Kickstarter Announcement Chat: Part Two
March 20, 2012

This chat is incomplete. It doesn’t include the very beginning, or the very ending. Hopefully someone will post the entire chat transcript. Then I will delete this one.


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<f2bnp> this is getting kinda ridiculous...

<jen_tm> hey ardo

<jen_tm> keep the faith

<Ardo> Hey, what's going on here?

<InspBurns> Hi Ardo I've come to check your fine hotel for fire safety

<Baugh88> Anyone else looking forward to the new Ridley Scott movie?

<Ardo> :-)

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<jen_tm> we were just talking about the BAK

<Ardo> This is Aaron, by the way. I have no idea when Chris is going to make the announcement, but I do know that this is going to happen (meaning the new game).

<youhaveaf> eapoe, bad connection here

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<Hammerhea> Greetings, Aaron!  Glad you could make it!

<InspBurns> hey Aaron

<eapoe> hi aaron <waves>

<Ardo> I'm doing this from work (don't tell anyone).

<youhaveaf> eapoe, bad connection here

<jen_tm> secret's safe here

<Adele_Ant> Hey, Aaron and yep, secret's safe! :)

<middaydar> Hi there Aaron :)

<Ardo> I've got a few minutes between meetings. If anyone has questions, I'll pass along what I know...

<Baugh88> Thanks for the info Aaron, not a soul will hear from me.

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<Hammerhea> Is there anything you can share about the novel or gamewhile you're here?  Some of us have been waiting for hours already.  I think some have even made a day of it.

<jen_tm> since 5:30 am

<youhaveaf> slow:(

<FredB> I'm poking in from time to time too :)

<eapoe> so there will be a new tex murphy game? is kickstarter involved?

<Ardo> I can tell you that I'm continuing to work on the novel and I'm really excited about the story. Can't tell you when it will be finished, but it will be as soon as possible.

<youhaveaf> hey aaron^^

<InspBurns> How has 2012 been treating you?

<Ardo> 2012 has been very busy, but good.

<john_> Hey Aaron, any idea where and when the announcement will be made?  We've been waiting with bated breath :)

<Ardo> Not that most of you care, but I just released my first game for EA: Sims 3 Showtime.

<Ardo> I really don't know when Chris will be making the announcement. Just sometime today.

<jen_tm> plum and me want to you put Tex in the new expansion

<Ardo> LOL

<Adele_Ant> You made Sims 3 Showtime?!?! I have that-it's awesome! Thank you!!!!! *shakes hand*

<jen_tm> hide him in the general population

<InspBurns> as an easter egg

<eapoe> grats :>

<Ardo> Thanks, Adele. So glad you like it!

<Ardo> Not much like the Tex games, but I do enjoy working on the Sims.

<jim123> looking into it now!

<john_> Any chance if you could tell us if Kickstarter will be involved with the announcement? ;)

<Ardo> I don't want to jump the gun, but...yup.

<eapoe> yeeeeeeha

<facls> Is the new game going to be FMV?

<FredB> How do you like working for EA then? :)

<john_> I am BEYOND elated!!!!

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<Ardo> I love working for EA.

<plumgas> aaron

<Ardo> Tex games without FMV? Ridiculous!

<marinedal> Chris is going to make his announcement and we'll be all "Yeah dude, Aaron just told us all that." ;)

<facls> Good to know! :)

<Ardo> lol

<JerryDan-> w00t!

<Baugh88> Joy!

<middaydar> woo hoo!!!

<jim123> I like EA, good spread, the iPad ports always look good too

<jen_tm> come on he can all act surpised lol

<eapoe> lol we have to look err surprised

<jen_tm> *we

<FredB> I've been working as a game designer for some months now, I can understand how you love the job :)

<plumgas> we want a tex sim

<Adele_Ant> Someone suggested putting Tex in The Sims....that has given me an idea. I'm pretty good at making Sims. LOL.

<john_> Tex Murphy on the iPad…. one can only dream :)

<JerryDan-> What's with Showtime?

<f2bnp> Aaron is just trolling us :P

<Ardo> LOL!

<InspBurns> Can you tell us what percentage of the game has already been worked on? End of the year seems kind of rushed.

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<Ian07323> Should say hi - 'hi' - Ian from UK - a lurker and occasional poster on the message board for what feels lke 30 years.  Pretty excited right now. :-)

<plumgas> damm in the shower I missed out on something

<JerryDan-> I mean, is it a theater sim or what?

