Kickstarter Announcement Chat: Part One
March 20, 2012

This chat is incomplete. It doesn’t include the very beginning, or the very ending. Hopefully someone will post the entire chat transcript. Then I will delete this one.


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<jen_tm> yes, and goodies, that jumped my funding to more

<Texstarte> Hello!

<Frogacuda> 3D graphics are cheaper (unless we're talking really high end), engines can be had cheap, professional qualiy HD digital camera can be had fro a few thousand...

<InspBurns> It would also help if he wore the signature trenchcoat and fedora

<Longcat_> Texstarte: hi

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<Frogacuda> If they could get a million dollar budget together they could probably make something pretty good.

<middaydar> Definitely

<Frogacuda> And if they can't, I'd almost rather they break it up into episodes that are short, but have adequate production value

<InspBurns> I don't see why Suzanne can't be in the game. Jen showed me a picture.

<Frogacuda> Is there anything besides Tex you guys want to see kickstarted?

<Hammerhea> Suzanne also doubled as the makeup artist, so she'll probably be back if FMV for sure.

<InspBurns> Gabriel Knight 4 and the cancelled Sam and Max game

<Frogacuda> I asked Greg Johnson if he'd do a Toejam and Earl kickstarter and he said he's been thinking a lot about it and just has to figure where it fits in with their current projects.

<jen_tm> i want them to release full throttle 2, they did finsih it i heard

<Hammerhea> Syberia 3 would be nice.

<InspBurns> ok those are the plausible ones but the list is really endless

<Frogacuda> Cancelled Sam and Max can never, ever happen

<Longcat_> jen_tm: from the screenshot's I saw, I would prefer they didn't :)

<Frogacuda> You'd have to steal it from LA's vault and put up a torrent

<middaydar> Syberia 3 is in the works isn't it?

<middaydar> Definitely Gabriel Knight 4

<InspBurns> Someone just needs to pay Lucas Arts enough money

<Frogacuda> Nope, they won't sell

<Frogacuda> They've gotten offers

<Frogacuda> They don't sell IP ever, as a matter of policy

<InspBurns> What about licensing the project?

<Frogacuda> They tried, man.

<Hammerhea> Syberia 3:  Rumored to release in 2010.  I'd say no.

<Frogacuda> LA isn't selling. Period.

<jen_tm> boo

<Longcat_> I can't imagine they care much about their old adventure franchises, the SE's of MI did pretty well, and still, they stopped doing them

<InspBurns> I did some reading about that and the guy who tried seemed to piss LA off by making public statements when he shouldn't have

<middaydar> @hammerhead, you never know.  We're all here waiting for Tex after 14 years

<Frogacuda> They don't care. They don't intend to use it, and they don't even have the rights to the franchise anymore even if they did

<Frogacuda> But they don't want to sell it anyway. Because they're dicks.

<middaydar> Depressing. 

<jen_tm> sad part is, LA isnt hard up for cash, no incentive to sell

<InspBurns> So even though Purcell has the rights he doesn't have the rights to the cancelled project?

<Longcat_> yup

<Frogacuda> Purcell has rights to the name, characters, etc.

<Frogacuda> But not to either the released or the cancelled LA game

<Longcat_> the project was funded by LA, hence, they own it

<Frogacuda> So Lucas would have to license Sam and Max from purcell to re-release the old game, for example

<Frogacuda> But Purcell couldn't release the game without LA either.

<InspBurns> So two people have the keys

<middaydar> Talk about corporate bullshit

<Frogacuda> Yeah, basically. If they aren't both on board it can't happen

<InspBurns> I hope LA gets hit hard with a lack of interest in Star Wars

<Longcat_> LA only seems interested in squeezing the star wars franchis for what it's worth these days

<jen_tm> im actually done with Star wars, after the whole Greedo shot 1st BS, I was OUT

<Frogacuda> Lucas' interest change from year to year depending on who's in charge. They have a revolving door of CEOS

<InspBurns> You can only squeeze a sponge for so long before it runs out of water.

<Baugh88> Who would win in a chess match, J. Saint Gideon or Dr. Eldon Tyrell?

<jen_tm> oooh good one

<Frogacuda> Like for a minute they were real interested in adventure games and they did Monkey Island SEs and they teamed with Telltale on Tales of MI, and they did really well

<middaydar> Well I don't know about you guys, but I still want to know the secret of monkey island.  So they better get their act together

<Frogacuda> And then that guy left and the new guy was like "Monkey Island, is that on Hoth?"

<middaydar> hahaha

<Baugh88> lol

<InspBurns> That still didn't impress me. They were only doing remakes and not new games.

<JerryDan> Gotta run for a few. See ya soon

<jen_tm> gideon, tyrell was genius but how could he have not known Roy's intent

<Baugh88> He didn't know it was Roy when it happend.

<Frogacuda> Well Tales of Monkey Island was a new game. And LA published that

<InspBurns> I don't get the revolving door thing. A company should have a consistant CEO to show stability.

