Martian Memorandum
Box Art

Story by
Chris Jones
Brent Erickson

Directed by
Chris Jones
Brent Erickson
'My daughter is missing. She may have been abducted. Something else was stolen from me, but no one must know that it's gone.'

Mars. Harsh, desolate, and inhospitable. Once home to an ancient race—now home to big business, crime, and colonist massacres. At least the gambling's good.

Marshall Alexander, famed industrialist and owner of the TerraForm Corporation, hires Tex to find his missing daughter, Alexis. Tex's search eventually leads him to Mars, where the TerraForm Corporation is executing a 50-year long project to make the Red Planet habitable. During the case, Tex begins to learn about a mysterious, ancient Martian artifact called the Oracle Stone, and the gruesome fate of the colonists who discovered it.

Tex soon discovers that the Oracle Stone has fallen into the hands of Thomas Dangerfield, a twisted man bent on revenge who plans to use the stone to reshape reality into his own design. With the very existence of the Universe on the line, Tex and Alexis must work together to stop Dangerfield and return the Oracle Stone to its rightful protector—and, if they survive, maybe make a stop at Weenie World on the way home.