<Ardo> The game will be released when it's ready and a lot of that depends on how much money Chris has to work with...

<Ardo> We just chatted about that last week...

<plumgas> is it kickstarter

<middaydar> How much money will I have to donate to get a fedora?  lol

<john_> The sooner you can get it on Kickstarter, the sooner I can funnel my paycheck into the project :0

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<Adele_Ant> I'm poor and can't afford much, but I hope every little helps! ^_^

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<Ardo> If he has plenty of money, it will go into making a bigger, better game, which would take longer to produce.

<plumgas> maybe a dvd that

<Hammerhea> What is your minimum estimated goal?

<Ian07323> lol @plumgas!

<Ardo> Hey Fred - congrats on the game design gig. It beats digging ditches.

<john_> What are the platforms you're currently aiming for?

<Frogacuda> Wait, something happned?

<JerryDan-> Let's save some for CJ!

<JerryDan-> :-)

<Frogacuda> What'd I miss?

<FredB> Thanks. And I've dug a ditch before, haha! You ain't kidding! :)

<litz> don't give john_ MAC OS hehe

<Ardo> I can't really give any details. This is Chris's operation. I just wanted to let you know I'm excited and hoping you guys don't have to wait too much longer!

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<JerryDan-> us, either!

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<john_> Right on, thanks Aaron!!

<plumgas> me too been up almost 24hrs give or take 2 hrs

<Adele_Ant> Aw thank you, Aaron! :) It's so kind of you to come on and talk to us and keep our spirits up. :)

<facls> Well Aaron, here's a fan from Brazil. I'll definitely back this project, played Pandora a lot back in the day.

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<JerryDan-> Thanks for dropping in!

<jim123> Cheers Aaron

<InspBurns> Thanks

<Baugh88> Thank you for everything you have done Aaron.

<middaydar> Thanks Aaron!

<plumgas> is chris coming here or TM

<Ardo> Hey guys, I have to run to a meeting. I'll try to check in again later. You're the best fans in the world!

<marinedal> Take care Aaron!

<FredB> Be well, Aaron! And thanks!

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<john_> Take care Aaron, thanks again!!

<Frogacuda> Hey Aaron.

<facls> Thanks!

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<Hammerhea> Got to go.  Thanks for stopping in, Aaron!  Wish I could stay longer to chat, ask question, etc.  Possible Q&A on the message board later?

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<plumgas> can someone fill me in on what aaron said

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* ChrisMars has awoken

<JerryDan-> Best franchise creators ever

<john_> WOO HOO!!!!

<facls> well, gotta go... great news!

<middaydar> @plumgas: if I'm not mistaken, he confirmed it's a kickstarter project

<Frogacuda> I bet Chris is waiting for the Kickstarter to go live, then. That makes sense

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<middaydar> and @frogacuda: Aaron scoffed at Tex without FMV :)

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<middaydar> so that's exciting!

<InspBurns> :)

<plumgas> I was thinking maybe he is having problems setting it up which then convinced me jen was right

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<Baugh88> I have a happy helmet on at the moment.

<marinedal> That sounds so wrong... :P

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<JerryDan-> "Ridiculous", he said

<dkbtf> Great news! Now, checking my bank account...

<JerryDan-> Tex without FMV

<dkbtf> Has someone saved the intervention on the chat, to post in on the forum?

<dkbtf> it*

<john_> Hmmm…. ChrisMars has awoken, but we have yet to hear anything :)

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<Baugh88> Shpadoinkle

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<plumgas> so did aaron say if chris will come here or just post at TM

<john_> He didn't say

<InspBurns> he didnt

<john_> I've been refreshing the following page since Kickstarter was confirmed :)

<plumgas> nothing there yet

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<john_> Correct

<Sowden> hey ho again guys

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<Sowden> So has anyone heard anything yet?

<InspBurns> Its Richard Norton

<JerryDan-> Yeah, sorta

<Sowden> I've checked the website but nothing has happened yet

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<Sowden> Well, I guess I can take sorta

<JerryDan-> Did you miss Aaron?

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<Sowden> Aaron or Chris

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<Sowden> any word?

<JerryDan-> He confirmed Kickstarter and FMV

<john_> FMV?

<Sowden> Aw hell yes!

