Christmas with "The Guys"
December 24, 2009

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[06:29] <jen> heh heh
[06:30] <Andrew_UK> Hi! How's it going?
[06:30] <jen> someone of importance is here
[06:30] * CM sets mode: +o ThoseOneGuys
[06:30] <Gary> Why, thank you Jen.
[06:30] <jen>
[06:30] <CM> Welcome Chris and Aaron
[06:31] <Paulino> You are joking?
[06:31] <Rockefeller> Hey Guys!
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[06:32] <jen> the trugolf mail gave it away
[06:32] <ThoseOneGuys> OK. The secret's out.
[06:32] <ThoseOneGuys> We were going to lurk.
[06:32] <jen> crap sorry
[06:32] <Paulino> Hi guys
[06:32] <jen> ;(
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[06:32] <CM> Can't keep a good detective down!
[06:32] <sam10100> well your name is highlight in green like CM
[06:33] <Gary> Must be the green glow from Old San Francisco.
[06:33] <Sowden> kinda stand out
[06:33] <ThoseOneGuys> Hi everyone. It's just Aaron at the moment. Chris is wandering somewhere in the office and Doug totally spaced it out is home have a lunch of broth.
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[06:34] <Paulino> Hallo Aaron
[06:34] <Sowden> well welcome Aaron
[06:34] <ThoseOneGuys> If you don't mind hanging out for a bit, they'll join us momentarily.
[06:34] <ThoseOneGuys> Hi Paulino.
[06:35] <CM> Thanks for agreeing for this Aaron. Let us know when yous are ready to get fired some questions.
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[06:36] <sam10100> oh hey Jen been wanting to ask you. are you a professional writer or do you just do it as a hobby?
[06:36] <jen> hobby
[06:36] <jen> wowo have you read my stuff?
[06:36] <sam10100> what do you usually do for a living?
[06:36] <jen> if so
[06:37] <Paulino> Do I understand right that ThoseOneGuys=Aaron+(missing)Chris
[06:37] <jen> THANKS
[06:37] <jen> im a massage therapist
[06:37] <ThoseOneGuys> OK. Chris has arrived! Let the interrogation begin!
[06:37] <jen> we were instructed to all type at once in all caps
[06:38] <ThoseOneGuys> lol
[06:38] <Gary>
[06:38] <Paulino>
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[06:39] <ThoseOneGuys> Chris? You got some questions to start us off?
[06:39] <Paulino> How are you guys (one day before Christmas)?
[06:39] <CM> Sure do Aaron. Let's get this started.
[06:39] <ThoseOneGuys> CHRIS: Ready for Christmas and all the toys under the tree.
[06:40] <jen> Are CC are chomping at the bit.
[06:40] <CM> Aaron/Chris: This one comes from Gary: Any holiday traditions you are keeping alive?
[06:40] <ThoseOneGuys> CHRIS: Just the usual - joke gifts.
[06:40] <ThoseOneGuys> AARON: I'm more of a Halloween guy, personally.
[06:41] <ThoseOneGuys> CHRIS: I'm also working on learning to yodel.
[06:42] <ThoseOneGuys> AARON: That would be more of a future tradition, then.
[06:42] <Gary> Your old lady who?
[06:42] <ThoseOneGuys>
[06:42] <Paulino> Chris: do you plan a travel to
[06:42] <Paulino> Germany?
[06:42] <CM> Ok, very nice.
[06:43] <ThoseOneGuys> CHRIS: Yes.
[06:43] <CM> This one comes from Sowden: how is Big Finish Games doing after about a year of operating and where do you think its going in the future?
[06:44] <ThoseOneGuys> AARON: We're very excited about our new game and have high hopes for success with it. Mostly it's just fun to be back making our own games again.
[06:44] <ThoseOneGuys> By the way, Doug has joined us.
[06:44] <jen> BEEK!
[06:44] <CM> Bosworth!
[06:45] <Sowden> ha ha
[06:45] <ThoseOneGuys> DOUG: I wrote a book called "I am not just Beek"
[06:45] <ThoseOneGuys> DOUG: Thank you so much for remembering me.
[06:45] <CM> Thank you for joining us Doug
[06:45] <ThoseOneGuys> DOUG: My pleasure.
[06:45] <Gary> I thought the title was "Going Beek."
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[06:46] <CM> Ok time for the next question this time it's from Jen: what are the last few books each of you have read?
[06:47] <ThoseOneGuys> CHRIS: 1491 - it's about Pre-Columbian America.
