Mean Streets
Box Art

Story by
Chris Jones
Brian Ferguson

Directed by
Bruce Carver
Hints & Help

Mean Streets is a complicated web of suspects, witnesses, and speeder navcodes. If you're having trouble sorting it all out, and need a hint to point you in the right direction, read through this Mean Streets Walkthough from The Spoiler Centre.


Getting Mean Streets to run properly on a modern computer is tricky business. The solution lies in a program called DOSBox, which emulates the old DOS environment in which the game thrives. DOSBox can be somewhat intimidating at first, but site member Tan has put together a great tutorial on how to use the program to get the game up and running in no time.

Click here to learn how to configure DOSBox for Mean Streets.

If you need other technical assistance, please search or ask a question in the Tex Support section of the Message Board.


Mean Streets uses a copy-protection method from the early days of computer gaming: asking for a specific word or phrase from the user manual before allowing the game to load. Click here for a copy of the Mean Streets manual in PDF format.