Box Art

Written by
Aaron Conners

Directed by
Adrian Carr
Hints & Help

Overseer contains a built-in hint system, but each hint will cost you five points. If you want to save points and still get a nudge in the right direction, visit the Universal Hint System Walkthrough for Overseer.

For a more in-depth solution, check out the UOTM Overseer Walkthrough.

Windows XP

Getting Overseer to run properly on a modern computer is tricky business. The game was originally intended to run under Windows 95, but site member Tan has put together a great tutorial on how to get the game up and running in no time on a newer machine.

Click here to learn how to get Overseer running under Windows XP .

If you need other technical assistance, please search or ask a question in the Tex Support section of the Message Board.