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[06:47] <ThoseOneGuys> AARON: I'm reading The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo.
[06:47] <ThoseOneGuys> DOUG: I like to read biographies. The last one I read was about Frank Capra.
[06:48] <Sowden> to DOUG: oh, a film buff huh?
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[06:49] <ThoseOneGuys> DOUG: Yes, that's what I started doing.
[06:49] <FredBuer> And I'm back.
[06:49] <ThoseOneGuys> Hi Fred
[06:49] <CM> This comes from Samantha: Is there anything that we can personally do to help you guys out? Do you need programmers, beta testers, etc willing to work for free?
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[06:49] <FredBuer> Hi guys, merry xmas!
[06:50] <ThoseOneGuys> CHRIS: Yes, we're looking for free programmers.
[06:50] <ThoseOneGuys> AARON: LOL
[06:50] <TimothyP> I'm an orchestral composer if you need one.
[06:51] <ThoseOneGuys> AARON: We appreciate the offer. For now, your support of the games and helping us get the word out is more than enough.
[06:51] <ThoseOneGuys> Thanks, TimothyP
[06:51] <FredBuer> (And buying the thing come release, of course!)
[06:51] <ThoseOneGuys> Of course
[06:51] <ThoseOneGuys>
[06:51] <ThoseOneGuys> Which will be within the next week, by the way.
[06:51] <FredBuer> Great news!
[06:52] <CM> We are all very much looking forward to the release
[06:52] <ThoseOneGuys> Cool! That's what we live to hear.
[06:52] <sam10100> Just wanted you guys to know we believe in the cause. Can't wait to see the new game.
[06:52] <jen> sweet! can we pre order?
[06:52] <CM> I also have a message from Adrian Carr for everyone here as he couldn't make it here: "please wish them a fabulous Xmas and even better New Decade [the previous one sucked big time]!".
[06:53] <ThoseOneGuys> That Adrian.
[06:53] <ThoseOneGuys> Always the optimist.
[06:53] <ThoseOneGuys>
[06:53] <Sowden> ha ha ha
[06:53] <FredBuer> Hahah! Here's to the reincarnation of great stories told via the medium of games!
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[06:54] <ThoseOneGuys> By the way, Doug ran into the guy who played Louie. And he says HI
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[06:54] <ThoseOneGuys> AARON: Also, my dog is here. His name is, of course, Murphy.
[06:54] <CM> I also wanted me to plug his youtube channel:
[06:54] <sam10100> Cool. Do you ever run into old villains like Big Jim Slade or Eddie Ching?
[06:54] <ThoseOneGuys> Not recently.
[06:55] <ThoseOneGuys> But we just might be running into them in the future
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[06:55] <CM> I lost who this question comes from but I'm sure we all would like to ask it:
[06:55] <CM> Any little info u can give us on Project Fedora?
[06:56] <FredBuer> "It's been renamed Project Blue Beret!"
[06:56] <ThoseOneGuys> LOL
[06:56] <sam10100> I hope the LINUX people don't come after you for trademark infringment
[06:57] <ThoseOneGuys> DOUG: I've been experimenting with some new programs, including the Unity engine, and we think it will work great for a new game.
[06:58] <ThoseOneGuys> CHRIS: We're still working to grow our business and develop the staff we'll need to create the new game. And we've mad a lot of progress over the past year.
[06:58] <ThoseOneGuys> AARON: Most importantly, we have a good idea of what we can do and how long it take/how much it will cost to produce.
[06:59] <sam10100> any chance of any bits of FMV?
[06:59] <ThoseOneGuys> AARON: We still can't put a date on it, but we will at least start work on it in the next year.
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[06:59] <ThoseOneGuys> We can't say for certain, but we're all leaning toward FMV for sure.
[06:59] <FredBuer> Awesome!
[07:00] <CM> Will have to dust off the trenchcoat then
[07:00] <ThoseOneGuys> CHRIS: I dust it off twice a day.
[07:00] <sam10100> so we'll actually get to "see" the old team again and not just hear them?
[07:00] <ThoseOneGuys> DOUG: And I have my Rook skullcap!
[07:01] <jen> And that is about the best news I've heard in a while!
[07:01] <Sowden> *Sowden cheers!*
[07:01] <ThoseOneGuys> AARON: I think we all agree FMV is our preferred medium. Of course, we'll need LOTS of makeup this time around...and I'm talking about Chris, not Rook.
