Mean Streets
Box Art

Story by
Chris Jones
Brian Ferguson

Directed by
Bruce Carver
You slip the tape you found in the desk into the tape player. The voice on the tape cries out 'They're in my head! They're in my head!'

Suicide, a gorgeous woman, insurance money, murder, speeder flights, gun battles, and saving the world from totalitarian mind control. All in a day's work.

Meet Tex Murphy, a P.I. working the mean streets of post-apocalyptic San Francisco. When a beautiful woman enters Tex's office and hires him to investigate her father's apparent suicide, she sends Tex straight into the middle of a frightening mix of science, murder, and world domination.

Soon, Tex finds himself the newest addition to an ever-growing hit list of those who stand in the way of a plot nearly 50 years in the making, and must think of a way to stop the powerful people behind it from carrying out their plans—before he, and the rest of the world, is unable to think at all.