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<Longcat_> Frogacuda: yeah, before they changed CEO again

<Frogacuda> yup, exactly

<InspBurns> Kind of a new game. Technically not a full game because it was in episodic format.

<InspBurns> and not directly made by LA

<Frogacuda> And it's funny how not even recent financial success will convince them

<marinedal> Hey, who was it wanted the bass tab for the Day intro from UAKM?

<Baugh88> ME!


<marinedal> There you go

<Frogacuda> A lot of times when a new guy comes to power he tries to make the last guy's decisions all seem bad.

<marinedal> Just wrote it out :)

<Baugh88> Thank you so much.

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<Frogacuda> So sometimes they'll even intentionally let games fail that were greenlit by the last guy

<middaydar> That is incredibly petty

<Frogacuda> This shit is also how Sam and Max Freelance Police got cancelled. New guy came in and day one he cancelled all the shit the old guy approved

<InspBurns> that's corporate bullshit. maybe someone new will come in the revolving door and say the guy whos for Star Wars is bad

<Baugh88> marine, i'm forever in debt to you.

<Baugh88> It sounds awesome.

<Frogacuda> He wasn't even the CEO, he was the "acting CEO" just the guy who was filling in. That's why Sam and Max got cancelled

<marinedal> Don't worry about it!

<Baugh88> i just can't transfer what i'm hearing onto a bass.

<Baugh88> unless it's basically spelled out for me

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<Baugh88> yet i don't have trouble with sound puzzles in adventure games.

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<InspBurns> If only the change happened months later

<marinedal> I transcribe a lot of songs, so it's mostly practice

<jen_tm> i jim

<jen_tm> hi

<jim123> HI all

<middaydar> howdy

<Frogacuda> Yeah, they were just a few months away

<jim123> anything to report yet?

<Frogacuda> not a word

<jen_tm> JTOG?

<InspBurns> Is there a way to tell who the current CEO of Lucas Arts is? Seems like they don't announce it.

<Baugh88> My god.. i just now realized that Tyrell was the bartender in The Shining...

<Frogacuda> I think it's Paul Meegan

<InspBurns> how long does he got left?

<Frogacuda> He's been there like a year and a half, so he could go at any time

<InspBurns> cool

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<kamruk> did i miss anything? :D

<Frogacuda> Yeah, Chris Jones was here, he gave us all advance copies on Steam

<Longcat_> Rob Cowles - Senior Product Marketing Manager, phone - 415-746-8000, updated on 01/28/2012 03:02:00

<Longcat_> Jason Lee is the current CEO of LucasArts. Rob Cowles is the current Senior Product Marketing Manager. You can find Rob Cowles' linkedin profile, twitter, and biography on LucasArts' Lead411 profile, as well as LucasArts email
addresses with the domain. Rob Cowles' email may or may not be inside the profile. LucasArts is situated in San Francisco, CA. You can find their profile on Lead411 categorized under Entertainment/Med

<Frogacuda> But it seems to be some kind of pornographic Tetris clone. Kind of disappointing

<middaydar> No mention of Robco products anywhere

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<f2bnp> any news yet?

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<Longcat_> are we there yet?

<jen_tm> nope we are all waiting

<Longcat_> oh

<f2bnp> what time is in the US?

<jen_tm> dont make me turn this thing around

<Frogacuda> It's 2:43

<Longcat_> :)

<Hammerhea> They do know we're here, right?

<InspBurns> 2:43 EST

<f2bnp> cool thanks

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<jen_tm> if they looked at the board yes

<middaydar> @frogacuda: pornographic tetris?  haha

<Frogacuda> At this point, I'm expecting this is all an elaborate Rickroll.

<Longcat_> turn the internet around?

<jim123> 18:44 GMT here!

<jen_tm> LOL

<Baugh88> Hahahaha

<f2bnp> 20:44 GMT +2 here :D

<middaydar> 12:44 MT here

<kamruk> i want a steam copy of porno tetris xD

<middaydar> me too

<Longcat_> a steamy copy

<Frogacuda> GMT +2? Is that Poland or thereabouts?

<Longcat_> ok, enough of the wordpuns

<f2bnp> Oh

<f2bnp> here we are


<Baugh88> 13:45 CT here

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<jen_tm> hi

<f2bnp> :P

<Mrsemme> Hello

<jen_tm> fred's online, lets all pm him to get him on here

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<middaydar> Anyone here remember how the radio theatre episodes ended?  I'm completely blanking

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<jen_tm> tex ends up in vegas trying to get something to trade fore chelsea

<Mrsemme> No, but I remember the beginning :-), allthough that wasnt for small children Man it was great to hear his voice again

<jim123> didn't he go in search of chelseas brother?

<FredB> Hi

<jen_tm> yes

<Baugh88> I believe so, in Vegas.

<middaydar> @ jen: thanks...I'm remembering a little now

<jen_tm> he ended up at chances office and thats were he found out chelsea was being held

<InspBurns> He doesn't have to make the trade. He is also given the option of raising enough cash.

<jim123> ah yes, i'll have listen to them again!

