Box Art

Written by
Aaron Conners

Directed by
Adrian Carr
Greg Call Greg Call
Played by Aaron Conners

Greg Call was the head of the STG project, a secretive subsidiary of Gideon Enterprises. After learning of the true nature of STG, and of attempts to sell the project out, Call secretly built "Stalemate"—a failsafe program designed to destroy the project should it fall into the wrong hands.

Eve Clements Eve Clements
Played by Silvana Gallardo

Lieutenant Eve Clements is Tex's only source of information at the S.F.P.D. She's also a good friend of The Colonel's, and is none too happy about Tex's betrayal of his former mentor.

Sonny Fletcher Sonny Fletcher
Played by Henry Darrow

Sonny Fletcher was originally hired by Carl Linsky to find out about the other STG scientists. Haunted by old demons awakened by his investigation, Sonny has become a washed-up, drunken shadow of his former self.

J. Saint Gideon J. Saint Gideon
Played by Michael York

Founder of Gideon Enterprises, J. Saint Gideon was recently ousted as president of his company. Confined to a wheelchair years ago by an act international espionage, and now suffering from declining health, Gideon spends his days sequestered alone in his enormous seaside mansion.

Larry Hammond Larry Hammond
Played by Clint Howard

Larry Hammond was a programmer on the STG project, and now prefers to stay "underground" in an attempt to stay alive. Larry was friends with Greg Call, who entrusted him with several bits of valuable information.

John Klaus John Klaus
Played by Joe Estevez

A brilliant surgeon, John Klaus was a member of the STG project and Carl Linsky's close friend. Corrupted by greed and his own political views, Klaus has a plan in motion to sell the STG project to the Law and Order Party—no matter who he has to have killed to do so.

Robert Knott Robert Knott
Played by Roger Davis

The Law and Order Party's gubernatorial candidate, Robert Knott has secretly been working to bring the Party down from the inside. Now, the Party is trying to get rid of it's pooper, and Knott has gone into hiding.

Delores Lightbody Delores Lightbody
Played by Micaela Nelligan

Delores Lightbody was Carl Linsky's fiancée (and testatrix) before his untimely death. Carl's suicide was devastating for Delores, who went into mourning for at least an entire week. When Tex interviews her, her grief still shows, but not enough to keep her from putting the moves on him.

Carl Linsky Carl Linsky
Played by Ron Ross

Carl Linsky was an STG project scientist. After undergoing a seemingly routine surgical procedure, Carl began acting strangely, and ultimately lept to his death from the Golden Gate Bridge.

Sylvia Linsky Sylvia Linsky
Played by Rebecca Broussard

Sylvia hires Tex to investigate her father's death, not believing that he committed suicide. After Tex takes the case, however, he discovers that Sylvia's motives might not be entirely altruistic. Even so, Tex finds himself breaking P.I. Rule #1: Never Fall For a Client.

Wanda Peck Wanda Peck
Played by Monique Lanier

Wanda Peck is a no-nonsense, all-business agent for C.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N. She had been investigating Carl Linsky for unethical research practices before his death, which leads Tex to her office. In the end, Wanda becomes a powerful ally...despite Tex's attempts to make her his beautiful love slave.

Harry Rice Harry Rice
Played by Jim Cash

Harry Rice, the guard at Law and Order Party headquarters, is overly suspicious and disturbingly trigger-happy. Even if your clearance checks out, Harry will still keep his eye on you. Harry is also an incurable caffiene addict with a pot of coffee always brewing, which winds up working to Tex's advantage.

Frank Schimming Frank Schimming
Played by John Gavigan

Frank Schimming led the Board of Directors at Gideon Enterprises to strip J. Saint Gideon of his power as president, instating himself in Gideon's place. Schimming has been working ever since to remove every last trace of Gideon's influence from the company.

Big Jim Slade Big Jim Slade
Played by Richard Norton

An international hitman-for-hire, Big Jim Slade has worked for corporations, countries, and now for John Klaus. Slade has been disposing of the STG members one by one, and is the man Sonny Fletcher calls the "Angel of Death."

Arnold Sternwood Arnold Sternwood
Played by Howard Mungo

Arnold Sternwood is the director of North Hill Clinic, a hospital for the rich. North Hill caters to the highest clientele, and is the former employer of both John Klaus and Carl Linsky.

Jorge Valdez Jorge Valdez
Played by Emmett Grennan

Jorge Valdez runs the Rank and File Chess Shop in Old San Francisco, at this time commonly referred to as "Freaktown." With tensions rising between Mutants and Norms, Tex gets a somewhat bitter reaction out of Jorge...until he drops J. Saint Gideon's name.