The Pandora Directive
Box Art

Written by
Aaron Conners

Directed by
Adrian Carr
Jackson Cross Jackson Cross
Played by Barry Corbin

Jackson Cross is an N.S.A. agent who finds killing people very satisfying, and who uses the Graham Act, a bill passed by the government giving the N.S.A. carte blanche in dealing with security matters, to his advantage whenever he can.

Archie Ellis Archie Ellis
Played by Bill Bradshaw

Archie Ellis is the editor of the Cosmic Connection, a magazine for conspiracy theorists and UFO enthusiasts. Archie will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about alien abductions, government conspiracies, and crop circles.

Gordon Fitzpatrick Gordon Fitzpatrick
Played by Kevin McCarthy

Gordon Fitzpatrick is the older gentleman who hires Tex. He sends Tex on the trail of one Dr. Thomas Malloy, an old friend of his from back when he was in the military. Fitzpatrick knows more about his old friend's disappearance than he lets on, however.

Dag Horton Dag Horton
Played by Aaron Conners

Dag Horton is an N.S.A. agent posing as the Black Arrow Killer as part of a secret plan known only to Dag and Jackson Cross. The murders he commits baffle the authorities, because the real Black Arrow Killer supposedly hung himself in a Nevada jail cell years ago.

Gus Leach Gus Leach
Played by Chris Conners

Gus Leach is the owner of the Fuchsia Flamingo nightclub, which moved into the old Bijou Theater building on Chandler Avenue. Gus is fiercely protective of his singer, Emily Sue Patterson. Anyone caught messing with her gets either kicked out the door, or a taste of Gus' fist.

Crazy Gary Lee Crazy Gary Lee
Played by Wayne Brennan

Crazy Gary can be seen wandering around Chandler Avenue, looking for a good place to give his next sermon. He gives his anti-meat sermons regularly, and has started a crusade against Louie and the Brew & Stew, saying that Louie is killing people with his wretched, meat-filled food.

Garden House Landlady Garden House Landlady
Played by Pearl Leidy

The landlady of the Garden House is a sweet old lady who regularly bakes cookies for her guests. She'll just as quickly slam the door in your face, however, if she smells something fishy.

Regan Madsen Regan Madsen
Played by Tanya Roberts

Determined, persuasive, and beautiful, Regan will go to any lengths to get what she wants in life. Endlessly complex, she is harder to figure out than a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

Thomas Malloy Thomas Malloy
Played by John Agar

Thomas Malloy worked for the military, deciphering hieroglyphics found inside the alien spacecraft that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. After a stunning discovery, he hides in constant fear from just about everyone. The information contained in the strange metal boxes he sent to his most trusted companions may be too much for the world to handle.

Nilo Paglio Nilo Paglio
Played by John Timmons

Nilo Paglio is the human equivalent of the stuff that gets clogged in your kitchen sink. The smelly, disgusting, cheap cigar smoking owner/landlord of the Ritz Hotel would evict you on the day of your mother's funeral if your rent wasn't paid.

Emily Sue Patterson Emily Sue Patterson
Played by Nicole Tindall

Emily Sue Patterson sings at the Fuchsia Flamingo, under the name "Lucy Luv." She's recently been getting threatening notes from an anonymous person who only signs the notes with a black arrow. She hires Tex to investigate, which leads him on more than just the simple missing person case presented by Fitzpatrick.

Lucia Pernell Lucia Pernell
Played by Catherine Hammonds

Lucia Pernell is an investigative reporter for The Bay City Mirror. Always looking for a hot lead, Lucia would do anything, short of cut off her own foot, for a good story.

Zack Williams Zack Williams
Played by Curley Green

Zack Williams is the new manager of the Electronics Shop. He can tell you about any item in the store. Just ask him about something, and he'll give you a long as you have cash ready in hand.

Elijah Witt Elijah Witt
Played by Sterling Brimley

Elijah Witt is the author of There Are Messages From Outer Space, a virtual Bible among UFO nuts. There are thousands of people who worship him for finally writing the "truth," and millions who dismiss him as a strange old crackpot.