<JerryDan-> Yeah, he said Chris would announce more later

<ChrisMars> Was it Aaron?  I don't really think he would spoil Chriss annoucement...

<InspBurns> I suppose 3d will be up in the air

<JerryDan-> Seemed like Aaron

<Sowden> Yeah, did Aaron come in the chat room or and I missed it?

<Frogacuda> Yeah he was here for a minute

<JerryDan-> He came in as Ardo

<Adele_Ant> It was Aaron.

<Sowden> Curses!

<InspBurns> Ardo is still here on my end

<JerryDan-> Mentioned his EA game

<Sowden> yeah, come to think of it hes on on my end too

<JerryDan-> Yeah, but he said he'd be in a meeting for a while

<Frogacuda> Facebook always recommends Aaron as a friend to me for some reason, heh

<middaydar> He's checking back in later he said

<Sowden> you know I looked for him and Chris Jones on facebook last night and came up empty *Sowden shrugs*

<plumgas> they have a personal one & general one for big finish

<JerryDan-> I tried to friend him long ago, but he never confirmed

<plumgas> what does that tell

<Sowden> oh really, two kickstarters?

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<Sowden> well now I'll have to find some more money, I am planning on donating a lot to them

<JerryDan-> No, two FB pages

<Sowden> oh, lol!

<Sowden> well yeah, I'm on their Big Finish page

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<Sowden> I have been getting their recent Tex Murphy memrobilia posts they've been posting recently

<Sowden> Well, I have to fly off again

<Sowden> I'll try checking back in an hour or so

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<Sowden> Later guys

<middaydar> bye!

<facls> I had to come back to see if there were some new news after Aaron left....

<middaydar> nada

<ChrisMars> gotta get ready for work

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<Hammerhea> hello?

<marinedal> hey

<middaydar> heya

<Hammerhea> Anything new in the past 1/2 hr?

<john_> We know Kickstarter is involved.  That's about it.

<Frogacuda> Really, when you add it all up we kind of know everything.

<FredB> Except the details ;)

<john_> Frogacuda: Untrue.  We still don't know where/when we can start funneling money into this :)

<Frogacuda> New Tex game, developed by Big Finish, coming out in 2012, or maybe later if there's a lot of money involved, and at least partially funded by a kickstarter. Also darker/grittier...

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<middaydar> darker/grittier?

<Frogacuda> That's what he said in GamesTM, yeah

<john_> URL?

<Anne-Lise> Is it possible to get a transcript from what Aaron posted for those of us careless enough not to be logged in at that exact moment?

<Frogacuda> It's a print magazine, no url

<middaydar> I have the whole chat; I haven't logged off in hours

<john_> Ah, my bad

<jim123> well its been fun everyone, i'll pop back in a bit and see where the conversation has got, hopefully we'll have more details soon! Cya l8r

<middaydar> ciao!

<FredB> Later Jim :)

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<plumgas> when is chris jones soon

<middaydar> I'm okay with dark and gritty as long as there's humor

<JerryDan> FMV, too

<Frogacuda> Which they said there will be too

<plumgas> yep the article mentioned humor

<Frogacuda> Let me imgur a picture of the article

<middaydar> thanks!!!

<john_> Thanks Frogacuda!!

<plumgas> I posted up earlier maybe the other chat room

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<ChrisMars> I'm off to work... ill check back on my lunch break... about 4 hours from now... hopefully we have know something... Whats the time in the US?

<john_> 3:40pm MST

<Baugh88> 4:40pm CST

<Hammerhea> 5:40pm EST

<RyanP> How's it going Aaron?

* ChrisMars waves... bye

*** ChrisMars is now known as ChrisAWAY

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<JerryDan> Well

<middaydar> @Anne-Lise: I just made a notepad file with the transcript from exactly when Ardo started talking to when he left for a meeting.

<JerryDan> Been waiting for about 12 hours

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<Frogacuda> Here, for anyone who missed it:

<middaydar> amazing!

<middaydar> Thanks!

<RyanP> Aaron here, right?

<john_> Thanks Frog!!

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<Baugh88> Thank you very much.

<Hammerhea> Thanks, Frog!

<marinedal> Aaron's still logged in, but he's away at a meeting

<Frogacuda> So yeah, between that and what Aaron said, we knd of know a lot.