<Hammerhea> He's got to do a favor for a casino owner.

<jen_tm> the crytic line, but they would trade the item for "what you were"

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<Sowden> greetings again

<Longcat_> bah, I'm going to go play Goin' downtown for a bit, see you all in a bit

<jen_tm> as in either past lives or regression memories

<Hammerhea> I think a mix of both.

<jen_tm> cryptic ending of course

<middaydar> of course

<Hammerhea> I think some of the ideas may have inspired 3 Cards.

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<jen_tm> yeah, i think ac likes exploring that stuff, he knew alot bizarre stuff

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<jen_tm> wow that sentence was a mess, sorry sleepy

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<Baugh88> For some reason that made me think of grammar space nazis.

<middaydar> interesting visual

<Hammerhea> test

<Baugh88> Is there anybody out there?

<jen_tm> yeah awkward silence

<middaydar> ok next question: what was the hardest puzzle for you (any of you) out of UAKM, PD, or Overseer??

<Baugh88> Good question.

<jen_tm> floor in Overseer, chased by aliens in pd

<jen_tm> got killed elebenty billion times

<middaydar> same for me with overseer

<InspBurns> I don't know if you call this a puzzle, but I'd say the Fireball Chamber is a beast. I think the movement sequences require more skill

<middaydar> agreed!!!

<FredB> I'd have to say Elijah Witt's puzzle box. For some reason that was really hard on me.

<InspBurns> Gideon'

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<marinedal> I was pretty young so although not the hardest, the scariest for me was trapping the alien in Roswell

<InspBurns> Gideon's Gallery would be the hardest one for me but I found the easy way around it.

<middaydar> there's an easy way?

<middaydar> lol

<Baugh88> gideons gallery was never to hard for me.

<InspBurns> Yeah you got to work your way back to the stairs leading up to the elevator

<middaydar> good to know, I just started a re-play of Overseer yesterday

<InspBurns> I think the stairs were only meant to be in the game after you read the cd in the control room but they're still usable and safe none the less

<InspBurns> So I wait on the stairs until the very last second

<InspBurns> And do a run all the way across the gallery

<Hammerhea> Ferrel Pus's game in UAKM, flying the spaceship in PD, and Overseer's Anasazi Brick Puzzle.

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<Hammerhea> Hey, noob!

<middaydar> the bricks were a doozy too

<n00b472> Hello! :)

<middaydar> thanks inspburns!

<InspBurns> Pus's puzzle isn't hard on replays

<Baugh88> Anasazi brick was pretty hard.

<jim123> the fireball room

<FredB> The Anasazi brick puzzle was a chess puzzle in 7th Guest ;)

<InspBurns> I forget the solution to the brick puzzle so yeah I seem to be there for a while

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<InspBurns> Not exactly. It had more restriction. There were places where you couldn't put bricks.

<FredB> Same exact solution, though :)

<middaydar> I guess I'll have to play 7th guest now, I've never played it

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<jim123> when i got my first 'windows/DOS' PC in 1995 it came with 7th guest and UAKM, I was 12 and couldn't get the down the stairs outside tex's office, but i was hooked when I saw video and sound on a computer, then upgraded to an AWE
64 sound-card and the music became stunning!

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<InspBurns> Is there only one solution to the 8X8 thing? I thought that's why Access blocked off slots. To make it have only 1 workable solution

<Hammerhea> Dependent on how you place the bricks, I'd say there were 8 variations of the one solution.

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<Hammerhea> Greetings, Adele!

<Adele_Ant> Hello! ^_^

<InspBurns> I know the dominos puzzle has 2. You can reverse the first one.

<Hammerhea> You can also arrange them vertically, if memory serves.

<InspBurns> .

<middaydar> how many people here ended up on Lombard st. in PD?  Or are you all Mission Street types lol

<jim123> been on all of them

<InspBurns> I wasn't picking up enough Good guy points and I didn't really understand what they were

<Hammerhea> Much as I like the Mission St. ending, I still enjoy the Lombard St. holodate ending.

<marinedal> I love the Mission St. ending. "How'd you know about my wart?"

<InspBurns> where is that wart?

<Adele_Ant> Been all just for a laugh, but downloaded multiple save games so I could watch all the endings easily. :)

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<Hammerhea> Hey, Overmann!

<jim123> I've always been surprised at the length of overseers ending

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<InspBurns> He's here!

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<Hammerhea> Hey again!

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<Hammerhea> Greetings, Mrsemme!

<mrsemme> Chris Jones has just logged on....

<Adele_Ant> *squeals* :D

<middaydar> ??

<middaydar> yay!

<marinedal> And off again. He's teasing :P

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<Adele_Ant> Get back here, man! LOL!

<FredB> Problematic connection, it sounds like.

<InspBurns> :(

<mrsemme> Maybe his Modem cat connect...

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<FredB> Modem cat is in your interwebz, stealing ur bandwidthz?

<RyanP> Anything new?

<Hammerhea> Hey, Ryan & Anne-Lise!

