC> Keifer Sutherland might be good, but I agree that Chris Jones is the only true Tex -- I guess it would be like James Bond -- Sean Connery IS Bond, though the others have done a good job, too.
<MiF> Why can't CJ do it.....?
<Radagast> hear
<AC> Noah Wylie's an interesting choice...
<RyanPatton> I have feeling in my guts that Chris will somehow agree that he'd only do Tex Murphy movies but no others movies if he was ask or offer.
<AC> How about Will Smith?
<JLeMosy> Bingo. There we go. :)
<MiF> WILL SMITH???????????????++
<grendeljen> remember my big fat greek wedding, she wrote it and starred in it
<Daltone_uk> lol
<grendeljen> huge hit
<Kait> Any way to resurrect Henry Darrow in a role?
<RyanPatton> Will Smith:) lol
<ChrisMarsland> Jerry Seinfeld
<MiF> :-)
<RyanPatton> How about Brue Willis
<AC> Adrian Carr votes for Bruce Willis.
<MiF> David Letterman
<anthony> i just have to ask you about this jay richards (Mick e flemm) deal...why does list him as dead? can't that be rectified?
<Aerto> My choice is sort of out of left field...Chow Yun-Fat. Nobody is cooler or more charismatic
<Frank> You mentionned a sibling to Tex that is now a pirate. If I may, I'd suggest Paul Gross for that part. He's been acting a few times with Leslie, and his an awesome and hilarious dude. You may know him from Due South...
<ChrisMarsland> Aklthough another good choice for me after Keither would be Eric Close... Not sure if many of you know of him... He played Michael Wiseman in Now and Again
<JLeMosy> Okay, getting back on track, here's another ? from
<MiF> Just Joking
<AC> I'm not sure about Jay Richards, but I happen to know that Mick Flemm is alive and well.
<AC> We were actually planning on having Chris play Tex AND his twin brother, the pirate.
<Daltone_uk> lol cool :D
<Daltone_uk> does he get paid double too?
<Mellofone> heh
<ChrisMarsland> heh
<AC> Yes. 2 x 0.
<RyanPatton> hehe
<Frank> lol
<Daltone_uk> lol
<RyanPatton> I hope Chris gets 15 millions then he can use it to restore Tex Murphy back alive:) That'd work:)
<AC> Go ahead, James.
<MiF> "Talking private to you..." ....Do you live in London?
<JLeMosy> How did you manage to get 'big name' stars like Micheal York into the
<JLeMosy> games?
<AC> Edward: It's all about who you know. Catrine MacGregor was our casting agent and she knew lots of people who knew lots of people...
<anthony> how much money is MS willing to consider for a new tex game? as in, what do they usually spend on each game?
<Nikolai> AC has the last copy of Logan's Run and threatened to go public with it
<AC> ...she would come to us with a list of actors who were available within our price range, and then we'd prioritize the list. Believe it or not, we had a chance at Sela Ward, but at the time I was the only person who knew who she was. Her part ending up going to...Tanya Roberts! <eom>
<RyanPatton> Tany Roberts:)
<ChrisMarsland> Speaking of big names actors... I have come up with an idea of how you can include Richard Norton in one of the next games.... Don't need to listen if u want: But its mentioned Tex will go back in time... so why cant he accidentkly meet up with his Slade's grandfather or father! lol
<AC> MS spends an average of 8-10 million per game.
<Daltone_uk> 8-10 MILLION :-O
<jim123> if your able to tell us, what was the budget for the tex games? what was the approx split/cost between development and actors?
<TAthorp> what kind of budget for the online game?
<AC> If we do another FMV game, believe me, Richard Norton will be back in one way or another! I loved working with him.
<anthony> ok, and what would be the buget of this new Tex project?
<AC> OK, all $ question answers:
<ChrisMarsland> thats cool to hear Aaron!
<AC> Yes, 8-10 mill.
<RyanPatton> AC how about bringing in Chuck Norris?
<Daltone_uk> lol
<AC> UKM cost about 4 million (I think).
<AC> PD cost about the same.
<AC> TMO cost a bit less (much shorter development cycle).
<SamSpade> what generated mosts costs?
<ChrisMarsland> MEan Streets $10 :)
<TAthorp> salaries
<anthony> but if ms spends 8 mil per game,and a tex game generally costs half of that to make, what is the problem?
<AC> For the new project, we're shooting for a budget of $500,000 to 1,000,000 (I told you it would be scaled back!).
<SamSpade> development, artists, ...
<AC> Employee salaries is by far the most expensive item...
<AC> Paying for the actors and shooting process is not a huge percentage, maybe 15% of the total...
<AC> ...the rest is in marketing and advertising. <eom>
<ProfPlum> Was Access able to keep some of the major costs down by designing the engine at the same time as Links?
