Under a Killing Moon
Box Art

Written by
Aaron Conners

Directed by
Chris Jones
Broken Skull Bartender Broken Skull Bartender
Played by Margot Kidder

The bartender at the Broken Skull would just as soon kill you as pour you a drink. Don't get on her bad side, or you'll be violently introduced to the pistol she has hidden behind the bar.

The Big P.I. in the Sky The Big P.I. in the Sky
Played by James Earl Jones

The Big P.I.—God himself—has decided that Tex's case is important enough to get personally involved, and helps Tex out whenever he does something stupid like get himself killed.

The Chameleon The Chameleon
Played by Russell Means

Known only as The Chameleon, this shape-shifting American Indian shaman is the Brotherhood of Purity leader's right hand man, and has a rather disgusting habit of stuffing the heads of his victims into water coolers.

Eddie Ching Eddie Ching
Played by Sandy Jensen

The most notorious crime boss in San Francisco, Eddie Ching prefers to let people think she is a man. It's better for business, she says. After Tex finds the Countess' statuette, Ching pays him a visit, and tells him the full story behind the crystal bird.

Colonel Dobbs Colonel Dobbs
Played by Brian Keith

Tex's mentor in the P.I. biz. While Tex was working for The Colonel's detective agency, he noticed The Colonel's unorthodox investigative methods, and reported him to the P.I. Licensing Board. The Board suspended The Colonel, and he and Tex had a falling out.

Mick E. Flemm Mick Flemm
Played by Jay Richards

Flemm is a petty criminal who broke into Rook's Pawn Shop, and Tex follows his trail. Flemm used to smuggle illegal novelty items into the country with Rusty the Clown, a former kids TV host who used to own the novelty shop on Chandler Avenue.

Franco Franco Franco Franco
Played by Willie Walker

The top commodities dealer in San Francisco, Franco Franco operates out of the abandoned Alhambra Theater, and has a special place in his heart for quality items made from jade.

Sylvia Linsky Sylvia Linsky
Played by Kris Mickler

When Tex met Sylvia during his Mean Streets case, he never dreamed that one day she'd bring him happiness, loyalty, and eternal love—which is good, because she didn't. Tex's response when asked about his former marriage: "When people tell me to go to Hell, I tell them I've already been there."

Francesca Lucido Francesca Lucido
Played by Jeri Christian

Francesca and her husband, Sal, run the Slice o' Heaven pizza parlor on Chandler Avenue. Frannie suspects Sal of being unfaithful and would love to divorce him and collect some money, but she has no proof of his escapades.

Alaynah Moore Alaynah Moore
Played by Rebecca Clay

Twelve years ago, Tex dated Alaynah's sister, Debbie. After finding her name in some of The Colonel's files, Tex needs her help in getting into G.R.S., a highly guarded genetic research company.

Beek Nariz Beek Nariz
Played by Doug Vandegrift

Beek is one of the more distinguishable mutants on Chandler Avenue. Given his mutation, he prefers to hide in the shadows, which is how he got to be the best street informant in San Francisco.

Ardo Newpop Ardo Newpop
Played by Aaron Conners

Ardo is the big dumb goon who runs the front desk at the Golden Gate Hotel on Chandler Avenue. He has a strange addiction to children's TV shows, especially the Inspector Burns Fire Safety Show.

Lowell Percival Lowell Percival
Played by Michail Bailey

Tex did a job for Lowell Percival, founder and president of Lowell Percival Enterprises, during his Martian Memorandum case. Little did Tex know that he'd come face-to-face with him again—albeit under very different circumstances.

Pug Pug
Played by Richard Haslam

Pug is ugly as sin, doesn't work often, and smells like he sleeps in a latrine. Close enough: he actually sleeps in a box next to the Snow White Warehouse.

Ferrel Pus Ferrel Pus
Played by David Madsen

When Tex needs transportation to the Moon Child he's told to see Ferrel. Before Ferrel agrees, however, he makes Tex play a deadly game called Ferrelette.

Countess Renier Countess Renier
Played by Monique Lanier

The Countess hires Tex to find a crystal dove statuette that was stolen from her mansion. She leaves out a few small details, however: like what the true purpose of the statuette is...and that she's no "Countess" at all.

Rudy Rudy
Played by George Manousakis

Rudy, of Rudy's Upholstery, was hired to cover Tex's office chairs. When he was done, however, he decided to also "cover" Tex's wife, Sylvia—in ways not covered by the standard customer service plan. He did a good job on the chairs, though.

Eva Shanzee Eva Shanzee
Played by Mindy Lawson

An undercover agent for C.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N., Eva has infiltrated G.R.S., and is on the trail of the cult when she disappears.

Melahn Tode Melahn Tode
Played by Shannon Engemann

Melahn is The Colonel's current squeeze and she loves him more than anything. Actually, she loves his money more than anything. Actually, she just loves money in general.

Hamm Underwood Hamm Underwood
Played by Brian Ferguson

The manager of the Electronics Shop on Chandler Avenue is cross-eyed, knowledgeable, and can be very friendly—if you're interested in making a purchase. Not one for small talk, one should have their Electronics Shop credit card handy before bothering Hamm.