Martian Memorandum
Box Art

Story by
Chris Jones
Brent Erickson

Directed by
Chris Jones
Brent Erickson
Alexis Alexander Alexis Alexander

Alexis disappeared from her residence at the same time an unknown artifact was stolen from her father. Was she actually abducted, or is she more closely involved with the burglary than it appears?

Marshall Alexander Marshall Alexander

Marshall Alexander hires Tex to find his missing daughter, but seems more concerned about finding the item stolen from him. Tex ultimately discovers that the circumstances by which Alexander first obtained it are almost too horrible to believe.

Nora Desmond Alexander Nora Desmond Alexander

Nora is Marshall Alexander's second wife, and her only concern is about Alexis' safety...or, rather, lack thereof. Nora doesn't think highly of Alexis, to put it mildly, and if Alexis is dead, Nora is next in line to gain control of the TerraForm Corporation.

Rockwell Bache Rockwell Bache

Rockwell Bache is legal counsel for Marshall Alexander and TerraForm Corporation. He confirms that if Alexis isn't found her stepmother stands to inherit TerraForm—and also tells Tex he's not fully convinced that Alexis was kidnapped.

Lawrence Barkley Lawrence Barkley

Barkley is a brilliant plastic surgeon, and has an extremely successful practice on Mars. His success, however, is founded solely on one particularly radical operation he performed for a very wealthy and powerful client, who now keeps Barkley's office financially secure in return.

Michelle Bloodworth Michelle Bloodworth

Michelle, a woman who can only be described as "handsome," is the wife of Nathan Bloodworth, a man hired to lure Marshall Alexander into believing he could retrieve his stolen artifact. When Alexander met Nathan at the rendezvous point, however, things took a deadly turn. Now Nathan is in hiding from the same man who hired him, leaving Michelle behind to wait and worry.

Cooper Bradbury Cooper Bradbury

Cooper is an extremist Mutant who believes that Alexander's mysterious artifact, along with the entire planet Mars, rightfully belongs to the Mutants as reparations for being considered outcasts by Earth society. Cooper warns Tex to bring the artifact to him, should he find it, and in return he might spare Tex's life during the resultant Mutant uprising.

Guy Callabero Guy Callabero

Guy Callabero, a former circus sideshow performer, is the owner of the now-defunct Galactic Pictures B-movie studio. Alexis acted in some of Galactic's movies, along with her boyfriend, Rick Logan, before her disappearance.

Big Dick Castro Big Dick Castro

Castro owns and operates the only casino on Mars, having run all the others out of business. At first glance, it's hard to take him seriously, but by all accounts Castro is a ruthless, despicable man. He wants his hands on the Oracle Stone, and gives Tex a mere ten minutes to come up with it...or else.

Ferris Collett Ferris Collett

Ferris Collett manages the TerraForm power plant on Mars. He's been sending reports to Marshall Alexander about growing resentment among the plant employees, and seems to harbor similar feelings himself.

Thomas Dangerfield Thomas Dangerfield

Thomas Dangerfield was a member of the Stanton Expedition, which was sent to explore the ancient Martian ruins. After learning of the discovery of a remarkable artifact by a group of colonists, the expedition leader, Collier Stanton, decided to forcibly remove the artifact from their possession. When Dangerfield intervened, he was shot, beaten, and left for dead—with the colonists meeting a similar fate.

Bradley Ericson Bradley Ericson

Bradley is Alexis Alexander's brother—the disowned son of Marshall Alexander, who left Bradley with a foster family when he was born a Mutant. Alexis visited Bradley shortly after arriving on Mars and told him the truth about her father's "missing" artifact.

Larry Hammond Larry Hammond

Tex met Larry (and his brother Darrell) during his Mean Streets case. The years since then have not been kind to Larry, and Tex finds him in a seedy, back-alley bar room on Mars.

Deacon Hawke Deacon Hawke

Deacon Hawke is the High Priestess at the ancient Martian temple. She opposes the ongoing industrial development of Mars, believing that such human presence will only serve to warp and corrupt Mars in the same ways it has on Earth. Hawke knows the full history of the Oracle Stone, and the long-dead Martian race that created it—and tells Tex that his part in retrieving it was foretold tens-of-thousands of years ago.

Jane Mansfield Jane Mansfield

Jane Mansfield runs an aerobics academy on Mars, and claims not to know where Alexis Alexander is—but the way her gaze shifts when she says so tells another story. A search of Jane's apartment confirms that she knows a lot more about what's going on than she admits.

Lowell Percival Lowell Percival

Lowell Percival heads a silicon mining and production facility on Mars, and has been battling with Marshall Alexander over control of the industry for years. Percival is strictly business, and before he'll answer any questions, he sends Tex on an "errand" to retrieve an item from Big Dick Castro's heavily-guarded safe.

Rhonda Rhonda

Marshall Alexander's personal secretary, Rhonda, agrees to go on a date with Tex after he finds one of her lost earrings. On the date, Tex discovers that, if he plays his cards right, Rhonda can be very forthcoming with information...among other things.

Jacques Sparrow Jacques Sparrow

A French photographer with a penchant for taking racy pictures of his young, female subjects. Jacques was also the publicity photographer for Galactic Pictures, and used both Alexis Alexander and Chantal Vargas in his work.

Stacy Stacy

Seen only in the viewscreen of his wrist communicator, Tex's secretary Stacy is a ready source of information on leads he gathers during the case.

Chantal Vargas Chantal Vargas

Chantal Vargas is Alexis Alexander's ex-roommate. She and Alexis were good friends, but Alexis moved out once Chantal became a heavy drug user. Now, oddly enough, Chantal lives in the apartment across the street from Tex's office, and Tex can see her silhouette indulging in two of her favorite habits: buying "Rush" (her drug of choice), and dancing scantily-clad in front of her window.