<JLeMosy> Here's a couple more short ones from Ryan:
<JLeMosy> Aaron, In Pandora, whatever happen to Ardo now since Hotel is close?
<JLeMosy> How do you work with your brother in Tex Murphy series? How he involved?
<ProfPlum> Since they both featured FMV until Links 2003.
<SamSpade> could sand to JLeMosy budgeto of UaKM?
<AC> Honestly, Links and Tex had almost nothing to do with each other. <eom>
<MiF> A question here...: Has everyone here on the chat played both UAKM and PD.., and do you OWN both games??
<SamSpade> colud you ....
<anthony> correct me if i'm wrong, but i heard some romours some time ago that you might be in the process of aqucuiring back the rights to your novls?
<AC> The only advantage to doing Links AND Tex is that we could use the same equipment, studio, etc.
<ChrisMarsland> Does yourself or Chris ever play a golf character in Links or lend your voice for a character?
<AC> My brother and I are very close. He's a contractor in Mapleton, UT. I wanted him to be in the game because I've hosted interactive murder mysteries and he was always one of the star performers. He doesn't do anything else for the games and he's never worked for Access/MS.
<anthony> if o, do you thinknits possible to release any of the novels, or distribute them in an online store as PDF files?
<AC> Anthony: Check the chat log -- we discussed that earlier.
<MiF> A question here...: Has everyone here on the chat played both UAKM and PD.., and do you OWN both games??
<anthony> ok, sorry...i joined in late :)
<JLeMosy> Another from Valynis:
<JLeMosy> There must have been a few "war stories" connected with the making of Tex
<JLeMosy> Murphy games. Could you tell us one or two?
<AC> Chris: CJ and I made a cameo in of the Links games years ago. In Links 2001, you can choose my face to appear in the display box when you're golfing -- I don't know why. It's really weird and I didn't know I was in there until I played the game after it shipped! <eom>
<anthony> how as MS responded to the overwhelming support Tex has received by all his fans?
<AC> War Stories?...
<anthony> *has
<AC> The shooting of the FMV was always a huge undertaking and I could probably write an entire book about what it was like...
<jim123> i have both a US and UK version of UAKM, at the beginning the US version has a piece of video that appears to with a war, but not on the UK version - what was the reason for this?
<AC> ...Valynis: I'll have to give it some thought and get back to you.
<jim123> it was just before the "no pestilence has ever been so fatal or so hideous" bit
<MiF> Censorship
<AC> Jim 123: The intro had to be changed or Germany wouldn't sell it...
<AC> the time, the German market was the largest in Europe...
<jim123> oh so it was a european change then
<anthony> are you surprised to see how well your future predictions from PD turned out to be? I mean with the grahan act and all now virtually being a fact and all, as well as US incursions in the middle east?
<AC> we made the change and it applied to all European markets...
<Nikolai> Swastikas are illegal in Germany; in trying to avoid symbols of fascism they indulge in the substance of it, censorship
<AC> I don't know about my "predictions" in PD -- it's hard to say what's really going on...but like Tex says, most of the real info didn't come out for decades. Check back with me in a few years ;-)
<Ruben> What is the american scene
<Shayreen> hmm... have to get an uncensored Us-version then
<Ruben> ?
<jim123> if you get to make the final game of the 3, chris by then would be 55+ ish, so would you make him as an aged tex, or use make up to make him look 30-40 like in the previous ones?
<RyanPatton> Sorry about earlier, I mean Mike Hammer written by Mickey Spillane
<AC> Ruben: It's nothing big -- just makes obvious that the Artifact was discovered in the ruins of an old Nazi castle. <eom>
<anthony> just often do you check the tex board? and do you write under another naem or do you only use "Aaron Conners"?
<AC> Jim 123: The way Chris is going, he could pull off being in his 40s until he's 60. It's really quite amazing...and somewhat disturbing. <eom>
<JLeMosy> He's made some sort of secret deal with Dick Clark, then, is what you're saying?
<ChrisMarsland> plus you made tex looks younger in Overseer for the young Tex scenes
<AC> When I write on UTM, it's always under my name. I try to check in at least once a week. If work is really slow, I'll stop by and see what's up. <eom>
<anthony> btw, do any of the other "crew members" such as chris jones, doug vandergrift or adrian carr etc ever use the any of the Tex boards?
<jim123> would the next proper tex games be split up into days like in UAKM and pandora?
<AC> Yes. Chris has Dickitis.
<AC> I know Adrian checks in at UTM quite often. I'm not sure about Doug or the others.
<anthony> really? does adrian have a handle or is it secret?