<RyanP> I guess it's still silence

<Hammerhea> Maybe he's waiting for Aaron?

<RyanP> Who?

<mrsemme> Yeah nothing new. I have to go to bed soon Long day tommorow :-)

<RyanP> Oh, ok

<Anne-Lise> Logging in and getting kicked out every ten minutes is becoming a bit tedious but still worth the wait, I hope!

<Hammerhea> I think it's due to inactivity.  I had trouble at first, but it's been pretty steady for me for a while.  Then again, I've been typing more too.

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<Hammerhea> Hey, john_!

<mrsemme> Right so we all just start typing I gues :-)

<middaydar> asdfghj

<FredB> Will anything I say increase my postcount? If not, I'm staying silent :D

<john_> Hey there!!

<Hammerhea> If this increases my post count, I've probably doubled mine today!

<InspBurns> You'll never catch up to Baf :)

<john_> *Still* no announcement?  Bummer :\

<mrsemme> hey John, whats shaking

<Adele_Ant> How long have some people been here for now? just found out abt the announcement an hour or so ago.

<Hammerhea> About 2.5 hours now for me, intermittently.

<mrsemme> same for me. Doing a bit of work and checking in now and again

<middaydar> An hour and a half for me.  Not working, but I should be

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<Hammerhea> Greetings, facls!

<facls> Tks! No news yet?

<mrsemme> Well Im not at work. If I am going to spend the night in front of the computer I might as well do something

<JerryDan> I'm back

<Longcat_> me2

<Adele_Ant> I'm not going to bed until I find out what's going on. LOL.

<Hammerhea> Nothing yet, facls.  Sorry.

<RyanP> Adele, ypure from UK, right,

<Adele_Ant> Yup! :)

<RyanP> Ah, hard to remember names since its been many years

<JerryDan> Whatever happened to comrade Alex?

<InspBurns> James is on again for the 10th time

<mrsemme> yeah I see that. maybe this is good sign?

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<RyanP> Jim the old guy here?

<Hammerhea> If he's jim123, then yes.

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<jim123> afraid not

<Hammerhea> Sorry :(

<jim123> jim123 is the nearly middle aged guy!

<Hammerhea> Greetings, f2bnp!

<middaydar> if you were 12 in 95 you aren't middle aged :)

<jim123> almost 30, does that count?

<JerryDan> Where is GarySogar?

<Adele_Ant> I can't see James nor did I see CJ earlier. *sad* Can others see some members that others can't?

<middaydar> No because I'm almost 30

<InspBurns> How about 13?

<mrsemme> 30 is nothing come on!

<f2bnp> Hello

<middaydar> @adele, I can't see them either

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<Hammerhea> I don't think so.

<jim123> 13? That was a long time ago, last time Tex had a proper outing I was 14

<RyanP> I am 30 and I don't feel any different

<f2bnp> I'm almost 18, am I the youngest one in here :P?

<Hammerhea> Greetings, TexIsGod!

<Adele_Ant> I was 10. LOL! 25 this year! It's been too long!

<middaydar> I was 14 also

<f2bnp> I was 4 :P

<mrsemme> Whoaw, Im starting to feel really old now. How about 22.......

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<TexIsGod> 18 here...

<Hammerhea> 19.

<f2bnp> Is that you current age or just how old you were when Overseer hit the scene?

<Hammerhea> Hit the scene.

<f2bnp> damn

<jim123> When I got the the of UAKM I always said I wish they'd make another one, and I stumbled across a copy of Overseer when getting a new graphics card, so thought i'd give it a go, and my jaw dropped when I got to the end and it
said about the dual pack UAKM and Pandora, went all over the UK to try and find a copy of Pandora, so managed to peraude my dad to make our first ever internet purchase to order it from the AccessSoftware online sto

<f2bnp> I am indeed the youngest one :p

<f2bnp> I only first played Pandora Directive in 2007

<TexIsGod> I'm 33. confused the release dates earlier

<middaydar> I used to get the games as Christmas gifts, then spend the entire break playing them lol

<JerryDan-> I was 20 when Overseer hit

<f2bnp> I knew of the game, because it's a cult classic

<marinedal> I'm 23, remember getting the boxed Pandora at a computer fair

<mrsemme> I played UAKM in 95, PD in 97 and Overseer in 01

<f2bnp> but I only got to play it in 2007 and it didn't really get my attention at first

<Frogacuda> I was a big UAKM fan and I didn't get Pandora until it was already out for probably 6 months, I had no idea it existed until a friend told me.

<TexIsGod> UAKM had such a fantastic soundtrack

<jim123> I've always kept an old PC on standby just to play the Tex games, the AWE32/64 sounds amazing for the game which needs vintage equipment with ISA slots!

<Frogacuda> They should have called it Killing Moon 2 or something

<f2bnp> I must have tried to get into the game 5-6 times until I finally got hooked

<Adele_Ant> I was 9 when my Mum was bought The Pandora Directive and as soon as I saw Tex Murphy, I wanted to marry him. LOL! Then I kind of took over as the resident Tex Murphy fan of the house and my Mum thought I'd gone crazy. :p

<Hammerhea> I heard of PD from an ad by Chips&Bits.  I later received Overseer in the mail from Columbia House.  Used the special offer to get UAKM & PD.

