Under a Killing Moon
Box Art

Written by
Aaron Conners

Directed by
Chris Jones
Under a Killing Moon | A Tex Murphy Novel by Aaron Conners
Under a Killing Moon
A Tex Murphy Novel by Aaron Conners

ISBN: 0-7615-0420-6
Publisher: Prima Publishing
First Published: April 1996
Pages: 328

German: Das Luzifer Projekt | ISBN: 3-442-25010-2
French: Sous Une Lune De Sang | ISBN: 2-265-06181-6

It's December 2042 and Tex Murphy, last of the old-style PIs, has hit rock bottom. A run of tough luck and a soured marriage have left Tex nursing a bottle of cheap bourbon and wishing he could sink right into the pavement.

Then a priceless statuette is stolen. From the shadowy back streets of post-apocalyptic San Francisco come rumors that an ancient evil, foretold by prophecy and worshipped by an ancient blood cult, has mysteriously reawakened. When Tex is hired to find the statuette, he plunges into a labyrinth of deceit, manipulation, and murder. He'll need all of his PI instincts, and every ounce of Murphy savoir faire, to resist the seduction of darkness and stop the forces of evil—before the terrifying prophecies become reality.

Aaron Conners' original story treatment for the computer game version of Under a Killing Moon was far more epic in scope than the technology of the day could accommodate. In order to work within the limitations of the game, the original story was revised and scaled down. In the novelization, many of the grander themes and plot elements from the original vision are revived—resulting in a story that is both very familiar and totally fresh to anyone who has played the game.