<AC> The next full-on Tex game (if there is one) would be divided up some fashion. I think it's important for pacing and letting players know that they've reached milestones in the story.
<ChrisMarsland> i think he calls himself Dalton
<AC> Adrian does go by Dalton, but I think he rarely if ever posts. He's quite a voyeur.
<AC> OK, James. I think I can do 2 or 3 more questions and then I have to get going.
<Daltone_uk> Ah, so that would explain why I couldn't get that handle lol
<RyanPatton> AC, MS hasn't change the official TM website. Are you guys going to revamped it?
<JLeMosy> Okay, here's another from Val:
<JLeMosy> Did any one of the actors involved in the filming of the games added so
<JLeMosy> much in his (or her) interpretation that it changed his (or her) character
<JLeMosy> substantially?
<MiF> Now I have to go...bye.., se you all later...
<anthony> is UTM really the last bastion of any future Tex hope? I mean, would Tex have been cancelled for sure if it hadn't been for all the support given by all Tex fans out there?
<AC> Good question, Val. As I said earlier, Kevin McCarthy really made Gordon Fitzpatrick his own character...
<jim123> would the last of the 3 proper tex games be that last in the series?
<Radagast> On miieeyy eijghtff wone ,b y now
<AC> ...Henry Darrow also did the same with Sonny Fletcher, adding the whole "Caballero" element, which wasn't written into the character initially...
<ChrisMarsland> Aaron: You will be happy to know Oracle is moving along slowly but very nicely... I'll send you an updated version of the 3d model i sent you and Chris afew weeks ago, and yous can let me know what u think. unfornately ive change the story alot so techinially its not a proper upgrade to Martian Memorandum like we planned... I'll keep u posted, as I need your help in the next few months, after yous have finished with your own
<AC> ...of all the characters, I think Michael York had the toughest job, since his character had to be so incredibly two-sided. <eom>
<anthony> When ae you coming back again? your family isn't too upset that you chose to spend easter with us rather than with them? perhaps we can make this a more regular occurance? (fingers crossed)
<JLeMosy> Question from Chris Marsland:
<JLeMosy> Do you have any unused scenes from Pandora/Overseer that you could perhaps make avaliable to download on the net?
<SamSpade> Aaron did you thought about useing 3D scaners?
<RyanPatton> nm on TM official website AC
<SamSpade> to make characters faces mor realistic?
<AC> Chris: I know we have some extra footage, but I doubt it will ever show up, since it was removed for good reason! <eom>
<Daltone_uk> lol
<Mellofone> heh
<anthony> so aaron will be back soon I hope? please pretty please?
<TAthorp> I need to run...Thank you for your time Aaron! We want to keep TM alive and kicking! Let us know how can we help? Stories, puzzles, sales, research etc.? Your vast, unpaid, research department is at your disposal! Heck, if we get bored we start creating our own TM games! Thanks again!
<AC> I promise that Chris and I will chat with you again within the next month or so. James will let you know when, so keep checking the UTM site! <eom>
<Gittis_Poland> Aaron ,thank you
<JLeMosy> And, with that being said, I think now would be a good time to bring this chat to a close.
<anthony> good...hope the family isn't too upset with you chosing to be with us for easter :)
<grendeljen> I hate to jump in but of the 4 copies of Overseer soundtrack James put on sale to raise money for the site has got zippo support. GO bid and support the site!
<RyanPatton> I agree with you TAthorp. I hold your words always AC:) Take care AC
<anthony> thank you aaron
<AC> James: Do you want to tell them about the new item for auction?
<SamSpade> Thank you Aaron
<grendeljen> ???
<JLeMosy> Ah! Yes!!
<Daltone_uk> ?!
<JLeMosy> Thanks for reminding me.
<Ruben> New item!!
<RyanPatton> you mean novels James?
<Frank> please, do tell
<RyanPatton> OOPS
<JLeMosy> Aaron has been gracious enough to dig up an original poster for UAKM.
<AC> Full size!
<smk9259> oh my god a poster!?!
<ChrisMarsland> Ill going to win it!!!!
<ChrisMarsland> :)
<Frank> oh my hell
<RyanPatton> sounds cool. How about Pandora poster AC?
<Daltone_uk> !!
<Ruben> It will be mine :)
<Kait> <swoon>
<JLeMosy> And signed, if I'm not mistaken!

<grendeljen> woo hoo it's not listed yet!!!
<ChrisMarsland> !!!!!
<grendeljen> Using a buy it now pirce?
<Daltone_uk> !!!!!!!!!
<anthony> hey frank! do you have mike onlne? he says he's chatting to you as well
<ChrisMarsland> difinaltely will be mine :)
<RyanPatton> !!!! I putting 50 grand to win
<smk9259> if it's signed, I'll have to break open my piggy bank
<Daltone_uk> lol
<Frank> yeah, he's pestoring the heck out of me to get back in...