<f2bnp> Chris Jones actually looks like another celebrity here in Greece

<jim123> Shame that DOSBOX doesn't support above SB16 emulation really for the GOG downloads

<jim123> another celebrity, who's that?



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<Frogacuda> I remember the first time I saw UAKM. It was after having already played Myst, and pre-rendered 3D was all the rage. I looked at UAKM and I though it was like that. Then I hit the spacebar and my jaw hit the floor. I couldn't
believe it.

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<Hammerhea> Hey, noob!

*** n00b130 is now known as jen_tm

<f2bnp> A cool way to get much better music than the FM synthesis of the SoundBlasters is through General Midi

<jim123> there are similarities in the pics

<f2bnp> I use soundfonts

<f2bnp> or external MIDI synths

<Frogacuda> Yeah, I had a Gravis Ultrasound back in the day. It sounded pretty good on that.

<Hammerhea> Greetings, Jen!  My mistake, you looked like someone else!

<TexIsGod> yeah, absolut must. roland sound canvas it was

<jen_tm> ha ha

<f2bnp> Ah yes, Gravis rocked :D

<jim123> I could try that, I've got a Korg NX rack somewhere

<f2bnp> I keep a Roland SC-7 and a Yamaha DB60XG for all my retro game needs

<Frogacuda> I want to get an MT-32

<f2bnp> I have a recording with the SC-7

<f2bnp> The one that plays during the Black Arrow Killer chase

<Frogacuda> So when I play emulated Sharp X68000 games they sound as glorious as they should.

<RyanP> I brb in about an hour after I get off work. Take care

* Frogacuda is a nerd

<jen_tm> lol

<jim123> cya Ryan

<john_> Adele: I've been on here, on and off, since 9am MST

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<Hammerhea> Why does my list have two Jerry Dans?

<f2bnp> The MT-32 rocks, wish I had one too

*** JerryDan [] has quit [Ping timeout: 612 seconds]

<Hammerhea> Greetings, Taco!  Now it's a fiesta!

<jen_tm> lol i saw that too, evil twin

<Frogacuda> MT-32 sounds amazing. Especially in like... Space Quest III or Granada, or Sol Feace

<middaydar> lol

<taco> hello :P

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<mrsemme> well one of them left :-)

<Hammerhea> Greetings, Adnins!

<jen_tm> wow 27 people good crowd

<TexIsGod> this could be a social experiment, too. glad being a part of it

<f2bnp> Uploading music from my Roland SC-7

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<Frogacuda> Just think if all 27 of us chipped in $50 for a kickstarter, that's be like $1350 for a new game. Ballin!

<jim123> Well it's one way of getting people of all ages from all over the world to celebrate something we all like

<middaydar> It is definitely a testament to the quality of the games

<f2bnp> Anyone here ever played the Little Big Adventure games

<f2bnp> ?

<jim123> no

<Frogacuda> Looooove LBA

<f2bnp> Ah, here it is


<TexIsGod> what would be the maximum you'd give for a new tex-murphy-game on kickstarter?

<f2bnp> make sure to raise the volume, I didn't record it properly and it just sounds too quiet

*** Adninsrea [40860b8d@] has joined #texmurphy

<f2bnp> Probably 50$

<mrsemme> 200$

<Frogacuda> f2bnp: You know they're making a remake of LBA1, right?

<f2bnp> oh yes

<f2bnp> I can't wait

<TexIsGod> think 200 would be my max, too

<f2bnp> Never was a huge fan of LBA1 though, I played LBA 2 first

<jen_tm> it depends on the rewards, could go a few thousand

<Frogacuda> I'd like to see an LBA kickstarter, but unfortunately KS isn't that European friendly right now, and no one knows LBA here in the states

*** Adninsrea [40860b8d@] has quit [Client Quit]

<Adele_Ant> Maximum I could afford would probably be about £80.

<f2bnp> I just hope we get LBA 3 someday, perhaps now with kickstarter and the LBA1 remake

<jen_tm> only if it's an adventure game, AC is in on it, and cool prizes lol

*** plumgas [] has joined #texmurphy

<Frogacuda> I think the first one was better actually.

<Frogacuda> But the horrible save system holds it back a bit

<f2bnp> Heh, opinions... :P

<Hammerhea> Hey, Plumgas!

<f2bnp> I remember laughing my ass off with how you could hurt yourself by running on walls

<jen_tm> hey girl welcome back

<plumgas> don't tell me you guys are still sitting here with no news

<f2bnp> It really pissed me off later though, especially since I played LBA 2 first

<Frogacuda> yeah, there is that too

<jen_tm> YEP

<mrsemme> Plumgas: Sorry nothing new

<john_> I'd easily drop $100 if Tex hits Kickstarter today…. hell, I've been waiting for so long, I'd go well beyond that.