[07:01] <CM> Speaking of that I got a request sent to my email asking if i could ask: if there's any chance of some updated photos of Chris, dressed up as Tex?
[07:01] <jen> lol
[07:01] <FredBuer> How can you call them "old", they look like they're still in their mid-thirties. At least we all know that the Fountain of Youth is somewhere in the Salt Lake area.
[07:02] <sam10100> btw, if it's not too personal. How old is Chris? Is he holding up okay?
[07:02] <ThoseOneGuys> LOL
[07:02] <ThoseOneGuys> NO WAY!
[07:02] <ThoseOneGuys> Chris did such a good job with our santa hats, just have him put a fedora and trenchcoat on him.
[07:03] <ThoseOneGuys> Thanks for the compliment, Fred.
[07:03] <Paulino> New Tex in FMV, it must be BluRay at least
[07:04] <CM> ok next submited question comes from Fred:
[07:04] <CM> and its for Aaron!
[07:04] <CM> Could you describe your writing process for us?
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[07:05] <ThoseOneGuys> AARON: It usually consists of connecting words into somewhat meaningful "sentences".
[07:05] <FredBuer> HAHAH!!
[07:05] <ThoseOneGuys> I then connect these into "paragraphs".
[07:05] <ThoseOneGuys> And so on.
[07:05] <Paulino>
[07:06] <ThoseOneGuys> AARON: OK, seriously?
[07:06] <ThoseOneGuys> I start with an outline. I think solid structure is important for the story's integrity and pacing.
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[07:07] <ThoseOneGuys> I like to have events spread out and set up appropriately and have a visual reference for the story flow helps me a lot.
[07:07] <ThoseOneGuys> Then, when I get the structure done, I get out my writing "crayons" and color in between lines with dialogue.
[07:07] <ThoseOneGuys> Don't know if that makes sense, but that's pretty much it.
[07:08] <FredBuer> Makes perfect sense to me, it's not dissimilar to my own way of doing things actually.
[07:08] <ThoseOneGuys> By the way it's Doug's birthday today!
[07:08] <FredBuer> Except the visual references - that's a good idea!
[07:08] <jen> Happy birthday Doug!
[07:08] <FredBuer> Happy birthday Doug!
[07:08] <ThoseOneGuys> DOUG: I've almost caught up to Rook's age...
[07:08] <CM> Happy Birthday Doug!
[07:08] <Sowden> Yes, same here Doug
[07:09] <FredBuer> So you don't have to wear any make-up when the production is back on track?
[07:09] <FredBuer> j/k
[07:09] <CM> Fred also had a question for Chris: Did you put Tex into Merryman, or did you treat him as a whole new character?
[07:09] <Paulino> Happy Birthday
[07:09] <ThoseOneGuys> DOUG: No, Fred. You bastard.
[07:10] <jen> LOL
[07:10] <FredBuer> Doug's a method actor - he never breaks character.
[07:10] <ThoseOneGuys> CHRIS: For Merryman, the whole point was to give him a familiarity that would appeal to Tex fans.
[07:11] <ThoseOneGuys> DOUG: It's the only thing he knows how to do.
[07:11] <ThoseOneGuys> CHRIS: Hey, this is the first time I've played a "modern-day" P.I.!!!
[07:11] <jen> oh snap
[07:11] <ThoseOneGuys> CHRIS: I've done future P.I. and robot P.I. and those were TOTALLY DIFFERENT!
[07:11] <FredBuer> As opposed to a futuristic P.I. living in the past?
[07:12] <ThoseOneGuys> Next?
[07:12] <sam10100> I felt terrible I had to listen to Merryman for a complete scene before it hit me where I had heard that voice before.
[07:13] <ThoseOneGuys> CHRIS: I sympathize.
[07:13] <CM> Here's a question that came in for both Chris and Aaron, but Doug please answer too: What's it REALLY like, working with Aaron/Chris?
[07:13] <ThoseOneGuys> Sometimes I hear my own voice and don't recognize it.
[07:13] <ThoseOneGuys> DOUG: Working with Aaron and Chris. Well, they're both very tall.
[07:13] <ThoseOneGuys> ...I call them the twin towers.
[07:14] <ThoseOneGuys> AARON: You've never called us that.
[07:14] <ThoseOneGuys> CHRIS: But, seriously, it's been Doug's greatest honor.
[07:14] <ThoseOneGuys> DOUG: [Chris tells Doug what to say and Doug just mumbles.]
[07:15] <Paulino>
[07:15] <CM> TimothyP would like to know if there is any plans for anymore radio theater?
