Tex Murphy Radio Theater
to be continued....

The evening of a lifetime ends with a stolen speeder and an uneasy ride from a mysterious stranger. Not the best way to end a date—but "things could get worser..."

Welcome to Tex Murphy Radio Theater! When last we saw our hero at the end of Overseer, he and long-time elusive love interest Chelsee Bando had finally gone out on their first official date. And just when we thought Tex might finally get to second base, we were blindsided by a shocking and ruthless cliffhanger.

For years now, we've wanted to continue the story and answer some of the questions that have haunted Tex's loyal fans, such as:

  • Why was Tex's speeder stolen, and by whom?
  • Was Tex really experiencing déjà vu and, if so, was he really experiencing déjà vu?
  • Who was the mysterious man from "Down Under" and why did he shoot Tex and Chelsee?
  • And the biggest question of all: what was the fate of our hero and his leading lady? Were they really dead? Or would Tex wake up and realize it had all been a dream, like that one guy did on Dallas? Or was it something even more sinister?

Well, dear listeners, as our gift to you - and in a concerted effort to resurrect our hard-luck hero - we have created six Radio Theater episodes in which we will address the aforementioned melodramatic questions, as well as give you a taste of what lies ahead for Tex (should we ever get a chance to do another Tex Murphy adventure).

Thank you for your patience and loyalty,

Aaron Conners & Chris Jones