*** RustyTheC [] has joined #texmurphy

<Hammerhea> Hey, Rusty!

<Frogacuda> Frederick Raynal really needs kickstarter. He has a ton of fans, he's an industry legend, but publishers are like "Well what have you done for us lately?"

<plumgas> I don't beleive this, I have lost so much sleep

<Frogacuda> He's the perfect candidate they just need to sort out the Euro thing

<JerryDan-> Hahaha, poor plumgas

*** RustyTheC [] has quit [Client Quit]

<f2bnp> I grew up with LBA2, I have some of the fondest memories from that game. I remember we had a demo disc that included a demo of the game, but the disc belonged to someone and we had to return it.

<Frogacuda> I actually have Raynal's email. I should ask him about it.

<TexIsGod> i'd pay billions for my own tex murphy game. can't though. would release it to the public for free after the first playthrough. wonder why no billionaire has ever done that before

<f2bnp> So I hid it under my pillow while I was sleeping so my parents and older brother couldn't give it back xD

*** freepizza [] has joined #texmurphy

<plumgas> nothing on facebook

<freepizza> yo yo yo

<JerryDan-> There goes the neighborhood

<Hammerhea> Hey, FreePizza!

<freepizza> hey guys

<freepizza> whats the good news?

<Hammerhea> No news is good news

<mrsemme> nothing yet

<JerryDan-> WE'RE ON

<Frogacuda> The good news is the earth is still spinning

<freepizza> great to hear

<f2bnp>  Black Arrow Killer chase theme played on my Roland SC-7

<f2bnp> if anyone cares!

<f2bnp> :D

<Frogacuda> Windows' default MIDI synthesis is based on Sound Canvas

<JerryDan-> Rolands have the best sounds

<jim123> downloading as we speak

<plumgas> what is the time now

<Hammerhea> 2pm Mountain Time

<mrsemme> 9pm here were I am

<Adele_Ant> 8pm here. :)

<plumgas> 2pm what happened to 10am

<middaydar> @hammerhead, I'm MT too

<f2bnp> It is indeed based on the Sound Canvas but it just sounds way too off

<jim123> i like the drums on this

<Hammerhea> @middaydar, I'm central time really.  Just know the conversion.

<jim123> i loved the sax type stuff on UAKM when I got my AWE64

<Frogacuda> 10AM was just a made up time someone came up with so we'd have something to look forward to, it turns out.

<f2bnp> There is this great utility called BassMIDI that allows you to load soundfonts easily, you guys should check it out

<mrsemme> plumgas: Were did you get that 10 am from?

<jim123> cheers f2bnp, i'll check it out

<plumgas> face book chris jones son

*** RyanP [] has quit [Quit:  (EOF)]

<Frogacuda> Yeah, that wasn't CJ's son

<facls> Nothing about Tex yet, so here's a tip for you guys, a Kickstarter for another classic FMV series of games:

*** newnick [] has joined #texmurphy

<Frogacuda> That guy was in here before, he was like "Sorry, I was just picking a time arbitrarily"

<plumgas> someone said they lookup his profile

<Hammerhea> Greetings, newnick!

*** newnick is now known as craigb

<craigb> hi

<JerryDan-> No, someone on the FB thread said "start the countdown" and he said "10..."

<JerryDan-> His name happened to be Matthew L. Jones

<InspBurns> The Sherlock Holmes games you're mentioning aren't adventure are they?

<f2bnp> They are

<f2bnp> in a sense

<john_> facls: Great find!!  I'm definitely backing this one.

<Frogacuda> That's kind of interesting. I would have preferred a new Deja Vu

*** Octarine [] has joined #texmurphy

<facls> I think that 9 bucks for all 9 Sherlock games is a bargain. And the videos will be uncompressed.

<Hammerhea> Greetings, Octarine!

<Octarine> hey

<facls> And the developer has been in some forums like Adventure Gamers and GOG saying that he intends to bring back Deja Vu and Shadowgate as well.

<marinedal> Damn "Jones" for being one of the most common names in the English-speaking world :P

<JerryDan-> Those Welsh must have bred like rabbits

<mrsemme> LOL

<Hammerhea> I agree.  There was even a Chris Jones that worked on Fallout 2.  No relation.

*** plumgas [] has quit [Quit:  (Ping timeout)]

<f2bnp> Not to mention Chris Jones , creator of the Adventure Game Studio

*** n00b295 [] has joined #texmurphy

<freepizza> Chris Bones more like it

<marinedal> Or like sheep at least (Sorry, that's obligatory, and allowed because I'm 1/8th Welsh and can pronounce LLanfairpwllgogerychwryndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch :P )

*** Baugh88 [4028d259@] has joined #texmurphy

<Hammerhea> Greetings, noob & Baugh88!

<mrsemme> Whats that in translation :-)

<Baugh88> Hello

<JerryDan-> Ha

<JerryDan-> Yes, it means "hi"

<marinedal> oops missed a bit out

<Hammerhea> You mean it's misspelled?