[07:16] <ThoseOneGuys> CHRIS: At this point, it's all or nothing - a full-on game or nothing!
[07:17] <FredBuer> I'm loving that attitude!
[07:17] <Sowden> Wow
[07:17] <ThoseOneGuys> Trust us, we want it as bad as you guys do.
[07:17] <jen> Alex Bark would be proud
[07:17] <ThoseOneGuys> LOL:
[07:18] <Sowden> Ha ha! To our Russian friend!
[07:18] <sam10100> yeah but how good are you guys at gambling. that whole "we'll end on a cliffhanger" and finish it off in the next game plan didn't work out too well
[07:18] <ThoseOneGuys> AARON: I'll let Chris answer that one.
[07:18] <ThoseOneGuys> Chris?
[07:18] <ThoseOneGuys> CHRIS: [sips water, trying to buy time]
[07:19] <ThoseOneGuys> CHRIS: Often when people bring this up, I ask them to mind their own business. I guess I didn't have any idea it drag out to over a decade before we could finish it.
[07:20] <sam10100> It's okay we all agree it will be worth the wait, if we can save Cheslee and get back Adrian for shooting her.
[07:20] <FredBuer> Chris, you have to make them realize that "To Be Continued!" does not specifiy a "When." That's all there is to it.
[07:20] <ThoseOneGuys> Well said, Fred.
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[07:21] <FredBuer> Speaking of Chelsee, you heard from Ms. Barnes lately? (And is it spelled Chelsee or Chelsea?)
[07:21] <CM> Anyone want to throw some questions out there? My list seems to be running dry...
[07:21] <ThoseOneGuys> It's Chelsee.
[07:22] <ThoseOneGuys> We saw Suzanne awhile back. She's doing very well.
[07:23] <FredBuer> Great to hear it! (Also the spelling has been bugging me for years! It varies within the canon, y'see.)
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[07:23] <ThoseOneGuys> AARON: It doesn't vary when I spell it, but I've seen it spelled several different ways in other places.
[07:23] <CM> Have any of yous seen any recent movies you'd like to share your opinions on?
[07:23] <ThoseOneGuys> Not that it matters.
[07:24] <ThoseOneGuys> CHRIS: I saw 2012. I've stopped going to movies since.
[07:24] <CM> And will you be seeing the new Sherlock Holmes movie?
[07:24] <ThoseOneGuys> It may be the last movie I see before the world ends.
[07:24] <ThoseOneGuys> Yes, we're all planning on seeing the new Sherlock Holmes movie.
[07:25] <ThoseOneGuys> CHRIS: And "Up in the Air"
[07:25] <Gary> Elementary, my dear Aaron.
[07:25] <ThoseOneGuys> LOL
[07:25] <ThoseOneGuys> DOUG: I don't go to movie theaters. I like DVD's.
[07:26] <sam10100> Do you guys like reading detective stories? Which ones?
[07:26] <ThoseOneGuys> AARON: My last movie was Paranormal Activity. Loved it.
[07:26] <ThoseOneGuys> We're all big fans of detective stories. Especially Sherlock Holmes, Raymond Chandler, Dashielle Hammet.
[07:27] <ThoseOneGuys> CHRIS: Curious George.
[07:27] <ThoseOneGuys> By the way, for those who haven't seen it - go out and rent "Kiss Me Deadly" this weekend. That's one of biggest influences.
[07:27] <ThoseOneGuys> AARON: Not "Kiss Me Kate".
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[07:28] <jen> Always saw a touch of Dead men dont wear plaid in Tex
[07:28] <ThoseOneGuys> For sure.
[07:28] <Paulino> Ok, I have question. What is the success of 3CM in numbers?An what are expectation from 3CDT?
[07:28] <ThoseOneGuys> Especially in Killing Moon.
[07:29] <jen> yes, UAKM was for the yucks.
[07:29] <FredBuer> I loved the quoting of Poe in UAKM, really set the mood just right
[07:29] <ThoseOneGuys> AARON: 3CM has sold fairly well for not having any marketing behind it. But it gave us a lot of cred and exposure within the gaming industry. We've had quite a few offers to develop new games for other companies, based on 3CM.
[07:29] <sam10100> I enjoyed the yucks. I missed it in Pandora which was much more serioes.
[07:30] <ThoseOneGuys> CHRIS: The benefit of 3CM was that it helped us learn more about the new business of downloadable games and make lots of connections.