<AC> Yes, it will be signed by me, Chris, Kevin Jones, Steve Barnes, Doug, Jon, etc. -- and (I hope!) Suzanne Barnes (Chelsee)!
<Ruben> Incredible! will be a hard bid
<ChrisMarsland> When will this item be up for auction?
<smk9259> Wow! I'm all excited.
<Jack_A> Euros accepted??
<Ruben> Need to have it!!!!!!!
<ChrisMarsland> I need that poster!
<JLeMosy> Yep, Euros accepted.
<RyanPatton> well, I'd be highest bid:) I NEED THAT POSTER with autograph signed:)
<Ruben> Will it be on e-bay?
<Jack_A> Great!
<ChrisMarsland> Will the money rasied be going towards the site, or the new online Tex project?
<JLeMosy> On eBay, yes.
<AC> It's just for UTM.
<ChrisMarsland> ok
<Radagast> Yes!!!
<Kait> there goes the family vacation
<RyanPatton> What happen if I won 20 grand. What will James do with it?
<anthony> yes, he's asking me to deliver a message so I might as well be a good goes..Everyone, Mike wants back in, he says he'll behave...question we believe him?
<Ruben> Could you put the link for the auction?
<smk9259> Man it will get ugly. It will be a worst fight than Tex duking it out with the BAK
<anthony> him
<grendeljen> NO keep him out!
<Frank> lol
<Jack_A> 1 poster only??????????
<JLeMosy> The auction hasn't started yet, but I will keep you all informed when it does.
<AC> I'm also rummaging around to find some more stuff. When and if I find anything that might be of interest, I'll let James know. We could have some contests, etc., just to keep things interesting.
<smk9259> what do you want? a date with Suzanne Barnes?
<Daltone_uk> lol
<Jack_A> No problem...
<RyanPatton> 1 poster only I think. AC what is prize you meant for best question?
<ChrisMarsland> Aaron: If you find any props, that would be great!
<anthony> hee hee...yeah..see what you mean...but he IS one persistent little boy...golly does he know how to be a pain in the neck
<smk9259> like a LINKS LS mug used in the games
<ProfPlum> lol
<ChrisMarsland> or pencil or chair!!! lol
<smk9259> what about that crystal bird in UKAM
<Daltone_uk> hehe
<Kait> I want Chelsee's cowgirl outfit
<ProfPlum> you mean the one that was CG?
<ProfPlum> :)
<Daltone_uk> vultures lol
<ChrisMarsland> fedora!
<ChrisMarsland> :)
<AC> Unfortunately, there's very little old Tex memorabilia that survived. We've been in two other buildings since we did Pandora! But I'm finding a few things here and there. The item for best question is a neat little collectable that even JTOG doesn't have! I'll have James contact the winner for their mailing address and get it sent out next week.
<RyanPatton> How about meeting Chelsee's in person or win Tex fedora/coat
<anthony> Mike says he *really* wants to come back in..something about it being his constitutional right or an american...
<smk9259> No Chris Jones will need that stuff for the next game. Keeping my fingers crossed.
<Daltone_uk> :-)
<AC> Good thought, Smoke. ;-0
<Frank> yeah he'll need them...I want the brand of the fedora though ;)
<anthony> he says hemight behave...keyword MIGHT.....hmmmm....
<JLeMosy> Okay, all. The time has come. I'd like to thank Aaron once again for joining us today!
<Daltone_uk> anthony...ignore him
<RyanPatton> yeah, CJ would need them though, smok got a point
<Radagast> I guess the best question to win a prize would be:What is the best question to win a prize???
<ChrisMarsland> Thanks Aaron for coming! Ill catch up with you soon!
<ChrisMarsland> Cya
<RyanPatton> Thank you for joining AC
<Daltone_uk> * claps for AC*
<grendeljen> Thanks! Very much!
<ProfPlum> Thanks for stopping by, Aaron.
<Nikolai> Thanks for sticking around for 3 1/2 full hours
<smk9259> thank you Aaron.
<AC> See you guys later! Happy Easter!
<Kait> Thank you Aaron, and thank you James for hosting
<Ruben> Thank you very very mutch
<jim123> thanks AC
<RyanPatton> BTW-I catch up with you when I have the time
<ChrisMarsland> Have a goof and safe Easter Aaron!
<RyanPatton> And have Happy Easter AC
<Jack_A> Happy Easter, hopefully with some eggs...
<Frank> Thanks for your time, and thanks to James
<daveman> Thanks!!
<smk9259> so when's the log going to be posted James?
<anthony> thanks aaron!
* AC has quit IRC (AC)


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