Mean Streets
Box Art

Story by
Chris Jones
Brian Ferguson

Directed by
Bruce Carver
Lee Chin Lee Chin

Lee Chin, Tex's street informant, has the connections to dig up information on almost anyone...for a price, of course.

Steve Clements Steve Clements

Clements was the S.F.P.D. officer in charge of investigating Carl Linsky's death, and is convinced that Linsky committed suicide.

Bash Dagot Bash Dagot

Dagot was the only witness to Carl Linsky's death and, after some aggressive interrogation, spills the details about what he saw that night.

Peter Dull Peter Dull

Carl Linsky's life insurance agent, Peter Dull, is a man true to his name. He informs Tex about the insurance policy Linsky took out on himself shortly before he died.

Arnold Dweeb Arnold Dweeb

Arnold Dweeb is the type of accountant your parents warned you about. He looks like an A-#1 weenie, but Dweeb won't hesitate to use the pistol hidden in his coat if threatened.

Sonny Fletcher Sonny Fletcher

Linsky hired Sonny Fletcher to find out about the other scientists working on the Overlord project. Sonny's findings led him to warn Linsky to get out of town while he still could.

J. Saint Gideon J. Saint Gideon

J. Saint Gideon is the founder and former head of Gideon Enterprises, the parent company of MTC Corporation—the company in charge of the Overlord project. Gideon claims to have no knowledge about Overlord, but pegs any unusual activity on MTC's president, Frank Schimming.

Tom Griffith Tom Griffith

Tom Griffith, vice president of MTC, knows more about the Overlord project than anyone. He explains the "benefits" of the project, as well as its connection to the Law and Order Party.

Larry Hammond Larry Hammond

Larry (and his brother Darrell) was a computer programmer for MTC on the Overlord project until he grew suspicious about the true purpose of his work. He tells Tex about the failsafe system built into Overlord—the only way to stop the project once and for all.

Sam Jones Sam Jones

Sam Jones is one of the few MTC scientists that hasn't quit the program, gone into hiding, or been killed. On the contrary, Jones is completely loyal to the project and has surrounded himself with armed security guards to ensure he can complete his work.

John Klaus John Klaus

John Klaus is another of the scientists working on the Overlord project. Klaus was good friends with Carl Linsky until they had a falling out over Delores Lightbody. After being threatened about his work for MTC, Klaus is now in hiding in Reno.

Robert Knott Robert Knott

Robert Knott is the racist, arrogant head of the Law and Order Party, a group dedicated to the eradication of the Mutant population—the "Freaks" as the Party calls them. Knott begins to fill Tex in on the relationship between MTC, Overlord, and the Law and Order Party before he is abruptly "silenced."

Della Lang Della Lang

Della Lang is the girlfriend of Ron Morgan, one of the MTC scientists, and points Tex in the direction of Ron's cabin near Yosemite National Park.

Sandra Larsen Sandra Larsen

Shortly before Carl Linsky's death, he decided to end his relationship with Delores Lightbody in favor of Sandra. She mentions that Delores is "temper-prone" and suggests that her jealousy may have had something to do with Linsky's death.

Delores Lightbody Delores Lightbody

Carl Linsky's former fiancée, Delores has suspicions about the true motives behind Sylvia's insistence on proving her father's death was a suicide—in particular, Carl's one-million dollar life insurance policy.

Sylvia Linsky Sylvia Linsky

Sylvia hires Tex to investigate the circumstances behind her father's "suicide." Initially, Tex is skeptical of Sylvia's intentions and briefly suspects her of murdering her father to collect on his insurance policy. Once the true cause of Carl Linsky's death is revealed, however, Tex and Sylvia ride off into the sunset to enjoy a blissful life together...or so Tex thinks.

Lola Lovetoy Lola Lovetoy

Lola Lovetoy (if that is her real name) was hired by Tom Griffith to "entertain" Frank Schimming in order to keep him in the dark about MTC's Overlord project.

Bazil Mallory Bazil Mallory

Bazil Mallory is the vice president and security chief of the Law and Order Party. Once Tex gunfights his way past Mallory's guards, however, he finds that Bazil's lofty position doesn't necessarily reflect his true demeanor.

Ron Meat Ron Meat

Ron Meat is the only person who knows the whereabouts of Larry Hammond. Tex's investigation also leads him to enlist Ron to keep an eye out for Big Jim Slade—because if there's anyone you can trust to keep his eye on things, it's Ron.

Smiley Monroe Smiley Monroe

Smiley Monroe investigated the death of MTC scientist Cal Davis, and seems to have graduated the police academy by way of car salesman school—which would explain his propensity for making deals: his information for Tex's cash.

Wanda Peck Wanda Peck

Wanda is an investigative reporter who was hired by Larry Hammond to find out more about MTC and the Overlord project. Wanda's research led her to uncover some very disturbing truths about Overlord's history.

John Richards John Richards

John Richards is the medical examiner who determined Carl Linsky's cause of death. According to Richards, there was nothing unusual about the autopsy, aside from a small burr hole at the base of Linsky's skull.

Frank Schimming Frank Schimming

Frank Schimming, president of MTC, is Carl Linsky's former boss and is, ostensibly, in charge of the Overlord project. Schimming denies knowing anyone involved with the project, however. And as for anything else—that's really none of Tex's business either.

Big Jim Slade Big Jim Slade

Big Jim Slade is a hitman hired to "take care" of the MTC scientists who have become too nosy or disloyal to the Overlord project. Each time Tex comes across another dead scientist or ransacked lab, Big Jim's discarded Camel cigarette butts can be found littered around the area.

Aaron Sternwood Aaron Sternwood

Aaron Sternwood and Cal Davis were good friends, and where due to go out the night Davis died. Sternwood found Davis dying on the floor of his home, having "accidentally" ingested an entire vial of cyanide.

Vanessa Vanessa

Tex's secretary, Vanessa, can pull up information on almost any topic at a moment's notice and fax it to his speeder A.S.A.P.