[07:31] <ThoseOneGuys> AARON: We think the big payoff will come with this new game or maybe even the NEXT game.
[07:31] <FredBuer> Did you ever think of doing episodic content? Like Telltale has been up to?
[07:31] <Paulino> Had you think about to put 3CM into WiiWare?
[07:31] <sam10100> yeah i hardly see any box games on the shelves any more. Do downloadable games level the playing field between big and small game companies?
[07:31] <CM> Is there a third game planned in the "Three Cards" series?
[07:31] <ThoseOneGuys> That's a definite option for the new Tex project. In fact, we're considering doing an initial episode to gauge interest before moving onto a full game.
[07:32] <ThoseOneGuys> Sam: Downloadable games definitely make it possible where it wouldn't be for boxed versions.
[07:32] <ThoseOneGuys> Chris: Yes, we're definitely planning on doing a 3rd installment of Three Cards.
[07:33] <ThoseOneGuys> Paulino: I don't know about WiiWare - we have such a small team and limited resources...but maybe in the future.
[07:33] <ThoseOneGuys> Anyone else?
[07:34] <ThoseOneGuys> This is your big chance - no holds barred!
[07:34] <FredBuer> Yeah I had one - Did you ever try and get your games onto Steam?
[07:34] <FredBuer> Old ones and new, I mean.
[07:34] <jen> novel?
[07:34] <ThoseOneGuys> We haven't talked to them about Tex.
[07:34] <jen> or have you focused strictly on game writing?
[07:34] <ThoseOneGuys> We did show them 3CM, but it was too casual for them. They said they might be interested when we get a trilogy of the games.
[07:35] <ThoseOneGuys> Novel? For Three Cards or something else?
[07:35] <jen> something else
[07:35] <jen> or anything i guess
[07:36] <jen> im seriously lagging sorry
[07:36] <ThoseOneGuys> Unfortunately, no. Doing the writing and game design for Dead Time, in addition to two contract projects and Project Fedora, has taken up all my time.
[07:36] <Guest297> I have a question: In a previous chat you told us about a Tex Murphy story from the past which started in the old Bijou theatre, is this still a possibility?
[07:36] <ThoseOneGuys> Definitely.
[07:36] <sam10100> So are you guys working part time or full time at Big Finish?
[07:36] <ThoseOneGuys> We love Chandler Ave. so we like to have story elements tied to the places on the street.
[07:37] <CM> Here's another question from Sowden: How did they get involved with GOG and how is that going for their sales?
[07:37] <ThoseOneGuys> Sam: Chris splits time between BF and TruGolf. Aaron is full time BF, as is Doug and another artist, Brian Johnson.
[07:38] <ThoseOneGuys> Sowden: GOG approached us last year and they really did all the work in getting Tex available on line.
[07:38] <ThoseOneGuys> I think the sales have been quite good, though I don't know how their other games sell.
[07:38] <FredBuer> Chandler Ave. feels like home whenever I break out the games. The love is very much present in the games as well, to your credit!
[07:39] <harald> I have one: When you say episodic games, do you mean self-contained episodes or chapters that make up one big story?
[07:39] <ThoseOneGuys> It's that way for us too. Doug mocked up the street in Unity and it was very nostalgic for uw.
[07:39] <CM> and to follow on from that gog question, just to confirm it, do the sales go to yous, or do GOG take most of the profit?
[07:40] <ThoseOneGuys> For episodic content, we always use X-Files as an example: episodes are at least somewhat self-contained, but there's a meta-story that is always moving forward.
[07:40] <harald> Cool, thanks.
[07:40] <ThoseOneGuys> Chris: We and GOG have a fairly equitable split.
[07:40] <Paulino> Do you plan next games put to consoles
[07:41] <sam10100> So kinda like the Days in UKAM "Cuffing up Flemm" for example would be one epsiode
[07:41] <ThoseOneGuys> Paulino: For now, I think we're just doing PC versions.
[07:41] <ThoseOneGuys> Sam: Exactly.
[07:41] <ThoseOneGuys> Tex completes a case, but there are still unresolved story threads.
[07:42] <ThoseOneGuys> And the episodes would be longer than a game chapter.
[07:42] <jen> which keeps us on the hook thank you very much
[07:42] <ThoseOneGuys> Our pleasure!
[07:42] <sam10100> That would make it easier on those of us who are impatient and need our fix
[07:42] <FredBuer> Hm, there's a neat trick - each episode being one day. You can fit more gameplay into each actual day (for a more complete episode) but still move the main plot forward. And we all know how Tex's days can be.