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<middaydar> yeah we do

<plumgas> have to go to work now, back in 45mins

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<Frogacuda> Hopefully when we get the announcement we maybe get some artwork or images or a cool pitch video, but yeah, there's not a lot of mystery anyway

<JerryDan> Bye plum. Wish I had that kind of work schedule

<BringTexB> What time is it where Chris works`?

<middaydar> 3:48pm

<BringTexB> Ok, ty, middaydar

<middaydar> np

<BringTexB> We should hear something soon, unless Chris works the graveyard shift...

<Anne-Lise> @middaydar: Great!

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<JerryDan> Cub is officially conspicuously absent

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<middaydar> Would I get in trouble for posting it on the UTM forum?  I'm new to chats and forums so don't know rules

<Anne-Lise> @middaydar: Great!

<BringTexB> Where are you all from? I'm from Sweden.

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<marinedal> I think we're waiting for Chris's official announcement rather than post it on the forum

<JerryDan> Georgia, USA

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<middaydar> yeah I thought as much

<Hammerhea> Kentucky, USA

<middaydar> Calgary, AB

<middaydar> Canada lol

<Anne-Lise> Norway

<InspBurns> I think it's an issue of being courteous to Chris rather than violating any rules

<middaydar> agreed

<InspBurns> Kentucky, USA

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<BringTexB> ty, for sharing. Here in Sweden it's 10:52pm, same in Norway, I'm sure

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<BringTexB> And NetRoam is from .dk, that's Denmark.

<NetRoam> exactly :-)

<Baugh88> Damnit, my father would be ecstatic if he was still around.

<JerryDan> :(

<NetRoam> so - now I'm on via mIRC so hopefully the connection will be more stable :)

<Anne-Lise> It's been a long day waiting for the news

<BringTexB> Anyone know if the Tex games were extra popular in Scandinavia?

<NetRoam> indeed it has - and it seems I haven't missed out on much while I was away at a hockey game, huh?

<BringTexB> Hockey in Denmark!?! lol

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*** n00b130 is now known as jen_tm

<jen_tm> hey guys

<NetRoam> well - we're still in the A-league although we will never be anywhere close to winning the world championships though

<NetRoam> hey Jen :)

<Baugh88> He's the whole reason I will play adventure games instead of sticking to just strategy and fps.

<BringTexB> Sorry, NetRoam, I just don't think about hockey when I hear "Denmark"

*** Reckless [] has joined #texmurphy

<NetRoam> what DO you think then? :)

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<jen_tm> If I copy [aste the last thing I saw can someone be sweet and email me what I missed?

<jen_tm> and *paste

<BringTexB> If we can get a new Tex game, I'm sure Denmark can win the world championships

<NetRoam> yeah - maybe in 14 years or so :)

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<marinedal> Sure Jen

<BringTexB> When I hear "Denmark" I think Lego. And Copenhagen. And Carlsberg.

<jen_tm> here's ,my last piece before it vanished...... Has someone saved the intervention on the chat, to post in on the forum? <dkbtf> it* <john_> Hmmm…. ChrisMars has awoken, but we have yet to hear anything :)

<NetRoam> and you're from Sweden, right?

<BringTexB> Indeed I am.

*** youhaveaf [] has quit [Client Quit]

<NetRoam> right yeah - you're way better at hockey than we are :)

<BringTexB> You think Volvo. And Stockholm... lol

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<NetRoam> Saab too - hehe

<FredB> If we can get someone from Finland and Iceland in here, we'll have the entire North represented :)

<BringTexB> Yes, that would be nice.

<middaydar> @jen - I have it, but the consensus is to wait until after Chris makes his announcement

<NetRoam> funny though that we Danes often think of Swedes as drunken Swedes coming to Denmark to buy beer with more percentage in them :-)

<john_> jen_tm: You didn't miss anything after that.

<jen_tm> oh ok cool beans

<BringTexB> yes, NetRoam... you get one or two of those crazy Swedes... Not me though. I'm not one of them.

<JerryDan> The Faroes?

<JerryDan> ;)

<Anne-Lise> And Norwegians going anywhere to get cheaper beer

<FredB> Pfff... beer

*** jen_tm is now known as jen_afk

<NetRoam> BringTexB: I'm not one of those Danes who think like that. I happen to like Sweden and has been there a lot

<BringTexB> Yes, Anne-Lise, everything is very expensive in Norway, right`?

*** RyanP [] has joined #texmurphy

<Anne-Lise> Beer is :-)

<RyanP> Just got home from work. I miss anything?