<Octarine> how can you tell?

<marinedal> *Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwryndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

<middaydar> try saying that five times fast

<mrsemme> so what does it mean?

<Octarine> I gave up half way through reading it

<marinedal> Saint Mary's Church in a hollow of white hazel near the swirling whirlpool of the church of Saint Tysilio with a red cave

<mrsemme> LOL

<Baugh88> i knew that

<marinedal> My favourite tonguetwister is in Swedish though

*** youhaveaf [] has joined #texmurphy

<InspBurns> Doesnt look like they'll meet the goal

<Hammerhea> Greetings, youhaveaf!

*** n00b295 [] has quit [Quit:  (Ping timeout)]

<redcat72> Man, they are really keeping us in suspense!  (I'm at work, so mostly lurking here)

<middaydar> definitely keeping up hanging; I've drank like an entire pot of armageddon since I logged in

<mrsemme> armageddon?

<Frogacuda> moonshine?

<Hammerhea> No offense, but if they were planning on telling us after their work day, then there's still almost a full 3 hours to go.  I'm thinking it'll be another 4-7 hours.

<Hammerhea> Coffee?

<middaydar> Louie's coffee

<mrsemme> right

<Adele_Ant> I've eaten a whole roll of refreshers since I've been here. LOL. Feel a bit fizzed up inside now! LOL!

<marinedal> Sjutusen sjuhundra sjuttio sju sjösjuka sjömän

<marinedal> (7777 seasick sailors)

<mrsemme> Well I understand that! Allthough I wont try it

*** BringTexB [] has joined #texmurphy

*** craigb [] has quit [Quit:  (EOF)]

<Hammerhea> Greetings, BringTexBack!

<mrsemme> syvtusing syvhundrede syvoghalfjerd søsyge sømænd

<BringTexB> Hi all! Any news yet??

<Hammerhea> Not yet.  Sorry.

<youhaveaf> hey:)

*** n00b188 [] has joined #texmurphy

<BringTexB> ok... brb - hanging laundry....

<jen_tm> hi mr faxman

*** CraigWRB [] has joined #texmurphy

<middaydar> @frogacuda, I drank the pot of moonshine on St. Paddy's lol

<freepizza> I drank up the sunshine and played checkers iwth my grandmother

<middaydar> hahaha

*** n00b188 [] has quit [Client Quit]

*** TexIsGod [] has quit [Quit:  (Ping timeout)]

*** plumgas [] has joined #texmurphy

<plumgas> just got a message from james everybody

<Baugh88> Has anyone here ever played parcheesi?

<jen_tm> do tell

<plumgas> he hasn't got a clue either

<freepizza> hahaha

<freepizza> How dramatic

<youhaveaf> something happend in the last 2 and a half hours?^^

<jim123> no, although I thought it looked similar to Ludo

<JerryDan-> That explains some things

<freepizza> explains why he has visited the board so often

<jen_tm> blast it biggs where are you

<youhaveaf> hi jen

<jen_tm> hi :-)

<plumgas> he just said thats why he keeps popping into the board as they didn't give him a time either

<mrsemme> oh man

<Adele_Ant> -_-

*** daRealTex [4813a48a@] has quit [Quit:  (Session timeout)]

<plumgas> ia cheis mars still awake

<plumgas> I meant chris marland

*** eapoe [] has joined #texmurphy

<Hammerhea> Greetings, eapoe!

<plumgas> is everbody still there

<eapoe> good evening

<jen_tm> its hammertime

<mrsemme> yes

<plumgas> is everybody still there

<jen_tm> yes

<Hammerhea> @jen_tm, that's my line :)

<Adele_Ant> yea

<jen_tm> lol

<middaydar> yep

*** plumgas [] has quit [Quit: ]

<eapoe> oh, a fax has arrived

<marinedal> *YouHaveAFax*

<f2bnp> hahahaha

<eapoe> whats it say?

<jen_tm>  *YouHaveAFax*

<jen_tm>  *YouHaveAFax*

<jen_tm>  *YouHaveAFax*

<jen_tm> lol

<f2bnp> that thing wouldn't stop

*** plumgas [] has joined #texmurphy

*** youhaveaf [] has quit [Quit:  (Ping timeout)]

<john_> :)

<Baugh88> Don't make me go Office Space.

<middaydar> hahaha

*** youhaveaf [] has joined #texmurphy

<jen_tm> ha

<marinedal> Oh great, another incoming message that won't print out. If I don't get a new fax machine I'll be out of business.

<plumgas> I was typing & nothing happening

<mrsemme> Oh boy. Mail!

<jim123> a pre-approved electronics shop application addressed to the previous occupant

<plumgas> is chris marsland still there

*** youhaveaf [] has quit [Client Quit]

*** youhaveaf [] has joined #texmurphy

*** tidalwave [] has joined #texmurphy

<eapoe> if there'll be a new game, then they've got to give him a new fax machine

<jen_tm> poor guys probably sleeping

<Hammerhea> Greetings, tidalwave!