[07:42] <ThoseOneGuys> LOL
[07:43] <FredBuer> Wake up with a bourbon hangover at 13pm and get knocked out cold by a lead pipe at 15pm.
[07:43] <jen> got to wedge in a PI breakfast too
[07:43] <ThoseOneGuys> One thing we'll do for sure this time around: We know how everything ends, so we'll have that ready to go. If the episodes do well, we'll keep producing them, but if we see the end apporaching, we can tie things up for good.
[07:44] <Paulino> This episodic playing is better sell-able on Consoles than on PC, You donot thiks so?
[07:44] <FredBuer> Tell your story the way you want to tell it - not a writer worth his salt won't do his best work under those conditions. I like it.
[07:44] <ThoseOneGuys> If we do it through Live Arcade, maybe.
[07:45] <ThoseOneGuys> Thanks, Fred. That's how I like it, too.
[07:46] <FredBuer> Well guys I've got to shove off, I've got xmas presents to deliver. We celebrate it on the 24th here in Norway.
[07:46] <FredBuer> You know - heathens and all that.
[07:46] <ThoseOneGuys> We do too. But it was fun and nice to chat with you all!
[07:46] <Sowden> Well same here
[07:46] <CM> Thanks very much for joining us guys
[07:46] <Guest297> Keep up the good work. Thanks!!!
[07:47] <ThoseOneGuys> Oh, hey - one last thing!
[07:47] <Sowden> Happy holidays to all of you, and all that good stuff
[07:47] <FredBuer> I'd just like to thank you in person for that very cool boxed Pandora Directive /w signatures I've got standing as a centerpiece in my games collection!
[07:47] <FredBuer> I love it!
[07:47] <CM> I believe Chris/Aaron/Doug have agreed to sign a copy of one of the games... It will be given away for the relaunch of Coit Tower early next year. So something to look forward to.
[07:47] <FredBuer> And a merry christmas to you all! Be well!
[07:48] <ThoseOneGuys> Chris and Doug are very talented musicians and we have produced a "cover version" of the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper album, called Sgt. Pepper Reimagined...
[07:48] <Sowden> Now thats what I'm talking about!
[07:48] <ThoseOneGuys> We're going to have James put it up on the web and we'd love for everyone to download it and give it a listen. It's really very very good.
[07:48] <ThoseOneGuys> Especially if you're a Beatles fan.
[07:48] <ThoseOneGuys> So look out for in the next few days.
[07:48] <CM> Sounds good.
[07:49] <harald> Wow, cool. Will do.
[07:49] <ThoseOneGuys> OK. So long, everyone! Happy Trails!!!
[07:49] <CM> Once again thanks for joining us. We'll have to do it again soon.
[07:49] <Sowden> great!
[07:49] <CM> Merry Christmas
[07:49] * FredBuer ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
[07:49] <harald> Thanks a lot! Great chat.
[07:50] * CGI499 ( has joined #texmurphy
[07:51] <sam10100> Thanks for hosting Chris
[07:51] * Guest297 ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
[07:51] <Sowden> Yeah Chris, great show
[07:51] <CM> No problem guys.
[07:51] <CM> Thanks for showing up!
[07:52] <jen> thanks guys
[07:52] * CGI499 ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
[07:52] <harald> The pleasure was totally ours.
[07:52] <CM> I've got the chat logged, so I'll get it up on the message board after work today.
[07:53] <Sowden> sounds great
[07:53] <Sowden> I've got to run. I need to get back to Fort Worth to have chrismas with my family
[07:53] <Sowden> its been great live chattin with you all!
[07:53] <CM> Have a great Christmas
[07:54] <CM> Yeah it's been a fun!
[07:54] <Sowden> later guys
[07:54] * ThoseOneGuys ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
[07:54] * jen ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC)
[07:54] * harald ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC 0.5.CVS (2006/06/06))
[07:55] * Sowden (cgiirc@ Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
[07:55] * CM changes topic to '#texmurphy - Chat with Big Finish's Aaron Conners and Chris Jones is now over. Transcript will be posted on shortly'
[07:56] * sam10100 ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF))
[08:01] <CM> That went very well.
[08:05] <CM> I'm off to get ready for work. Merry Christmas guys. Make it a safe one yeh
[08:05] <CM> bye
[08:07] * Paulino ( Quit (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
[08:08] * CGI056 ( has joined #texmurphy
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[08:18] * Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Dec 24 08:18:53 2009

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