<NetRoam> ah yeah - Norway - the place where everything is expensive (so I've heard) ... I heard a simple Margarita pizza costs 150 NOK - is that right?

<RyanP> Aaron Connor stop by yet?

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<redcat72> how do you change your name w/out loggging out?  I haven't been on IRC in a decade

<NetRoam> maybe he's lurking as Ardo? :-) j/k

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<FredB> I don't know what a Margarita pizza is, but... 150 for a pizza at a pizzeria is considered cheap

<NetRoam> you do a /nick *new nick*

<RyanP> I don't know.:)

<jen_afk> he was here

<jen_afk> aaron

*** ManOfIce left #texmurphy []

<NetRoam> 150 for a pizza is cheap???

<NetRoam> daaamn

<marinedal> Here's the rambling that you missed Jen:

<marinedal> :D

<jen_afk> bah I hate life getting in the way of tex news

<jen_afk> thanks marine

<NetRoam> here in Denmark a cheap pizza is 40 DKK

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<NetRoam> redcat72: Did you get my message? Just type /nick *new nick* (replace with new nick) and press enter and it will work

*** NetRoam is now known as NetRoam^

*** NetRoam^ is now known as NetRoam

<redcat72> Thans NetRoam

<NetRoam> you're welcome

<RyanP> Did Aaron said anything before he left?

<marinedal> That he was going to a meeting and he didn't know when Chris was making the announcement

<jen_afk> thank you marine

<RyanP> Thanks. So AC working for EA now?

*** redcat72 is now known as redcat72_

<Reckless> Hi all, so reading the pastebin content.. "annoucement" is [been and gone and it's] a KS project and an FMW Tex game?

*** redcat72_ is now known as redcat72A

<Reckless> FMV of course ;)

<jen_afk> i gotta go help my mom with her dog, so laters, but hopefully my chat will hold everything

*** redcat72A is now known as redcatAFK

<redcatAFK> lol - character limit - duh

<middaydar> Time for me to go, too!  Nice spending an afternoon with such fine folk :)

<Baugh88> Have a nice day.

<FredB> Thanks for spending it with us :)

<middaydar> You too :)

<mop> Greetings from Poland all You shiny, happy, Fedora-wearing people... too bad I missed the party, hopefully won't miss the annoucmenet ;)

<BringTexB> So, this is where we hang our hats... it's not much, but it's better than... ..................

<BringTexB> hi mop

<RyanP> Greeting

<Baugh88> Hello mop

*** JerryDan [] has quit [Ping timeout: 613 seconds]

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<JerryDan-> Well, it's not much

*** n00b295 [] has joined #texmurphy

<BringTexB> And the winner is... Jerry!

*** litz [] has joined #texmurphy

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<BringTexB> Jerry, I guess no one else got that...

<JerryDan-> One of my favorite lines

<f2bnp> any news on Tex?

<InspBurns> What happens with Tex really depends on how much money we put in it

<BringTexB> Same here, Jerry. It's a classic.

<f2bnp> which line :P?

<BringTexB> "This is where I hang my hat. It's not much, but it's better than... well, it's not much.

<f2bnp> heh, UAKM or Pandora?

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<marinedal> "Well seeing as the safety inspector has only one eye and no depth perception, the hotel manager painted on most of the fire extinguishers. It saved him a bundle."

<BringTexB> UAKM

*** Reckless [] has quit [Quit: ]

<BringTexB> lol, marinedal

<InspBurns> Who would hire a safety inspector like that?

*** Anne-Lise [] has quit [Quit:  (Ping timeout)]

<BringTexB> cheap labour... that's what's important!

*** f2bnp [] has quit [Quit:  (EOF)]

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<RyanP> Someone said EA

<RyanP> They are in meeting with EA?

*** NetRoam^ [] has joined #texmurphy

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<marinedal> Aaron works for EA

*** freepizza [] has joined #texmurphy

<freepizza> Howdy er'body

<marinedal> Guten abend

<freepizza> Things have filled up real good

<freepizza> We playing the quiet game?

<NetRoam^> maybe - hehe

<freepizza> oh oh....shhhh then

<freepizza> I will win

*** NetRoam [] has quit [Ping timeout: 608 seconds]

*** NetRoam^ is now known as NetRoam

<InspBurns> Next one to talk gets eliminated

*** xiryc [] has quit [Quit: ]

<freepizza> yeah, next one

<freepizza> Damn

<NetRoam> finally that old nick got kicked out :)

<RyanP> Oh I thought he was working for the folks who made Assisan Creed?