<marinedal> This clear mountain spring water is indispensable. Literally. I'm out of paper cups.

<Baugh88> Or at some point have him destroy his current one out of frustration

<mrsemme> yeah

<jim123> the paper cups bit was a great line

<jen_tm> that what i love about these game the writing was so frickin amazing

<Hammerhea> I thought that was the deleted scene in UAKM when he got rid of the old one!

<jim123> deleted scene, do tell

*** youhaveaf [] has quit [Client Quit]

*** youhaveaf [] has joined #texmurphy

*** Anne-Lise [] has joined #texmurphy

<Hammerhea> There's not a deleted scene.  You just buy a new one that looks like the old one.

<Hammerhea> Welcome back, Anne-Lise!

<jim123> the 30 day warranty just ran out of my electronics shop fax machine, it should break down any minute now

*** youhaveaf [] has quit [Client Quit]

<Hammerhea> Interesting timing...

<eapoe> LOL

<middaydar> hahaha

<InspBurns> Hey this door is just painted on!

<mrsemme> lol

<marinedal> Ah yes, Tex got a new one from the Blue Box of Plot Advancement in the Electronics Shop :P

<jen_tm> lol marin

<mrsemme> And he had to replace his watercooler.....

<Hammerhea> Yeah.  Poor Pug.

<middaydar> Tex's favorite thing to say to me was always: "well, that won't work"

<f2bnp> oh man that scene

<mrsemme> And then He got a new one after the er "incident"

<jim123> hey sonny, think you can help me out, my GF just chucked my gun outta the window, hey thats not a toy you know, oh my hell!

<f2bnp> UAKMs biggest fault was the transition from stupid moments to really serious ones

<InspBurns> I think "That doesn't seem to do anything" is better!

<mrsemme> Fault! What do you mean? Thats comic relief.

<middaydar> lol

<eapoe> "blaaaasphemy"

<Hammerhea> Now that's a character I wouldn't mind seeing again.  Crazy Gary Lee, what a guy!

<jim123> these weights would be a great workout if only they weren't so darn heavy!

<mrsemme> Comic relief: Finding pugs head in the watercooler and the trying to get it out afterwards LOL


<plumgas> jen did you name your son after gary

<jim123> f2bnp .. lol!


<jen_tm> haha, nah his name stayed with my ex

<jim123> PSYCHO PREACHER, thats what the foul little man called me

<marinedal> Crazy Gary scared the shit out of me the first time I played Pandora

<Baugh88> f2bnp, that is goign to become my alarm tone.

<f2bnp> :P

<marinedal> walked through the alleyway, turned round and there was this apparition in white standing there

<Hammerhea> Me too.  I thought I'd run into Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China I was so close to him.

<plumgas> how many times did the black arror killer get everyone

<Adele_Ant> Scared me when I was a kid too. LOL!

<f2bnp> Perhaps you'll like this one as well :

*** Octarine [] has quit [Quit: ]

*** freepizza [] has quit [Quit:  (Ping timeout)]

<mrsemme> @plumgas: Around 10 times before I got the moudemovement correct

<jim123> ah memories, i liked how they used that as the test sound when setting up your soundcard

<f2bnp> None actually, I had to die on purpose to see what happens. I always found it too easy actually

<Hammerhea> Til I learned to duck, he got me plenty!

<Adele_Ant> I used to be scared of when you had to tackle the Black Arrow Killer and when you go to AutoTech. I'm still scared of Autotech. LOL. I hate timer puzzles.

<middaydar> I'm still scared of autotech too

<middaydar> :)

<InspBurns> You can travel away before the BAK fires the gun

<plumgas> I still shake at the sunset lodge avoiding jim slade

<jim123> i find it a bit odd in auto tech when your hiding in the cupboard and the guy comes round the corner in the room, he seems to come speeding past

<marinedal> "Look, prophecies aren't in my job description OK? I'm just a humble PI trying to save the world as we know it."

<middaydar> @plumgas, me too!

<mrsemme> Sorry guys, I have to quit. Lets hope it doesnt take too long. Long day tomorrow.

*** mrsemme [503e7556@] has quit [Quit: ]

<InspBurns> He runs because of the alarm

<jen_tm> by mrse

<jen_tm> bye

<jim123> yes i suppose, just looked odd

<jim123> cya mrsemme

<plumgas> I always laugh" somebody said smoking can kill you, I thought that was only a recent discovery

*** youhaveaf [] has joined #texmurphy

<InspBurns> now it's almost dinner time

<Hammerhea> Welcome back, youhaveafax!

<plumgas> I going to have a shower

*** Overmann [438ea11c@] has quit [Quit:  (Ping timeout)]

*** n00b029 [] has joined #texmurphy

*** plumgas [] has quit [Quit: ]

*** n00b029 [] has quit [Client Quit]

*** Eulisker [] has joined #texmurphy

<Hammerhea> Greetings, Eulisker!

*** Eulisker [] has quit [Client Quit]

*** tidalwave left #texmurphy []

<youhaveaf> thx hammerhead:)

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