The Pandora Directive
Box Art

Written by
Aaron Conners

Directed by
Adrian Carr
Hints & Help

The Pandora Directive contains a built-in hint system, but each hint will cost you five points. If you want to save points and still get a nudge in the right direction, visit the Universal Hint System Walkthrough for The Pandora Directive.


Getting The Pandora Directive to run properly on a modern computer is tricky business. The solution lies in a program called DOSBox, which emulates the old DOS environment in which the game thrives. DOSBox can be somewhat intimidating at first, but site member Tan has put together a great tutorial on how to use the program to get the game up and running in no time.

Click here to learn how to configure DOSBox for The Pandora Directive.

If you need other technical assistance, please search or ask a question in the Tex Support section of the Message Board.

"Who are you, Tex?"

Type "jky" at any time the game to see what path you are on and how many "Good Guy" points you have.

Mayan Easter Egg

While in the very first Mayan chamber (the one with the stone map), use the jackknife on the ceiling, and then use your jackknife on the eye of the man being tortured. He's on the wall to the left of the door you entered through. To clarify: stand as you were when you first entered the room, then turn 90 degrees to your left. See the painting on the wall of the man being tortured? That's the guy you're looking for. Click on his eye with your jackknife after using the jackknife on the ceiling.

Use your jackknife on the ceiling... ...then on the eye of the man being tortured.

This will take you to a hidden room, where you can get comments from some of the talented folks who worked on the game.

While in this room, look at the stained glass window. You will hear a garbled message. This message is "Use the cash on the blue void," said backwards. Look up at the ceiling and see the blue void. Use your cash on it and you'll be taken to another special place, where your next "step" is fairly obvious.