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<NetRoam> damn - getting pretty tired ... it's 11:30 PM now and gotta get up early tomorrow

*** n00b295 [] has joined #texmurphy

<freepizza> I know some folks stayed up most of the night

<NetRoam> yeah - in Australia

<freepizza> unfortunate for them

<BringTexB> Yes, it's late... Chris should really think about his Scandinavian friends

<NetRoam> yeah

<NetRoam> indeed he should

<BringTexB> Or at least give us a time, not just a date...

<freepizza> That's all part of the magic

<freepizza> I have enjoyed my time here today in anticipation chatting with my fellow tex buds

*** plumgas [] has joined #texmurphy

<NetRoam> me too

<BringTexB> Yes... But it's not fun if you spend hours, and then have to leave before ´the announcement

<freepizza> It's a big gamble for sure

<plumgas> okay I'm at work now

*** n00b610 [] has quit [Quit:  (EOF)]

<BringTexB> It's nice meeting other fans, I agree

<NetRoam> hey Lynne ... did you manage to sleep okay?

<plumgas> maybe 2hrs

<freepizza> ouch

<NetRoam> whoa

<BringTexB> ok, plum, work... or "work"?

<plumgas> bit pissed off when I woke & no tex

<freepizza> You should demand an apology from Chris

<freepizza> And a credit in the game

<freepizza> For your sacrifice

<InspBurns> No Kickstarter discounts

<plumgas> drove to my office now I can keep an eye out

<NetRoam> oh hell yeah - we should all get credit in the game for waiting this long :)

<freepizza> UTM Credit

<plumgas> jen still here

<freepizza> "For the fans that just wouldn't let it die"

<InspBurns> individual credits

<marinedal> Jen went to help her mom with something and got logged out

<InspBurns> the dog

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<NetRoam> anyway - I can barely keep my eyes open ... will have to wait until tomorrow to see the announcement unfortunately

<NetRoam> if they for whatever reason start collecting names of people "waiting in line" - be sure to drop mine to them too, okay? :-)

<NetRoam> gone silent again?

<Frogacuda> any news yet?

<InspBurns> next one who speaks gets eliminated

<NetRoam> that'll be me then - I'm off ... take care everybody and thanks for the chat :-)

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<marinedal> Chris is online

<NetRoam> oh yeah - I'll wait then

<freepizza> :D haha

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<freepizza> no no, go get your rest

<RyanP> Which Chris?

<freepizza> We'll let you know how it turned out

<marinedal> Jones

<marinedal> On the forum


<marinedal> announcement

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<freepizza> aw, nopt in the chat shame

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<john_> May 15th…. well I've waited over a decade…. a few more weeks won't kill me :\

<NetRoam> indeed!!

<john_> Well everyone, it's been fun…. but I guess it's time to head home.

<NetRoam> now that's great news!!

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<BringTexB> Great news, indeed!!!

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<BringTexB> Okey, let's make this happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<plumgas> may a while yet

<freepizza> The end with Chris gave me chills

<RyanP> I wonder what's the full cost be?

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<JerryDan-> praise be!!

<freepizza> I imagine they will have some kind of minimum on the kickstarter

<mop> Halelluyah!!

<NetRoam> alright - seen the video and read the announcement ... now I'm off to bed ... Take care everybody :-)

<freepizza> night

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<BringTexB> Well, it's almost midnight here, at least I too got to read the announcement on Tue 20th... I'm off now... take care!

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<middaydar> AMAZING!

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<InspBurns> Did you catch the RITZ light

<freepizza> I hope some of you might waste your life savings for a good cause.

<freepizza> I mean...invest, invest your life savings

<freepizza> I'm looking at your JerryDan

<freepizza> get up off of that blogging money

<marinedal> Someone call Jen's mom and get her back here!

<marinedal> :P

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<RyanP> If they could give me the full cost then maybe I finically

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<RyanP> I probably have to be some sort of Producer for new TM or something

<freepizza> It was a lot of fun everybody. Thanks for sharing the day with me. Talk to you on the message board.

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<RyanP> Just a wait and see game

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<RyanP> I think the full cost is around 5-10 million dollars.

<jim123> Just saw the vid, glad to see the Ritz hotel made an appearance

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